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Medicine  by TheSlimeBaby
Medicine by TheSlimeBaby
Just a short story.
Neu Roses by lulscooby
Neu Rosesby 🐶
I don't know how to describe this story besides saying beynika, this is my first book hope it's not too much of a fail🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Beyond Love by Lashayjackson97
Beyond Loveby Lashay
Latasha is from the hood of South Side Chicago and living in a troubled household. She and her group of friends, get together and figure out their plans of getting out o...
Beyoncé imagines(gxg) by youncetings
Beyoncé imagines(gxg)by yoncétings
Imagines for y/n and Beyoncé read to find out more my loves🙂
We Are Family  by Bey_licious_
We Are Family by Bey_licious_
Beyonce the mother of twin daughters looks for the love of her life until she finds out the love of her life was her best friend when she was younger but there's a twist...
Me, Myself and Beyoncè  by finnthehumann__
Me, Myself and Beyoncè by finnthehumann__
AJ a lesbian song writer gets the opportunity of her life when Beyoncè Knowles wants to hire her for her next album ... What happens when they start to make more than m...
Setting Rain On Fire by yoncefiercee
Setting Rain On Fireby ♛
After the tragic death of his mother, 17 year old Shawn Carter is sent to live with his grandparents in a small town on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. His return to th...
My Bitch, Her Protector by behive4life
My Bitch, Her Protectorby Janee'
35-year-old Toni Braxton, also known as Gemini in the streets have been through a lot in her life. At the age of 18, she was forced to work in the streets to support her...
In My Footsteps  by NikaxYonce
In My Footsteps by Beynika Love Child
Come along this rollercoaster ride Beyoncé and her family calls Life. The ups, the downs, and everything in between! "Follow in my footsteps, I promise to lead you...
She's Yours, Mine, Ours by xoxoshoshanaxoxo
She's Yours, Mine, Oursby Joss ❤️
Sequel to She's Mine, Not Yours
Ultimately(discontinued) by killaMelody
Ultimately(discontinued)by 𝓑𝓮𝔂𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓬𝓱𝓲
Beyonce has two children that she had earlier in her career. She gives them up when her and jay decide they werent were they wanted to be in their career. 3 days after s...
Beyoncé and The Photographer GXG Lesbian Story by ArtistWriter
Beyoncé and The Photographer GXG ArtistWriter
Beyoncé's team is ready to add another member, this time, a personal photographer for the Worldwide superstar. What will happen when a small town girl gets the job? The...
Beyoncé One Shots (Explicit) by Symonebranson
Beyoncé One Shots (Explicit)by Lulmo💫
Daddy, daddy Ooh child, ooh now Yes lord Damn baby Driving me cray Cray... Beyoncé Short stories (Mostly Beynika)
pray you catch me by youncetings
pray you catch meby yoncétings
In the past Beyoncé keep cheating on y/n and finally one day y/n left but what Beyoncé didn't know was they y/n was pregnant, now 5 years later Beyoncé finds out about h...
Read Thith 🤓 (Oneshots) by HolyTrinity513
Read Thith 🤓 (Oneshots)by HolyTrinity513
A book of oneshots primarily containing Beynika, Rihnika, Rihonce, and the holy trinity. Sponsored and brought to you by SymoneBranson's nagging.
TEMPTATION by GlamorousMia
Temptation noun [ C/U ] US /tempˈteɪ·ʃən/ the desire to have or do something, esp. something wrong, or something that causes this desire. Beyoncé Is A 29 Year Old Co...
Sinister Sister  by LAVRAIEBOMB
Sinister Sister by BOMBÉ
"It'll be an even trade." beynika
Teenage Love Affair by ibxddie
Teenage Love Affairby ibxddie
Beyoncé and Kelly Love Story
Becoming Mrs.Knowles by ItsCelineDuhh
Becoming Mrs.Knowlesby ItsCelineDuhh
Being Beyoncé wife wasn't what y/n expected at all, y/n never knew her dreams would come true one day.