A Family Defined in History by SherlockGurrrl999
A Family Defined in Historyby Aylis Oomen
The family history of adventure begun with James T. Kirk, and it was all passed on to his son and his children. These are their adventures through the Star Trek timeline...
  • nextgen
  • ds9
  • sci-fi
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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Garak Stories by Verotrekkie
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Garak S...by Verotrekkie
Mister Garak woke up that day expecting it to be a normal day on the space station deep space nine. Oh how foolish was his assumption...
  • ds9
  • elimgarak
  • deepspacenine
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Enigmatic Shadows  by BajoranByBlood
Enigmatic Shadows by Ro Laren
Ensign, newly promoted Lieutenant Ro Laren has chosen to keep her spot upon the United SpaceShip Enterprise-D. While she continues to work at optimal performance, someth...
  • bajor
  • space
  • tng
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Harry Potter and the Cosmonaut's Stone by SuperHotMurder
Harry Potter and the Cosmonaut's S...by The Demigod Greecer
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!!!! (Cover by @Madsonyeondan ) Crossover between Harry Potter and Star Trek: DS9 (ST characters are going to mostly be students) Summary: Harry P...
  • startrekdeepspace9
  • crossover
  • hogwarts
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Tiala 4 by mer_lock_who
Tiala 4by mer_lock_who
The diminon has cloned the inhabitants of ds9. With samples collected by the changeling posing as doctor bashir, the dominion created clones at the age of 10, and sent t...
  • cloned
  • ds9
  • startrek
Star Trek Asalooq Episode One: Arrival With Fanfares by startrekasalooq
Star Trek Asalooq Episode One: Arr...by startrekasalooq
A new starship crew assembles on Deep Space 9, receives its mission and sets off into the unknown... Star Trek Fanfic in the spirit of DS9 and VOY. Episode One of a seri...
  • standalone
  • scifi
  • ocs
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The Doctor's Daughters- A Star Trek DS9 Fanfic Book by doctorslycat
The Doctor's Daughters- A Star Tre...by doctorslycat
(Forgive me if anything is out of character!!!!) Willow and Andromeda were found by Julian Bashir when they were four years old, and in poor health. Julian took them int...
  • deepspacenine
  • ocstory
  • startrek
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star trek art  by IzzieEdenburn
star trek art by Izzie Edenburn
None of these pictures /art are by me credit given Mostly art from deviantart and sketch and Google sometimes Facebook
  • original
  • enteprise
  • fanmade
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create your own star trek team  by IzzieEdenburn
create your own star trek team by Izzie Edenburn
You can use fictional characters your or other people's ocs historical people or even real people like celebrities or your friends
  • generation
  • series
  • voyager
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wattpad users who like star trek  by IzzieEdenburn
wattpad users who like star trek by Izzie Edenburn
These are users on wattpad who are trekkies I'm bored and want to make a book
  • generation
  • next
  • scifi
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Star Trek Imagines by Kirk_andSpock
Star Trek Imaginesby Kat and Tina
This is something two weird-ass fangirls are creating when they are in their rare creative times. We are trying to build a collection of short imagines about Star Trek...
  • startrekintodarkness
  • startrekreboot
  • khan
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The Karan Republic by CheshireFilmReveiwer
The Karan Republicby The TF Lord
Law and order, ships, council and government (Kara, a fictional planet neer kryptonian space. the stories are muti universal. this is a sequal to the karan tales)
  • fantasy
  • rp
  • startrektng
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The Adventures of Margaret McBride - Cadet (A Star Trek First Contact story) by LoneWolf242
The Adventures of Margaret McBride...by Joe Montreal
This is a fan fic of mine, set in the Star Trek Next Generation time line at the beginning of the movie FIRST CONTACT. It is about a group of cadets who have their fir...
  • startrektngfanfic
  • fanfic
  • pleasereviewme
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Bashir is a Lizardfucker by swamperationogreload
Bashir is a Lizardfuckerby Adrian Ogrelord
Julian and Garak get engaged but apparently nobody knew about their relationship beforehand. Julian makes a joke then him and Garak take it Too Far and regret everything...
  • ds9
  • deepspacenine
  • garashir
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Star Trek Oneshots by Tsambikos
Star Trek Oneshotsby Captain Tsambikos
A collection of star trek oneshots I write. I mainly write these for fun so don't expect regular updates. This book will update when there is an update. Disclaimer:...
  • federation
  • voy
  • ent
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Star Trek Final Frontier  by GeneralUS13
Star Trek Final Frontier by General13
Space the final frontier, these are the voyagers of this book, to speak out new life, and new adventure, to bodily go where no man has gone before... The daughter of Doc...
  • space
  • ds9
  • startrek
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Resistance is all I have  by MinkaLawson
Resistance is all I have by MinkaLawson
I was assimilated at Wolf359 and that's where I though my life had ended but in reality that's where my hell began. I do not own, or claim to own, any of the Star Trek f...
  • ds9
  • wolf359
  • startrekthenextgeneration
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Beginning of the End [Deep Space 9] by MichaelBrockbank
Beginning of the End [Deep Space 9]by Michael Brockbank
The war with the Dominion was starting to turn for the better. Starfleet had kept the hordes of the Dominion at bay and was beginning to make headway to remove their pre...
  • federation
  • ds9
  • startrek
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Forgotten Hero by ivanyuen
Forgotten Heroby Ivan Yuen
An unknown energy force threatens the safety of the station. As the crew investigates, they discover Jake and Nog are missing. This is a speculative script I wrote for t...
  • sisko
  • cardassians
  • screenplay
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