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Love and other Automatic Functions (NaNoWriMo2021) by FatFreeCoolWhip
Love and other Automatic C. J. Taylor
Two pranksters enter a sex robot into a dating competition with a prize of two million credits and a promise of marriage, but they don't forsee the robot having plans of...
Couple's Counseling by Pan-cakeGurl
Couple's Counselingby Pan-Cake Gurl
When Jane first had her idea, she wasn't expecting it to actually happen. Now she and Theo have been brought into the wild world of couple's counseling. The thing is, th...
The Revelation by MalloryCloves
The Revelationby Mallory Cloves
Meet Ana - somehow she found herself in the middle of a date with a wonderful woman named Shihva... but up to this point, she kinda didn't know this was a real romantic...
Leech Love by hazel_gck
Leech Loveby hazel_gck
Akara has moved to the city, and she fears of being left alone, luckily she's quickly gonna make herself friends... but she will meet a very special girl. Now akara thin...
ME by 1234kelz67
MEby 1234kelz67
Sometimes I wonder what it would had been like if it didn't happen.
It Felt Like Magic by ZxckryR
It Felt Like Magicby Jack Rollins
A typical cliché emo kid, that's how many would describe Zach with his messy, never styled long glossy black hair and his outlook on life that could simply be described...
Crushed. by dougsarchive
#7 dougsarchive
My thoughts about the people i used to like in the past, present and future.
To Keep the Bed Warm by loves_fire
To Keep the Bed Warmby 🍄
Oh to dream of a life with you. Love poems about a girl who will never read them because I'm to embarrassed to show her
Love is Love: A Series by sid_d1302
Love is Love: A Seriesby Siddhi Deshmukh
A collection of short stories. The lead character is LGBTQ+. It's a collection of wholesome stories between fictional characters who are part of the community. It's fi...
barely strangers. by mustardsauce
barely mustardsauce
A young girl is confused about her sexuality, but once she meets Annalise, that all changes. Follow Madi and her best friend, Allison, through a confusing, romantic and...
Love is a Journey by dougsarchive
Love is a Journeyby dougsarchive
Join me on my Pokémon adventure while I go on a journey of love, heartache, passionate battles, and great times with Pokémon.
Radiant || girlXgirl  by rosesareredelise
Radiant || girlXgirl by Rosemary
Sending out light; shinning or glowing brightly. I've been friends with my best friend Ari for 5 years but suddenly I've been getting this funny feeling around her. I've...
Kiss Camby Jangmi-<3
Bailey McGall is just a short, American guy trying to live his best abroad life in Switzerland when he meets Juliette and Louis. Two best friends from France who have ne...
Five Nights At Freddys:Mangle X Springtrap by Poppyfoot
Five Nights At Freddys:Mangle X Poppyfoot
Join the whole fun loving Freddys gang for an adventure you'll never forget!Asv the whole gang work at all cost to save mangle from GoldenFreddys wrath. GoldenFreddy an...
Dark And Light (Bwwm) by aayonaa
Dark And Light (Bwwm)by Aayonaa
"Joy." He calls out to me. I can feel the way he craves my attention to be drawn on him. So I do exactly the opposite and turn away. "Joy!" He speaks...