The Door Between Us [Sans & Toriel fanfic]

The Door Between Us [Sans & Toriel fanfic]

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The secret love life of Sans and Toriel.


It was a beautiful day outside, birds were singing, flowers were blooming. On days like these I would be taking my daily nap at my station. Papyrus will be around any minute to encourage me to recalibrate my puzzles. 

I open one drowsy eye-socket and look around. Papyrus is no where to be seen, but I decided to get up anyway. I hoist myself off the counter and lazily flip over the hot dog sign so it says, "sorry, I'm not in the mood." I decide to take a walk, I have a really good pun I'd like to use on someone. 

I walk in the snow for a few minutes till my eyes gaze up. I realized I have wondered pretty deep into the forest. I look around and I notice a path I've never seen before. I decide why not waste more time when I'm supposed to be on my shift. I walk down the narrow path. At the end of it was a huge door. I took this opportunity to practice a knock knock joke. 

**All characters belong to Toby Fox and also some dialogue. Picture credits to google. Cover made by me.**