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Lies in Green Eyes by AshleyPCole
Lies in Green Eyesby AshleyPCole
The child pays for the sins of the father. This is true and there is proof of it throughout time. A father may commit a great sin, or set off a disastrous chain of event...
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Who's Next?[Book 1] by Suicide_Dragon
Who's Next?[Book 1]by S_D
Welcome to Class 1-A! all rights reserved 2018 Who's Next? [Book1]
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-DISCONTINUED 𝐈'𝐦 𝐠𝐮𝐢𝐥𝐭𝐲 𝐛𝐲 𝐝𝐞𝐟𝐚𝐮𝐥𝐭 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐈'𝐦 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤
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GOD'S WRATH! (Highschool DXD X Male Asura Reader) by KingJordanye
GOD'S WRATH! (Highschool DXD X Ri Lann
God Gives you a power that connects to your emotion Rage, he tries to recruit you for the war, but you declined, because you got a sister to take care of. God captures y...
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Shades of the Past by ebreezy_
Shades of the Pastby e.m.a.n.i
The one thing Cole has always avoided was his past life. Not many people can say they really know him, not even Kendra and Cole prefers to keep it that way. Once Kendra...
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Section: Andromeda by Ashleyah_27
Section: Andromedaby Hellish
Hell. One word for a situation
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Multiversal Kombat by TheStarGod
Multiversal Kombatby TheStarGod
A universe where everything is fought Mortal Kombat style... Shadownova has taken over this universe and the Multiversal Heroes must overthrow him... But, they're not do...
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No Humanity by dom_story
No Humanityby dom_story
A story of an abuser and an escapee.
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The War and The Wrath (Kratos and Asura Reader X Highschool DXD) by KingJordanye
The War and The Wrath (Kratos Ri Lann
You have been trained to fight by the God, Zeus, Satans, and Odin to fight the Dragons and the Dragon Gods. but in one invent, they Betray you and try to leave you in a...
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Broken Lives  by ShivaSkywalker13
Broken Lives by Shiva Adhith
Aditya's life is a wreck. His Ex-girlfriend died in a car accident due to a massive drug overdose, and the only way he got by it was by using women and alcohol, until he...
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Faith In The Heartless by Phersephon
Faith In The Heartlessby ᐃᓐᓄᒐᑎ
A not so human (as he had previously thought) boy finds himself and his whole already messed up world flipped and spiralling into the discordant circumstance of a pariah...
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[War Poems] by 14katebeckett
[War Poems]by Sajeena_B
"A True Soldier Fights Not Because He Hates What Is In Front Of Him But Because He Loves What Is Behind Him." _by 14KateBeckett_
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Kashmir, A Tale To Tell by IrrecoverableFangirl
Kashmir, A Tale To Tellby Gorgeous
The valley of Kashmir lies in South-East Asia and is a disputed territory between the countries of Pakistan and India, of the same region. The decision with respect to...
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A Tribute by Sirius0Black
A Tributeby Drashes
16th December, 2014 A day we will never forget A day we can never forgive
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A Girl Called Lucy by BlondePower10
A Girl Called Lucyby Blondie
“We’ll take these memories,” Hunter said as he faced the screen, his eyes full of sadness. “No one deserves these memories.” “It’s not only wrong to take her memories, b...
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Two Mates❤ ❤  by boostinsane
Two Mates❤ ❤ by boostinsane
A human boy in the world of vampires.And he dosent know at first but when he came to know, it was late he was alone, he didn't knew anyone and was only in this world bec...
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The Mind of a Black Girl by zzstar15
The Mind of a Black Girlby Zoe Lafontant
"The black girl who will embody you all through my small voice that will soon become powerful." ~~~ i have a lot to say and it's on these pages.
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You'll always be my hero by lovefictioncharacter
You'll always be my heroby lovefictioncharacter
Peter/OC Aimee meets Peter some time before Choosing Day, and when they both choose Dauntless love blossoms between them, but love is not always what it seems. Written l...
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Dear white people  by MeriamSL
Dear white people by MeriamSL
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Trolls and the Bergen Wars by AriAri830
Trolls and the Bergen Warsby Ari Ari
When Poppy realized Branch's Grandma was captured by a Bergen, everyone was in danger, especially Branch, who ran away into the wilderness. Now, Poppy needs to keep ever...
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