Star Trek Imagines by Kirk_andSpock
Star Trek Imaginesby Kat and Tina
This is something two weird-ass fangirls are creating when they are in their rare creative times. We are trying to build a collection of short imagines about Star Trek...
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Resistance is all I have  by MinkaLawson
Resistance is all I have by MinkaLawson
I was assimilated at Wolf359 and that's where I though my life had ended but in reality that's where my hell began. I do not own, or claim to own, any of the Star Trek f...
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Bashir is a Lizardfucker by swamperationogreload
Bashir is a Lizardfuckerby Adrian Ogrelord
Julian and Garak get engaged but apparently nobody knew about their relationship beforehand. Julian makes a joke then him and Garak take it Too Far and regret everything...
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Star Trek Oneshots by Tsambikos
Star Trek Oneshotsby Captain Tsambikos
A collection of star trek oneshots I write. I mainly write these for fun so don't expect regular updates. This book will update when there is an update. Disclaimer:...
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The Karan Republic by CheshireFilmReveiwer
The Karan Republicby The TF Lord
Law and order, ships, council and government (Kara, a fictional planet neer kryptonian space. the stories are muti universal. this is a sequal to the karan tales)
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