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A Lifetime Apart - JJK. ✓ by ttaeqlet
A Lifetime Apart - JJK. ✓by 𝐖𝐫𝐞𝐧 & 𝐒𝐮𝐳𝐲
You are the most feared Mafia leader in Korea, but there's an equal rival, Jeon Jungkook whom you are supposed to kill. But what can happen if he's your soulmate? And w...
The Elemental | BTS by idealuna
The Elemental | BTSby binibini
"In her blood runs a woman that is the key to destroying and breaking the curse set upon the lands. Power runs through her veins and that surge will destroy all evi...
Paint you Brown by of_her_own
Paint you Brownby Of_her_Own
Prince Jimin arrives at Elindross to court the Princess,Kim Hayeon,but ends up falling for her brother ,the crown prince Taehyung.But the odds are not in their favour a...
TEST SUBJECT 312 || JJK by MysticXWonder
"sometimes you have to suffer in order for other people to be happy" MediHeal Laboratories have had a secret for years- 7 boys with otherworldly talents. When...
Metal Heart | bts Jungkook x reader by chimmtea
Metal Heart | bts Jungkook x readerby chimmtea
bts fantasy au| bts robot au| Y/n wasn't sure how she ended up abandoned with no memory of her past after being rebooted. All she knew was that she was programmed to sta...
Devil's Favourite | reader × Jimin by taehyungsgirlll
Devil's Favourite | reader × Jiminby 베아
|| he loved her so hard that he softened. What do you when you have a demon in your basement? And what do you do when not only he's the most dangerous creature you have...
The Princess & The Vampire ✔ [KTH AU] by Krystalishappee
The Princess & The Vampire ✔ [ Krystalishappee
"You smell like blood, fresh new blood," he says, loosening the hug, fondling his lips. "Fresh new blood?" I ask him, bewildered. He licked his lips...
blind boy to mafia  by moon_bin_kim
blind boy to mafia by moon_bin_kim
this is a story of a blind boy who lost his parents and his eyes in accident they have a happy family read the story to know how the innocent boy who love this family b...
Magic Shop | bts yoongi x reader| by chimmtea
Magic Shop | bts yoongi x reader|by chimmtea
bts fantasy au | Magic| | yoongi x reader| namjin | taekook | jihope| Y/n, namjoon, taehyung, and hoseok are all strangers. However, they have one thing in common... a...
Bite Me by LeehongHajoon
Bite Meby Lee-hong Ha-joon
" you're a monster. You've always been one ever since the beginning of birth.
Moon | bts jin x reader by chimmtea
Moon | bts jin x readerby chimmtea
bts fantasy au| Y/n liked to visit the small lake near her house at night to listen to music and relax after a stressful day. However, one day when she happens to visit...
In A War Of Elements {Taekook} (BTS) by Biblioverse
In A War Of Elements {Taekook} ( BibliophileAC
When life was created, Universe gave birth to two sides : The Side of Light and The Side of Darkness. Now thousands of years later, Darkness is willing to grip it's cla...
Forced Marriage l Kth ff by MaHells
Forced Marriage l Kth ffby Kookie_loves_cookies
Forced to marry A stranger, was love between them possible or is this the end...? ??: And don't think I'll 'Ever love you' She was sold. She was alone. She was criticize...
Till That Strange Spring || A BTS Fantasy Story by butterflys_effect
Till That Strange Spring || A Be
When things are beautiful, When everything is going on perfect and happiness is the only form of emotion within us, Something has to ruin it right? You may have heard th...
V in love with noona (Smut) by btsSMUTsXD
V in love with noona (Smut)by bts smuts
my fantasy as a noona. hope u can relate too.
Loud Sirens✔ by ddaktaee
Loud Sirens✔by ℳเ᥉ꫀᥙtᥲꫀ
Out of the sea, if you hear a beautiful man singing, turn the ship at once. Even if it means sailing straight back into the storm. Started: October 21,2020 Ended: Octo...
My human mate by myhope_bts_7
My human mateby Baby Star Candy
"strawberry fragrance..... Tiny body.... and long hair." "I don't even look at any other girl for her." "She will find me I just need to wait...
  HOCUS POCUS | PJM by PINKYgotinfired
HOCUS POCUS | PJMby Pinky Yalla
᯽⊱┈𝙰 𝙹𝙸𝙼𝙸𝙽 𝙵𝙰𝙽𝙵𝙸𝙲𝚃𝙸𝙾𝙽┈⊰᯽ "Did you just break my vase? Keep your hands to yourselves you butterfingered dumbster!" "Speaking of which, you...
The Sandman: KTH by yoongis_bucket_hat
The Sandman: KTHby BTS fan fic
He was obsessed with you. For all of time he had served mankind, giving people their dreams and putting them to sleep. But you were different. Soon, his innocent intere...
Imaginary {Taehyung Oneshot} by SSears90
Imaginary {Taehyung Oneshot}by SSears90
Taehyung wakes up one morning to find that Jungkook has suddenly ceased to exist. He's gone, all of his stuff is gone, and any trace or evidence that he was ever alive i...