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What if? (Be more Chill- Boyf Riends Meremy) by phanperson2232
What if? (Be more Chill- Boyf I'm on A03 now babey!! banana...
What if the SQUIP never helped Jeremy be popular? What if the SQUIP was actually like that one annoying friend that you have but keep because they're a precious cinnamon...
Meant to be Yours|| Boyf Riends by squipyourbrain
Meant to be Yours|| Boyf Riendsby inactive
In which Jeremy discovers his feelings towards Michael after the "incident."
Be More Chill smut by Bemorechilltrash45
Be More Chill smutby Jeremy Mell
-Boyf riends -Pinkberry -RichJake I just started taking request but I only write the ones above Lots of cussing
Bmc OneShots by HeadphonesKidMell
Bmc OneShotsby Oof
Lots of boyf reinds and Expensive Headphones. Please comment and vote! :)
Beautiful To Me (Boyf Riends AU) by ieHacker
Beautiful To Me (Boyf Riends AU)by Hacker
Hi. My name is Michael Mell. I'm seventeen and I have a skin disorder called vitiligo. I wish I was less ugly. I feel like I couldn't be at a worse point than right now...
Wet Dream • boyf riends • by CarWritesFanfic
Wet Dream • boyf riends •by carlton
Jeremy Heere had always been into girls. If you want to be more specific, Christine Canigula. That was a fact well known to he and his best friend, Michael Mell until Je...
My Favorite Person (Boyf Riends Fanfiction) by UrbanDeity04
My Favorite Person (Boyf Riends UrbanDeity
He couldn't believe it. He had just purchased the one thing that took his best friend away from him. Still, if a Squip could flip Jeremy's life around, perhaps it could...
| Be More Gay | Boyf Riends Oneshots by TheBroadwayJay
| Be More Gay | Boyf Riends TheBroadwayJay
[Fluff] [Angst] [Gay] Drabbles, one-shots, short-stories, etc. featuring Michael x Jeremy from Be More Chill
BMC & DEH One-Shots and Headcannons by NotSoCoolAC
BMC & DEH One-Shots and Headcannonsby inactive account
I decided to start a one-shot book, with any ship from The following: -Be More Chill -Dear Evan Hansen -Maybe some Heathers Forrest Gump quotes are included in some cha...
Bonding: A Boyf Riends Fanfiction [Completed] by nuggetgirl773
Bonding: A Boyf Riends Fandom_Nugget3737
Highest Ranking: #1 in #jeremyxmichael Jeremy is looking for something fun to do and signs up for a school-sponsored bonding trip to an amusement park with his best frie...
Boyf riends sorta smut (DISCONTINUED) by Michy_Mooshroom
Boyf riends sorta smut ( Michy_Mooshroom
Michael comes over to Jeremy's house to play a round of AOTD, but that's not the only round he's getting tonight... Smut!! This starts off pretty lightly so don't get to...
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shots by Makattack1984
Tree Bros & Boyf Riends One Shotsby 🌹Rose🌹
Evan Hansen X Connor Murphy, along with Jeremy Heere X Michael Mell. If you message me, I'll gladly do Jared X Evan! #24 in fan fiction (12/24) #1 in One Shots The story...
Be More Chill Reacts to Be More Chill by bemorebi
Be More Chill Reacts to Be More 𝔸𝕤𝕙 {abandoned}
The Be More Chill characters react to the Two River Theater production of Be More Chill!! {{FINISHED}} ||Ranks:|| #3 in bmc (December 9) Thanks for 42.5k!!!! 0-0 hoLY- w...
For Forever ~Lams YouTube AU~ by StariiStarlings
For Forever ~Lams YouTube AU~by melanie king apologist
Is the title a DEH reference? Yes, yes it is. Alexander Hamilton is a lonely YouTuber who's best friend is his cat. John Laurens is a YouTuber with lots of close friends...
BMC One Shots and Shorts by WriteMoreChill
BMC One Shots and Shortsby Mom
A collection of One Shots and Shorts based on the characters from the musical Be More Chill. I will be trying my best to write as many of the ships as I can both platon...
boyf riends & tree bros one-shots  by softheartjin
boyf riends & tree bros one-shots by 𝔧𝔦𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔢 🏹
i listen to be more chill way and dear evan hansen too much. i ship jeremy with michael and evan with connor people writes stories about them. i want to write about th...
Two Player Gays - boyf riends// Be More Chill - One Shots by yourSQUIP
Two Player Gays - boyf riends// You look like ass
Some Michael Mell x Jeremy Heere one shots. Requests are completely welcome and I'd be willing to do some smut if requested. Let me know! I might wander from Boyf Riends...
Lost (a RichJake story) by Found_tonight
Lost (a RichJake story)by Found_tonight
The squip is finally gone. Rich is finally free. Now what? What does he do? How does he behave? Who is he? His insecurities are back. So is his stuttering and even worse...