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Fruit Punch {FIN} by couraegeous
Fruit Punch {FIN}by Hova’s Witness
***2 wrongs don't make it right. LEMONADE.
  • jayonce
  • lemonade
  • beyonce
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Pilot Jones by KINGBEYatch_
Pilot Jonesby KING
"You're the dealer and the stoner with the sweetest kiss I've ever known"
  • beyonce
  • beyonceknowles
  • beyhive
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On the Down Low by xDontHurtYourselfx
On the Down Lowby Dria
A Beyoncé x Rihanna Story: Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a very young, very rich, and very powerful CEO of a thriving business and wife to music producer, Chris Brown. Beyonc...
  • drake
  • aliciakeys
  • knowles
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Misunderstood  by TrendsetterLondyn
Misunderstood by 🌸
Beyoncé Knowles, 34 years old, mother of 5, moves back to her hometown, Houston, Texas, to be closer to family, and to take the job as a teacher at the United States Pen...
  • beyhive
  • misunderstood
  • jayz
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Don't hurt yourself by DasiaJones9
Don't hurt yourselfby beynika_is_life
Beyonce and Nicki where good friends in highschool til something happened and they lost contact brings them back together and emotions get twisted in the mix .W...
  • beynika
  • rihonce
  • rihanna
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The BeyHive (slow updates)  by Notyaogfanfic
The BeyHive (slow updates) by
A BeyNika story
  • beyonce
  • beyhive
  • beynika
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Need U Bad by aiynjel_
Need U Badby Jelly ✨
She's always been the quiet girl at work that no one really pays attention to. She struggles everyday while her no good boyfriend mooch's off her money. She's in love wi...
  • jazminesullivan
  • gxg
  • beyhive
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Halo by RavishingMack
Haloby Queen🌈
This story is like two ships passing in the night. The Queen Bey Beyoncé always wanted love, after the whole Jay Z cheating on her she's now filing for divorce. Who woul...
  • beyhive
  • romanreigns
  • conormcgregor
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S.O.S by remybx
S.O.Sby Rx.
"Spoil her with loyalty, she can finance herself..." BeyNika
  • urban
  • beyhive
  • nickiminaj
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Thug Love: A Beyoncé and Nicki Fanfic by SelfMadeBitch
Thug Love: A Beyoncé and Nicki Bougie
Beyoncé is forced to kidnap Nicki after she witnesses Beyoncé kill a man. Beyoncé goes into hiding with Nicki, but when Beyoncé finds out the man she killed that Nicki w...
  • jail
  • hurt
  • minaj
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ItStartedWithAWhisper by killaMelody
ItStartedWithAWhisperby KillSauceGod
"Fuck, why do you make this so hard" Nicki yelled passing the room "Because i need u nicki why dont you love me" Beyonce cried "Because i dont c...
  • rihannafanfiction
  • lovestory
  • surrogate
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bad for you.  by drizzIy
bad for you. by drizzIy
blow a kiss, fire a gun // G!P
  • explict
  • kill
  • beynika
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Just A Marriage  by Desglizzy
Just A Marriage by Deyoncé
Sometimes you have to take a quick dip into situations that orders you to have your guard up. If not... you just may come out heartbroken. #7 in #combs
  • quincy
  • fake
  • wedding
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Code Pink. by smartmouths
Code ♀
[GIRLXGIRL Story] Nicki enjoys shared company with women but is in denial of being gay especially with her much-anticipated album in the works, NM4! which will tackle al...
  • erotic
  • woman
  • lgbt
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Falling for a Mechanic: BeyNika Short Story by SelfMadeBitch
Falling for a Mechanic: BeyNika Bougie
What happens when Onika Maraj meets the mechanic working on her car at her baby daddy's auto shop? Watch as Onika's relationship with her mechanic develops into a romanc...
  • beyonce
  • crazy
  • hate
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Amnesia by beyfan4ever
Amnesiaby The Ghetto
Nicki wakes up in an infirmary with no recollection of where she is or even who she is. She finds out very soon the world around her is not what it seems, especially wit...
  • hate
  • beynika
  • fanfiction
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Love Drought {COMPLETED} by EverythingBGKC
Love Drought {COMPLETED}by -
Beyoncé's womanly instincts tells her that her husband is cheating, but she's afraid to figure out the truth. What is her husband doing when she's not around?
  • fanfiction
  • beyonce
  • beyhive
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Each Other's History by Beysexual
Each Other's Historyby Beynika
Beyoncé wasn't the normal teen in Texas, year 1885. She was a lesbian and proud. She worked as a farm girl on Onika Maraj's dad's farm. Beyoncé in love with Onika since...
  • gay
  • lesbian
  • beynika
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If Loving You Is Wrong  by LillieWashington
If Loving You Is Wrong by Joy
Onika Maraj aka Nicki/Vanity is a 24 year old stripper. Her boyfriend Christopher Brown aka Breezy is a kingpin in Queens, New York. He disapproves of her job but Nicki...
  • nickiminaj
  • beyonce
  • beyhive
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