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" Happy Pills " / / This Story is heavily inspired! by JustA_Bi
" Happy Pills " / / This Story JustA_Bi
Leafy Bottle up her true feelings and Never told anyone her true self What does Leafy truely feel? Figure it out By reading this story This Story is inspired by this cr...
The Growing Parasite [SITW SEQUEL] by Lucky3Zebra
The Growing Parasite [SITW SEQUEL]by Zappy Rhino
After returning to Yoyle City, everybody gets back on track with their lives- well, except Firey. He tries to figure out what went on in the woods, to make Leafy murder...
The Detour by wlwgolfball
The Detourby Graveyard
Possible unreality warning? Narration is in second person sometimes. // After the events of BFB 15, it's decided that some team building is in order for The Losers. What...
surrounded by children // BFB fanfiction by FormalPotato
surrounded by children // BFB Yes
when you are pretty much the leader of a dysfunctional team like the Losers, you get annoyed very quickly. they all act like children, that's what Pin has learned as sh...
Ever Waits For Me (BFB/TPOT AU) by Lucky3Zebra
Ever Waits For Me (BFB/TPOT AU)by Zappy Rhino
Clock wants nothing more than to have another chance to spend time with his old friends, yearning for the connections his untimely death took away. Eventually he realize...
Bfb artbook that cure ur squishy brain by riyokotashi
Bfb artbook that cure ur squishy MOVED
just to let u know I cant comment cuz my email so ill respond using pages hisiehdkulei-
Every wall Clock needs a Nail to hang onto by Neo-Ali
Every wall Clock needs a Nail to Ali
Clock and Naily further their relationship.
Solitary [Cancelled] by Kurmit-
Solitary [Cancelled]by I hate bugs
I lost motivation anyway this was supposed to be a tpot fanfic where Winner wanted to be alone so he did something idk I think it would've been better for me too write t...
The Dome - A BFDI Fanfic by ashenxfall
The Dome - A BFDI Fanficby ashenxfall
When Four begins an outrageous new challenge, everything starts out perfectly fine. However, as time goes on, all hell begins to break loose. But it's fine, it's just a...
FEAR FACTORY |~| A Bfb Au Fanfic by Certuenii_flower
FEAR FACTORY |~| A Bfb Au Fanficby 🪷Certuenii🪷
(HUMANIZED) A woman named Golf Ball owned a factory. A huge factory. But... ... For what purpose? For creating monsters out of people using their biggest fears. Just to...
Forgotten:a BFB AU by rubric_flashy
Forgotten:a BFB AUby rubric cube
4 has killed clock in episode 11,but recovered him episodes later,the losers forgot about him but hid it.He doesn't need to know,he didn't know,until 4 told him.He wante...
+{ The Ghost and the Visitor }+ || A BFB AU Fanfic by Certuenii_flower
+{ The Ghost and the Visitor }+ || 🪷Certuenii🪷
Cake goes on a road trip. Everything is normal. Everything is fine. That is, until, Cake arrives at his destination, an abandoned mansion. Well, not abandoned. It's haun...
}◇{ THE MURDER HOTEL: a BFB Fanfic }◇{ by Certuenii_flower
}◇{ THE MURDER HOTEL: a BFB 🪷Certuenii🪷
⚠️THIS STORY CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: • Violence • Character death • Gore and blood • Swearing • Shipping HOWEVER, NONE OF THIS WILL BE DRAWN, ONLY WRITTEN. This story is...
Ask Clock! (Cancelled) by EmptyBBQDip
Ask Clock! (Cancelled)by Dead Lamp
Yeah this is cancelled. Original description: "Hello my name is Clock and I'm here to answer some questions! So make sure to give some questions while I answer them...
Ask the depressed Clock by Clock_BFB
Ask the depressed Clockby Clock_BFB
Copie- INSPIRED by: Bfb: JNJ Ask, and dare the depressed Clock.
THE PROBLEM OF TRUSTby Sayem Ahmed The 50 starter
Tpot is still on hold, but strange things are going on.