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enjoy my book of beautiful underrated black women, and faceclaims for stories.
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DREAM\\WHEN THEY SEE US by hoecxlture
-In which a girl finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time Dream |Drēm| 1.A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal ...
  • blackgirlmagic
  • historical
  • blackwoman
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An Integrated Romance  by holygwarz
An Integrated Romance by a mood
Lewis is gone. Carolina came back. What happens when they find each other again. This time will they get the happy ending they have dreamed of for so long? Sequel to...
  • historical
  • history
  • rights
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Loving|Harry Styles by GloomySpice
Loving|Harry Stylesby Jay
Based off the movie loving. It's the 1960s and Harry falls in love with the new black girl at school and they push through all that is thrown at them with Love. TW// Men...
  • 1d
  • interracial
  • blackgirlmagic
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Try Again  by 2Quarters
Try Again by 2 Quarters
Amarah has a tough time adjusting to many things. Life seems to throw her everything she can't handle. When she loses the love of her life, she has to adjust to not havi...
  • realistic
  • school
  • summerella
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Come back to me || Killmonger by Nialovebug18
Come back to me || Killmongerby Honey 🍯
Reagan Rein is a beautiful 21 year old woman This beautiful woman is loved by Erik "Killmonger." Erik has be in love with Reagan since junior year of high scho...
  • blackpanther
  • hope
  • love
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faceclaims  by ARTIVIST
faceclaims by ROCKY ミ★
↳ where i represent people of colour to be casted for books. + cover made by me @ARTIVIST ✧ ...
  • poc
  • blacklivesmatter
  • blm
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CHERRY🍒|Harry Styles  by GloomySpice
CHERRY🍒|Harry Styles by Jay
Interracial Smut and Imagines Black Girl Magic Harry Styles
  • harrystyles
  • projectpoc
  • interracial
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Brown Sugar by GloomySpice
Brown Sugarby Jay
This is a prt 2 black 5sos interracial imagines/smut message me if you have any smut,imagines or text request/ ideas to give.
  • projectpoc
  • 5sos
  • interracial
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my pleasure ☞ Khalil by jxhsehsbabygirl
my pleasure ☞ Khalilby ˡᵒⁿᵍ ˡⁱᵛᵉ ʲᵃʰˢᵉʰ
❝IF ONLY WE HAD MORE TIME.❞ inspired by the hate U give, a story about Khalil when he thought he had more time || in which a girl falls for Khalil, and his goofy ass {#...
  • blm
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  • thehateugive
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Medicine// H.S. {AU} by issa_harry
Medicine// H.S. {AU}by Joy
She was his drug he couldn't get enough of. started 3/15/18
  • onedirection
  • selenagomez
  • blm
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Black Girls Guide To.. by MelaninForTheWin
Black Girls Guide Melanin®
❝ Black Girls, we are on a whole 'notha level! ❞ Black Girls Rock, but this helps when they wanna rock a little more
  • blackgirlsrock
  • blm
  • blackgirl
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Dear White People by blkgirlblkworld
Dear White Peopleby Anjanique 🌸
A book to white people who don't understand us, and looks at us diffrently.
  • dearwhitepeople
  • racism
  • blacklivesmatter
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Brown Girls by thewitchtribute
Brown Girlsby a a n i k a !
for all of the brown girls, no matter the body type or the skin color, the race or the religion, the languages they speak or the countries they come from. part of the #p...
  • diversity
  • asia
  • literasia
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The Foreign Touch. by bethsnovels
The Foreign BethWrites•
Kalindi is a British born and raised girl. She was born in South London and wants to do more with her life, not convinced that London can do that for her. She makes the...
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  • british
  • hbcu
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Black Girls Open Diary. by bbygyalsuoh
Black Girls Open BBYGYAL
The time of silencing black women are over. We have snatched the mic and we won't give it back till we finished. You guys had your fun now it's time for us to put our 2...
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  • bringdiversity
  • girls
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Killed by Hate  by miasfanfics
Killed by Hate by mia
Riele Downs & Jace Norman were childhood friends. They grew apart after freshman year when Jace moved away. Both have just graduated high school and they were both desp...
  • blacklivesmatter
  • romance
  • blm
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the blacker the berry. by mudioshun
the blacker the call me whitley
My opinions, knowledge, and ideology roles into an infinite amount of hoe-influenced activity. My rants and rampages about social issues, life, and ignorance.
  • feminism
  • blm
  • arthoe
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First Responder Poems  by the_story_teller99
First Responder Poems by The_Story_Teller_99
First responder poems written by first responders for first responders including EMS POLICE FIRE & DISPATCH
  • poetry
  • firstresponder
  • first
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Immaculate by TakeThreeFanPage
Immaculateby Micah Washington
A 17 year old girl named Star has the dream to be in the music industry so she goes on Instagram and meets 19 year old Alexandra Crane, daughter of Roland Crane, the fam...
  • blm
  • drama
  • judedemorest
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