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Nowhere Nation [#SFF] Updates every 5 days [#Galactic] by AbbyBabble
Nowhere Nation [#SFF] Updates Abby
Thomas has a rare mutation. He's dying and he can't walk, but he can absorb a lifetime of knowledge within minutes. His friend, Alexander, is capable of smashing entire...
  • mutants
  • magic
  • spacetravel
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Colossus Rising [#SFF] [#Galactic] [#Complete] by AbbyBabble
Colossus Rising [#SFF] [#Galactic] Abby
All spacefaring civilizations are absorbed by Megacosm users, or else enslaved by them. Anyone who dares to question the elected rulers of the Megacosm--or worse, defy t...
  • scifi
  • disability
  • slavetrade
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a perfect life~pixane fanfiction by pixal1234
a perfect life~pixane fanfictionby pixal1234
the lives of pixal and zane change as they meet at borg industries as if destiny had brought them together.
  • zane
  • kai
  • nya
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Nindroids (CANCELLED) by jarrettwest15
Nindroids (CANCELLED)by DEAD!
Zane Leaves The Team to create his own team called the Nindroid Faction. Members: Zane, Pixal, Falcon, Echo Zane. All four of them become more famous than the ninja and...
  • pixal
  • lloyd
  • zane
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Resistance is all I have  by goddess_lady_loki
Resistance is all I have by goddess_lady_loki
I was assimilated at Wolf359 and that's where I though my life had ended but in reality that's where my hell began. I do not own, or claim to own, any of the Star Trek f...
  • trekkie
  • theborg
  • spacebattle
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Omnibus: Volume I by TheVulcanTimeLord
Omnibus: Volume Iby Jake Davies
This is my first Omnibus of short universe-opening narratives I have written. This spans stories all the way from my first, to near present, so please bear with the (sh...
  • apocolypse
  • drwho
  • borg
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Star Trek Voyager: Unreachable Light by FrancoJordan5618
Star Trek Voyager: Unreachable Franco Jordan
An old proverb says: "When the woodland catches fire, everyone suffers, including the bear". After a 23-year journey across the Delta Quadrant, Voyager returne...
  • sisko
  • warp
  • transwarp
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Star Trek New Frontier:                   The Invasion of 2381 by Darth_Sylph
Star Trek New Darth Moderus
In the bestselling book trilogy "Star Trek: Destiny" brief mention is made of everybody's favorite crew of misfits soloing a Borg Assimilation Cube in defense...
  • excalibur
  • collective
  • spacewarfare
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~Long & Short Stories~ ~by~ MIRIAM by Miriam_The_Grace
~Long & Short Stories~ ~by~ MIRIAMby Miriam Grace
a series of original stories by me that include these characters: Mignonette 'Mig' Duri Taylor Pablo Rebecca 'Bex' Ignacio Amir Exo 'X.O' Ai 'A.I' Delilah
  • friendship
  • love
  • short
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Mechanical love by 21st_centuryninja_
Mechanical loveby TFC
P.I.X.A.L the Primary Interactive Xternal Assitant Lifeform. A new and improved nindriod. Zane master of ice and a hero. An outdated nindriod. When Zane travels to New...
  • ninja
  • jay
  • cole
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Star Trek: Voyager - "Intrepid Voyagers" by Scott_Reeves
Star Trek: Voyager - "Intrepid Scott Reeves
Janeway and crew run across a planet where their adventures are the subject of a weekly entertainment broadcast.
  • fiction
  • fan
  • voyager
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Create Australia refund consulting program reviews by MyriamBorgReviews
Create Australia refund Myriam Borg Reviews
20 years ago, Create's CEO founded the Refund Consulting Program and an industry was born- The refund consulting program delivered by Create, is a business consultancy s...
  • program
  • consulting
  • refund
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Star Trek: I Am Hugh by jtulkas2
Star Trek: I Am Hughby Jesse Booth
The Borg Collective cut him off, along with the other Borg drones on his ship. Individuality and emotion struck like an ion storm. Can Hugh step up to become the leader...
  • borg
  • hugh
  • startrek
Orion's Law by TheOrangutan
Orion's Lawby Gavin Wilson
A spacewestern short story. All Marek wants is a quiet life in his saloon, but a cocktail of cyborg, drunken criminal lord, the local Sheriff and a few of the Dalton cla...
  • cyborg
  • spacewestern
  • future
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Leola Root by NandyButterfly
Leola Rootby LonelyLooney
Neelix and Naomi Wildman shared a bond since her infancy. She grows up. What happens when she wants it to become more? And due to mix ups, other characters get entangled...
  • belanna
  • startrekvoyager
  • icheb
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The Mechanical Crow by sleepycrow
The Mechanical Crowby I have no name
A dark secret is being held in the dark mansion. A secret... Or a monster?
  • black
  • cyborg
  • machines
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Cole Borg: The best five-star hotels in Miami, Florida by coleborgflorida
Cole Borg: The best five-star Cole Borg Florida
Cole Borg is a renowned tour and travel agency owner. He has traveled across all America.
  • borg
  • cole
  • florida
Star Trek Romulan War by ZachRobinson6
Star Trek Romulan Warby Zach Robinson
this story takes place in the 25th century. The ship is the U.S.S NCC 1701 F Enterprise with Geordi La Forge's son Rorbert De Forge. The Enterprise is still the flagship...
  • romulan
  • war
  • fleet
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