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Big Brother!!  (brothers conflict) by walshx60
Big Brother!! (brothers conflict)by walshx60
Ema's older brother comes back after being in the army. What happens if he knew the Asahina brother and he was all their first crush...... Read to find out what happens.
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Angel Full Of Scars ( Brothers Conflict X Tomboy Oc) by assassingirl68
Angel Full Of Scars ( Brothers assassingirl68
Do know Ema Hinata? Yeah...The Ema Hinata? Yeah well did you know she has a best friend named Akari? No? Well this story is about Akari's life. Akari is a beautiful red...
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Brothers Conflict : Fuuto's Twin Sister ✔ by Hangeee-chan
Brothers Conflict : Fuuto's Twin five
Fuuto Asahina, the young idol of the household is hiding a secret from his fans! That secret is very lethal since it keeps his precious twin sister, locked and safe...
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Brothers conflict scenarios~ by senpaicrush
Brothers conflict scenarios~by senpaicrush
Scenarios of brothers conflict :3 With.... Masaomi Ukyo Kaname Hikaru Tsubaki Azusa Natsume Louis Subaru Iori Yousuke Fuuto Wataru (Don't own them)
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My Beautiful Family [ BroCon Fanfic] by Hime_chan10
My Beautiful Family [ BroCon Morinozuka Hime
Masaomi Asahina Love Story. The idea is from the fantastic @ZodiacPalaceStudios! Nanami Rikuto is the childhood best friend of Masaomi Asahina. Masaomi developed a crus...
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Once Upon Too Many Times ~ Brothers Conflict x OC by _noellee
Once Upon Too Many Times ~ noelle (':
Hinata Ema and Hinata Yuuki, two fraternal twins who grew up alone with a father that travelled overseas. It is rare when he comes home, but when he does, it was like a...
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Monochromatic World by MissEnigmaticPrince
Monochromatic Worldby P R I N C E
Hinata Shiro Is Ema's Big sister. She used to be a special agent working for the Government or CIA but now she only works for the FBI. She's an introvert but a cheery ty...
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Brothers Conflict X Reader Scenarios (Finished!) by JinxCurseblood
Brothers Conflict X Reader Curseblood17
Sadly this book is finished so no more requests or updates. But please do read, many people liked this so I hope you also do. It will include all the brothers.
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New Attraction | Brothers Conflict Fanfic  (DISCONTINUED) by Maximaglory
New Attraction | Brothers . . .
A new girl moved in next to the Asahina's home, and having a busy life and dark secrets knew nothing of love. But, what if she stole the brothers' hearts and they soon g...
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Kira :The Abused Sibling by Zecha13
Kira :The Abused Siblingby Zecha
Kira is abused mentally, physically, and emotionally by her "father", but one day her father went too far as knocking her out a third floor window, lucky for h...
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Mirai: The blind sibling by Zecha13
Mirai: The blind siblingby Zecha
Mirai Hinata is blind by an accident but she is still independent her blindness caused her other senses to improve a whole lot not only that but she is smart, she's in...
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Lιғe wιтн Aѕαнιɴα'ѕ by Little_Awesome_Otaku
Lιғe wιтн Aѕαнιɴα'ѕby Me_The_Otaku
Being the adopted elder sister of Ema Hinata wasn't that of an issue. But being the adopted new sister of thirteen brothers? A messed up choice indeed. -Edιтιɴɢ- Sorry...
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The new sister (Brothers Conflict fanfic) <3 by The_Otaku_next_door
The new sister (Brothers Noodle
Nanami daughter of the well-known adventurer, Rintaro Hinata. She is 17 years old and in her senior year of high school. After her father remarries, she moves in with he...
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🌸A Sister Who Acts Like A Brother🌸 by NikkaMuyco
🌸A Sister Who Acts Like A Nika Cipher
Riza is a boy-ish girl and Ema's best friend in middle school, she always mistaken as a guy, who would not? Since she acts and wears clothes like a guy Riza is four year...
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~Brothers Conflict~ [ You're My Sweet Heaven ] ~14 to 1~ by SAMEZUKA_academy
~Brothers Conflict~ [ You're My MatsuokaRin
Hinata Lilac is a beautiful girl with blonde hair and magnificent lilac eyes who is also Asahina Louis' real biological sister. She attends Bright Centrair Academy and...
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Brothers Conflict x Reader by ThePhantomhivez
Brothers Conflict x Readerby ThePhantomhivez
Basically about you, the reader, thrown into the lives of the Asahina Brothers. (Various x reader) ~Unedited~
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Pow In The Face Brothers Conflict by ceilakha
Pow In The Face Brothers Conflictby ceilakha
Kame Hinata is 20 years old and attending college. Everything was going great with her life, until her father's death, leaving her to her only living relatives, a cousin...
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Asahina And Their New Sisters || Brothers Conflict Fanfiction by ChienoHime
Asahina And Their New Sisters || Akamine Chieko
Hinata and soon to be Asahina Eri Is a Detective and Secret agent. What will happen when she and Ema must live with their new brothers? While she was spying some dangero...
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Brothers Conflict: Doctor, Doctor 『 Asahina Brothers x OC 』 by aquariathesnowarcher
Brothers Conflict: Doctor, ♠︎Akari♠︎
Shiomi Haruna. A girl of 24 years of age who lives alone at a small apartment in Tokyo and is a fellow co-worker of Masaomi's. Her apartment rent soon becomes too high...
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~Twin Sisters~ by kiki_kom
~Twin Sisters~by KS
Ema Hinata now Asahina,was living with her 13 brothers. One week before her father and Miwa-san's wedding, Ema receive letter that will change their lives. Let's just sa...
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