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Fiery Boss And Softy Worker by Sha__Myra
Fiery Boss And Softy Workerby Chacha
It's obviously about a fiery boss (Yibo) of a branch company from a mega business company. He is strict and cold towards others including his family (not much) but when...
MY CRUEL MAFIA| Boyslove | Zeenew by sweet_unholy
MY CRUEL MAFIA| Boyslove | Zeenewby Champa Dey
These story is about a boy name new.He was sold to a heartless and cruel mafia. Author POV Zee is the most dangerous mafia in the underworld..only his name is enough to...
Love Me With All of Your Heart by DeenTanuka
Love Me With All of Your Heartby Cherry Moya
Love me with all of your heart, that's all I want... Beam loves Forth, but Forth never showed his feelings for Beam. Beam thought that Forth is not someone who opens wit...
Secret's Entrance (Complete  ) by jingxuan21
Secret's Entrance (Complete )by Jing xuan
Dark fantasy කතාවක් වන මේ කතාව bl කතාවක් . Romantic සීන් අඩු වුනත් ත්‍රාසය , කුතුහලය වගෙම ආදරයත් මුසු වුන මේ කතාව ඔයාලා හැමොම ආදරයෙන් වැලද ගනී කියලා හිතනවා. එන්න එහෙනම්...
I.L.Y. - A MewGulf AU by I_callyouMoonchild
I.L.Y. - A MewGulf AUby May
Gulf wakes up in an unfamiliar bed and an unfamiliar apartment, wedded to a husband he has never met before and a life he can't remember. Choas ensues as he discovers he...
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This book is a fan fiction for "Bright And Win." From the tittle, You can assume that this is story is based on Revenge. If you want to know the description of...
You don't know about Us - A MewGulf AU by I_callyouMoonchild
You don't know about Us - A May
Sequel to I.L.Y. After returning to his own universe and home, Gulf thought everything would slowly go back to normal. However, he can't shake the feeling that something...
Eternal Sunshine by AJGrahamWrites
Eternal Sunshineby Ariel Graham
Two weeks of summer vacation brought Leo and Nine together in ways they never expected. Eight years later, their paths cross once again, opening a door they both thought...
Vegas' Diary - Can you love someone you never met? by NightCoffeeDrinker
Vegas' Diary - Can you love Coffee lover
I just had this idea spontaneously: What if Pete found Vegas' old diarys, from his childhood to the day today? The story will play in the time around the series, short b...
HOME IS YOU by Silver_Lilly
"VEGAS!!" The door of the Main Family Conference Room flung open and entered a raging Pete with 3 years old Venice in His arms and Macau by His side "Toda...
Melted: A MaxTul AU story by trotwood2
Melted: A MaxTul AU storyby trot wood
Max returns to Thailand after finishing his latest manuscript only to accidentally meet the oldest son of the company that's one of the main topics of his next book. Tul...
 Echoes Of Freedom A Tale Of Boundless Love   by wen_kexing3626
Echoes Of Freedom A Tale Of Wenzhou world
first of all sorry for my bad English ... 🥺🥲 This love is not easy. It is a river of fire and you have to drown in it Love connects every border because love has never...
♡ The Lifestory of BRIGHTWIN!. by lil_raily
♡ The Lifestory of BRIGHTWIN!.by 🥀♥️
☀🐰 This fan fiction is based on the life story of Bright and Win 👬. Enjoy it.🫶
Confession - SandRay OS (Only Friends Series) by Qyanshi
Confession - SandRay OS (Only Qyanshi
Sand has blocked Ray completely out of his life which is hurting Ray. Ray is in pain, Sand is in pain but both are unaware about each others pain. Both want to be with e...
I'll Never Go|| A Short BrightWin AU✓ by Jainnakophrom_
I'll Never Go|| A Short Paithoonmalee
[Complete Short Fanfiction Story✓] Barely have time for each other, but still loves one another. Why is it hard to just live a life with the person you love? Why is it t...
Ghostship Galore by DeenTanuka
Ghostship Galoreby Cherry Moya
This will be series of one shots and short stories about crack pairs and ghostships in 2Moons Series. Because this is ghostship, you won't find any original pairs in thi...
Just some LGBTQ+ stuff by afanofk-pop
Just some LGBTQ+ stuffby AlateNightReader
I will put in this book some LGBTQ+ stuff like memes, emotional things, k-pop/anime ships, fanart, short fanfictions ecc... You can request any ship you want in the comm...
Craving | MaiTake [On-Going] by fydzzi
Craving | MaiTake [On-Going]by 𝑠𝑒𝑡𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑙𝑖𝑙𝑖𝑠.
Menghadapi istri yang tengah hamil itu memang terkadang merepotkan. Disisi lain, juga mendatangkan kesenangan. Manjirō dengan lantang berani untuk mengatakan itu.
✅ Was It Christmas Miracle? | Offgun AU by offgunlism
✅ Was It Christmas Miracle? | Dummy!
It's been years since Gun declared that he was going to stop and forget his one sided love. However, as if they were connected by a red thread, destiny decided to bring...