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President of the Sophie Foster Fan Club by tapqueen101
President of the Sophie Foster Fan...by Grace
Keefe wakes up from a long coma in order to regain strength. Dex is stronger then him, zero muscle Dex! Struggling to lift weights is one thing, struggling to move your...
The Mysterious Miss. F by tapqueen101
The Mysterious Miss. Fby Grace
Keefe Sencen has left the Black Swan in hopes of saving his Mother. He has become reckless, that's what everyone's been telling her. What if there was a way she could sa...
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After Foxfire || Keeper of the Lost Cities by ConnorJcRickyGirl
After Foxfire || Keeper of the Los...by Sid
**NOTE I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS SHANNON MESSENGER DOES** Sophie Foster has just finished her Elite Levels at Foxfire and has never felt better about herself. She j...
The Love Equation (#2 How I Fell in Love Trilogy) by shysunflower
The Love Equation (#2 How I Fell i...by shysunflower
"I guess I like Foster better than you," he remarked. "In some ways, I'm sure you do."Fitz muttered lowly. Sophie blushed, eyeing them both. What wa...
Teal and Brown with Gold Flecks by mimibumblebee
Teal and Brown with Gold Flecksby 🎃 mimi 👻
COMPLETED a kotlc sofitz story By @mimibumblebee and @queen__fifisencen
My KOTLC Fan Cast by B-Fried
My KOTLC Fan Castby Rebecca
Exactly as the title says👍🏻. I love KOTLC sooooo much!!! It's my all time favorite series, and I think there should be a movie (or show). But what is a movie without...
Take Two by squishmallow09
Take Twoby Qᴜɪʟʟ/ꜱQᴜɪꜱʜ | (ᴘʟꜱ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴘᴍ ᴍ...
~#1 in Shannon Messenger~ Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen are all grown up- with two twin daughters to take care of. For a while everything seems perfect- Sophie watches...
Sokeefe- Human AU by imEmilynn
Sokeefe- Human AUby On break
~#1 in Edaline~ Sophie's parents die in a car crash. She gets adopted my Grady and Edaline. Soon she goes to a new high school. There she meets Keefe. Keefe. The name di...
A Choice To Make❤️ by KeefeFoster5
A Choice To Make❤️by KeefeFoster5
Sophie Foster is attending a new school called Foxfire High, a human school. About a couple years back, Sophie's parents had died in a very severe car crash. Sophie has...
A Sotam Story by kotlcfangirl4ever
A Sotam Storyby ꕥᗰIKᗩꕥ
i don't own any of these characters except for a few. the rest belong to the awesome Shannon Messenger. Thanks! And my story is about a girl named Sophie who is moving t...
Sokeefe Oneshots #2 by EllenH2006
Sokeefe Oneshots #2by Ellen
This one is exactly like the first one I wrote and it will probably have the same amount of chapters! Please feel free to give me some pointers on my writing! I hope you...
After Effects by tapqueen101
After Effectsby Grace
Book Four in Series: (1) Mysterious Miss. F, (2) President of the Sophie Foster Fanclub, (3) Light in Their Eyes It ended with Sophie entering the void. It started with...
The Light in their Eyes by tapqueen101
The Light in their Eyesby Grace
Sophie doesn't know who to believe. Her family. Her friends. Or the little boy on their doorstep. BOOK 3 IN THE SERIES
Sophie's Love Triangle (Sokeefe) by gay_ships_are_better
Sophie's Love Triangle (Sokeefe)by ishiptoomanyships
It all started with playing truth or dare that Sophie found out who the love of her life was. Take a crazy ride through the experience with Sophie.
Heart of the mind- a Sophiz story by Phant0m__waste
Heart of the mind- a Sophiz storyby t0xicWa$te
Im not good at writing descriptions. plz read.
Remembering Family by SailorGirl9574
Remembering Familyby Maria
*Spoilers* Her family was kidnapped, Amy was remembering her. Now what? *STORY LINE BELONGS TO ME* ALL CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR MINOR ONES THAT I CREATE BELONG TO SHANNON...
Aftershock by twinkletoestbh
Aftershockby Ella the Blue Elephant
When Sophie Foster is kidnapped by the Neverseen, the entire Elvin community believes she's dead. For almost a month, her family and friends attempt to cope with her dea...
KOTLC Fan Cast by _moonlightkisses_
KOTLC Fan Castby Anthea
Kotlc fan cast. 'The book is a film that takes place in the mind of the reader.' - Paulo Coelho All individual photos aren't mine, I got them online... I only put them t...
The Selection - KOTLC X THE SELECTION SERIES by theriyab
The Selection - KOTLC X THE SELECT...by riya is amaz
Hi guys! I spent a lot of time planning all of this out, therefore a vote and comment would be appreciated :) I DO NOT OWN THE NAMES/CHARACTERS (they belong to Shannon M...
KOTLC Fitzphie becomes REAL! by esther_jung17
KOTLC Fitzphie becomes REAL!by esther_jung17
Is Fitzphie going to happen. Sophie and Fitz's story of all the trouble they're facing on their way to marriage.