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My lil dongsaengs-A jinxmaknaeline ff <COMPLETED> by Shadowlily2017
My lil dongsaengs-A Btslover2018
Jin has always had trouble disciplining the maknae line so what happens when he takes matters into his own hands in a different way?will things go smoothly or will thing...
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Dear Reaper | Jimin x Reader [Completed] by enasthetic
Dear Reaper | Jimin x Reader [ Ena (⃔ *`꒳´ * )⃕↝ ❥
"Who are you?" "Me? I'm a... pizza delivery guy!" "But..." I scanned him from head to toe. "Pizza delivery guys don't wear suits...&qu...
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CHUBBY CHEEKS || KSJ  by SugainurHope
"I love your chubby cheeks" that's what he always says whenever Rachel's upset because of her overweight. . . She has fallen for him. She has fallen for Kim Se...
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Quiet | MYG ✓ by lorilacy
Quiet | MYG ✓by Lori 💙
How can a singer sing without a voice? How can a daughter be without her parents? One second. That's all it took. And now she's alone. And it's quiet. Until she finds a...
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Love dressed in white | Jungkook fanfiction [Completed] by enasthetic
Love dressed in white | Jungkook Ena (⃔ *`꒳´ * )⃕↝ ❥
"I'm not her, Jungkook..." As the clone of his deceased lover, Rina begins her life wrapped in Jungkook's love and affection. When she finds out what she is, w...
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Wish (Wishing Well #1) by Introverted3xtrovert
Wish (Wishing Well #1)by Introverted3xtrovert
"I remember everything." Emily ground out. "And you have a lot of explaining to do." "When you picked the CD. You picked me." ...
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Deadly Love || 정국 & 호석 - JJK & JHS by pearly_joonie
Deadly Love || 정국 & 호석 - JJK & JHSby 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝒸𝓎
"You don't belong to him anymore, babygirl - you belong to me." ~~ Nam Sunhee has always been told by her father that she'd get to choose who she got married t...
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 Be Her Koya by gourmet1234
Be Her Koyaby aha_razamy
_________________________________________ "Do you want to know a secret? " "What?" "Actually I'm the one who hid Koya all this time until now...
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The Eighth One - BTS AU (Mystery/Thriller) | Complete by aleena992
The Eighth One - BTS AU (Mystery/ Aleena92
Now added to official BTS list of Wattpad Fanfic page! '...He was sitting on his bed facing the wall. Slowly he turned around, an unreadable expression on his face. &quo...
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Insane || 김남준 - KNJ (ON HOLD) by pearly_joonie
Insane || 김남준 - KNJ (ON HOLD)by 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝒸𝓎
"Rule number one, the only rule that applies to everyone: You cannot develop any type of feelings for the patients - including romantic, sexual, platonic, or hatred...
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Our Far Away Dreams || A Min Yoongi Fanfiction  by Fandom_Hearts
Our Far Away Dreams || A Min Fandom_Hearts
[SECOND PLACE in Min Yoongi Category in Burning Up Awards 2019] "I just want to prove everyone wrong! I want to be happy with whatever I do." "Then, Yoon...
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I'm Sorry || Jjk X Reader [Completed] by zahra_tae_14
I'm Sorry || Jjk X Reader [ JaeYong
"My only regret is loving Jungkook!" Short Story Cover by @Mrskimjeona Jeon Jungkook BTS Started:- 01-03-2019 Finished:-01-03-2019
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Ups & Downs || BTS Short Story [Completed] by Crystal_TanJin
Ups & Downs || BTS Short Story [ 김탄진
The most awaited Wings Tour is around the corner as the boys giving all their blood sweat & tears in it. However, fate decided something else for them to face. . ~3rd pl...
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Homecoming | Seokjin Oneshot FF [Completed] by aPotatoMashedByBTS
Homecoming | Seokjin Oneshot FF [ The_Enigmatic_Cypher
What is home? Is it where you lived most of your life? Seokjin knew better. He realized the meaning of home when he married the girl he had always loved. A/N : This is...
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Picture Perfect (ON HOLD) by xomiin
Picture Perfect (ON HOLD)by JINNIE DAY
Y/N is a lonely comic book illustrator who's grown attached to the same protagonist she's drawn for years. But when the prince suddenly appears in her house, things get...
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Locked Away- [BTS ff] [KSJ] by JingerTae15
Locked Away- [BTS ff] [KSJ]by Niomi
"I promise with everything I have, we'll make it out of here alive," Soomin was just living her normal everyday life. The not so normal part, was getting take...
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