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Bill's Favored Puppet [Billdip] by BlueCipher0
Bill's Favored Puppet [Billdip]by Blue Leader
Another plot twist that I came up with for the final episode of Gravity Falls, Weirdmageddon. Instead, Dipper is the one to do the suicidal mission to take down Bill by...
Dark Magic Academy Mayhem - Billdip (Under Editing) by Kreisal
Dark Magic Academy Mayhem - FujoshiShips4Ever
After the events of Weirdmeggadon passed, Dipper and Mabel went back to their normal lives. But when their parents started acting weird, it was the mystery twins turn to...
Unnoticed by DeathGale
Unnoticedby Sky Dawn
What if nobody really liked Dipper. Not Mabel, Stan, Ford, Soos, Wendy, Pacifica, no one. Except Bill, the only person, well Demon, to show any genuine interest in Dippe...
Unbelievable Love by Queen_dark01
Unbelievable Loveby Mama Kat
It is the end of the world for Gravity Falls and Dipper Pines is trying to find his sister to defeat Bill Cipher. But while doing so, Dipper had time to reflect on the p...
If a Pine Tree Falls in a Forest... by _the_crow_
If a Pine Tree Falls in a _the_crow_
Dipper felt betrayed. He felt like she had taken all his trust and burned it in front of his very eyes. The moment she floated away from that button, Dipper knew that th...
The Sacrifice [BillDip platonical] by Hizuka_Not_Cipher
The Sacrifice [BillDip platonical]by A.L Reyes
Getting sacrificed to a demon wasn't what four year old Dipper expected when his parents walked him to the woods.
Play Date by user_1234563728
Play Dateby 🍓Angel Dust💋
This is going to be a Bill x Dipper x Will
Love Me, Hurt Me (BillDip) by Kraykray4fanfics
Love Me, Hurt Me (BillDip)by Kraykray4fanfics
Years after weirdmageddon Bill Cipher finds himself stumbling upon the Mystery Shack after he's created a human body, nonetheless he still tries to work with his now hum...
⚘༉Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴏꜰ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅᴍᴀɢɢᴇᴅᴏɴ|ʙᴏᴏᴋ 1⚘༉ by Enter-the-globe
⚘༉Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴏꜰ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅᴍᴀɢɢᴇᴅᴏɴ|ʙᴏᴏᴋ 1⚘༉by Motherboo ❤️
Bill has finally taken over the world. But know hes kinda bored. Watch as he looks for the perfect queen to rule beside him.
Chaos Falls by GirloftheNebule
Chaos Fallsby GirloftheNebule
Weirdmagedon has come, and the end of Gravity Falls, and the world to follow is nipping at The Resistance's heels. When it's time for Bill to start killing for Ford's eq...
Backstabber by Andrew_Wolfie
Backstabberby Andrew_Wolfie
Weirdmageddon is taking over Gravity Falls, but what happens if Mabel doesn't want to leave her bubble and reveals Dippers darkest secret? What happens if Bill finds out...
My Alpha, My Omega by sakuralove15
My Alpha, My Omegaby Kyleigh Delancey
Dipper- a lonely omega who is abuses and scarred for life Bill- an alpha who needs to find his mate before the second full moon When these two meet, all hell breaks loos...
The Devil's Bride by Nekocat2005
The Devil's Brideby Yes_No_Maybe_Probably_IDK
A sacrifice was demanded,so why not give away the runt. Everyone agreed even his family.
This Wasn't How It Was Supposed To Go (BillDip) by PeachyLaurnai56
This Wasn't How It Was Supposed Laurnai
Dipper knew the key to get Bill to not hurt his sister. He was hiding his smarts from everyone, even Ford. Dipper was used to it. Hiding. Hiding to not get bullied. It w...
What's A "Feeling?" by TheGreyLady221
What's A "Feeling?"by TheGreyLady221
Bill has plans. BIG plans. And Pinetree is the perfect person to execute them... {Billdip} (Cover art is not mine.)
Turning the tables by Ireallydontcare443
Turning the tablesby S-R
Dipper Pines is now 21 years old, and has decided to move to gravity falls to pursue a career in research and science, just like his uncle Ford. Although the memories of...
Yaoi Paradise by -BookyWorm-
Yaoi Paradiseby Torikku
To satisfy your fujoshi needs Yaoi pics to warm the heart and make you squeal Requests are opened but if I can't find the ship then I'm sorry but I can't post it.
traitors in waiting (BillDip) by Cheap-Blue-Slushy
traitors in waiting (BillDip)by Polar
Dipper is a siren. Most likely the most vicious one. Every siren has a something more powerful then other sirens. Take Mable for example, her song can lure anyone in. Wh...