Star Trek Imagines by Kirk_andSpock
Star Trek Imaginesby Kat and Tina
This is something two weird-ass fangirls are creating when they are in their rare creative times. We are trying to build a collection of short imagines about Star Trek...
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Light In The Dark (A Garak Fanfic) by forevercats666
Light In The Dark (A Garak Fanfic)by forevercats666
Mardi feels like an outsider on DS9. Mardi was sent forward in time through time and was dumped on DS9. She was found by Bashir, passed out on the Promenade. She woke up...
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First Contact • Star Trek by scifiphan
First Contact • Star Trekby ˗ˏˋ Teddii ˎˊ˗
❝The stars are a dream I would rather not live in❞ ❝You should have thought about that before joining Starfleet❞ [Post DS9 & VOY] • [COMING IN 2017]
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A Family Defined in History by SherlockGurrrl999
A Family Defined in Historyby Aylis Oomen
The family history of adventure begun with James T. Kirk, and it was all passed on to his son and his children. These are their adventures through the Star Trek timeline...
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