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The Monomanical Value Enigma by iceedteaaa
The Monomanical Value Enigmaby iced tea
Therefore's life is surrounded by numbers but out of all the numbers in the playground there is only one that sticks out the most. Four. Different from the others, Four...
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The Perfect Subjects | A BfB/BfDI fanfic by ClownTownUSA
The Perfect Subjects | A BfB/ Clown Icon 😻
A doctor makes living objects. Raised in small, isolated environments. Heavily monitored and kept perfect. But some of them, don't come out the way they were supposed to...
BFDI/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! ❤ - Book One by TheDemiEnbyPop
BFDI/BFB/TPOT Oneshots! ❤ - Book Call me Demi!
Hi friends! This is my book of BFB oneshots! You can request Character x Reader, but most oneshots will be Character x Character. Feel free to request anything, within m...
Starting Anew | 4X BFB by _xfohvz
Starting Anew | 4X BFBby silly guy
[ set after the last episode of bfb, this is a 4x story! and no, there will be no smut, expect spoilers for the entire show. ] - - - - - enjoy! p.s. | This is not a s...
Headcanons 4x [BFB] by OptimisticNerdUwU
Headcanons 4x [BFB]by OptimisticNerdUwU
🌌 Book of Headcanons 🌌 💙 Some ideas about this beautiful math couple 💛 🌈 Some chapters have drawings made by me 🌈 🌃 Enjoy your reading! 🌃 • The characters do not...
Treasure Box. (A BFB 4X fanfiction) by Number_macaroni
Treasure Box. (A BFB 4X fanfiction)by Hiccup
Four and X have been friends ever since Four was banished from the equation playground. But they'd rather not be friends... they want to be something bigger. And when a...
another Four x Reader oneshots book 2020 edition by TyeTheFandomKid
another Four x Reader oneshots LittleBabyMothMan
oop im doing this again ill mostly do other people's requests but ill do my own too CREDIT TO JACKNJELLIFY POG also i updated the cover art now its four bee eff bee agai...
Simply Less Value ( 2 theory fic???)  by dangocountryhuman
Simply Less Value ( 2 theory Orange Mochi
I wrote this book because I was sick of people making Two look like a villain. Sooo why not make this dedicated to Two. Think of a "bad guy" looking like a pr...
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanfic by TippyToas
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanficby needs break
On BFB 3, Leafy got eliminated and sucked into Four as punishment. There, she found a small classroom called the E.X.I.T(Eternal .Xalgebra .Iclass .TwithFour) in the mi...
Fourxreader (REQUEST OPEN)  by bfdi_fand0m
Fourxreader (REQUEST OPEN) by bfdi_fand0mmmm
this is a Four x reader and bfb/bfdi is by jacknjellify You were obsessed with bfdi and you dreamed to be there What could go wrong? (ONLY FOUR X READER REQUEST!!!!) (I...
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb Fanfiction) by melonist_lord
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb sav / melona
Leafy, being a known pop star in the country, has gone on a very unusual mission for someone as famous as her. She tries to find her one and only childhood best friend w...
Anything 4 Him ~ the first Four X Reader ~ BFB Fanfiction (DISCONTINUED)  by meowcrowave
Anything 4 Him ~ the first Four MALWARE
Credit to the artist for the cover and Jacknjellify! 💙 Also the first Four x Reader story 💙 Y/N (your name) was always different from the other objects. Different limb...
Somewhere Else [Bfb Fanfiction] BACK IN PRODUCTION by KatieKatDragon27
Somewhere Else [Bfb Fanfiction] Katie the Writer/Artist
"And it was said, two algebraic expressions of far different backgrounds, will find each other in an unlikely scenario, learning to depend and care for one another...
4x trash (4x ship book) by madi-unexists
4x trash (4x ship book)by dead
9k? i havent updated this book in over 6 months the fuck- also its 4x only and no other ships unless you guys want more but right now its only 4x and i make all the artw...
To Every Problem, There's a solution (A BFB 4x fanfic) by tar_inactive
To Every Problem, There's a tari
Four and X try to solve each other's problems and soon enough, they fall in love.
four X Girl  reader (help)  by bfdi_fandomalt
four X Girl reader (help) by
y/n has been obsessed with bfb. they realized they had a school project tomorrow so. what will happen after?
Bfb: What are we by Thisaccountexists1
Bfb: What are weby Reality can jump off a toast
Four's newest challenge is certainly unique... All contestants become human, and four offers no explanation beyond "It's part of the challenge". Four also won...
Just go by ab170904
Just goby Milkshake
After four tells X to go with two,he regrets it and hides it from the remaining and does things he never done before and leafy becomes curious of what four is doing.This...
Living with the numbers by TenBFB
Living with the numbersby Ten
~Cover will be updated soon~ Ten is x's twin sister and they get along so well with each other now x has asked ten to come live with the numbers but ten has a crush on o...
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