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Wild cherry and the boy by SylviaSynay
Wild cherry and the boyby S_S
Lena is depressed, but she does not fight it. What is the point? She is 30 and there is no reason to fight anymore. Her psychologist advised her to find some friends, me...
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Cougar But Found by lydashores
Cougar But Foundby Lyda Shores
Alex knew finding one's mates wasn't a walk in the park. But at an early age of eighteen, he thought he was one of the luckiest ones. Except he wasn't. Fast-forward ten...
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Little bird by atomiccate
Little birdby yoshimura
a bdsm love story between a young ballet dancer and a mid 30s doctor
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Just Fine (Lesbian Story) by thesdeecole
Just Fine (Lesbian Story)by Shauntae
Kira Hunter is her high schools "IT" girl. Top swimmer on the swim team and dating Jacob the school jock. Despite all this she isn't happy. She hates her boyfr...
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His Immortal (D. Winchester) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
His Immortal (D. Winchester)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Formerly Immortal Tribrid. 'She, the one made up of three, shall walk a lonesome path until He, Morning Star, will rise to take her as his bride and Queen. When the time...
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The older woman (girlxgirl) by corgikix
The older woman (girlxgirl)by corgikix
the story of olivia and justice
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Rose by NattyTheWriter
Roseby NattyTheWriter
Will Nyla find the woman she deserves or will Rose give up on them?
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Series of a young nymphette  by Nico-Smile
Series of a young nymphette by Hay
Hello my name is Hay. This is my tips and tricks and about my life as a nymphette!!
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The Middle Passage by CynthiaDagnal-Myron
The Middle Passageby Cynthia Dagnal-Myron
A beleaguered black school cafeteria worker raising three grandchildren, a nephew and her own troubled daughter wins both a trip to a swanky Mexican resort and the heart...
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Highschool Harem  by trinikirito
Highschool Harem by trinikirito
(Y/n) (L/n) is a seemingly normal highschool second year student. He has avoided the spotlight from many of the students at Byakudan Senior High. Under the quiet and h...
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Sext Line by sxsjeon
Sext Lineby MAX.
[ EXCLUSIVE] Sarah Vino isn't so pleased with the fact that her parents already want to get her married off. Fresh out of university, she isn't at the age to get married...
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THE SWEETEST LOVE  by Memorizedsightings
ever ѕιnce тнe age oғ 13, ѕιcнeng/wιnwιn нaѕ alwayѕ нad a вιg crυѕн on нιѕ englιѕн тυтor gaвrιela or gaвe. and, yeт, нιѕ crυѕн doeѕn'т go υnnoтιced eιтнer вy нιѕ мoм or...
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The LollyPop Man by rjrodda
The LollyPop Manby R J Rodda
Carrie's biggest mistake was inviting her new neighbor to church. Winner of the Golden Rose Awards 2017 in the Short Story category. Second place winner in the Short S...
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In The Arms of a Cougar! by levyandres
In The Arms of a Cougar!by AndreLevy
He was only sixteen, she was ten years his senior and she was a married woman. short story about a teen boy who ran away from home. He ended up in a five year tumultuous...
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Youngin ~ by KuteeNiyahh
Youngin ~by NIYAHH
She underage...but he still want ha ~
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mummy's little girl by lqdream
mummy's little girlby lqdream
looking for a mummy
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Wicked Willow, Sleeping Woman by atypicalbigdiesel
Wicked Willow, Sleeping Womanby The Management (Big Diesel an...
Jaune made a mistake with Weiss' mother, Willow Schnee. Although he wishes it never happened, she does not want it to end. Loyalty and friendships are challenged through...
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Nymphets And Faunlets Guide  by _the_spooky_kids_
Nymphets And Faunlets Guide by _the_spooky_kids_
Advice and other helpful tips for you fauns and nymphs. 💖Boys and Girls💖 ~Fashion/makeup ~Seducing/attracting ~other stuff
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Welcome to the Dark Side (BWWM) by JayCeeTink
Welcome to the Dark Side (BWWM)by Jaycee
Cornelia (Corny) Rowe had been looked at most of her life as a weird person, from her dark chocolate brown skin to her wild colorful long kinky 4c fro, which was purple...
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