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Sky Swan (Jasper love story) by Gianna355
Sky Swan (Jasper love story)by Gianna Kelson
This is a Jasper love story about the sister of Bella Swan lets see if her and Bella are ready for this unnatural world unless Sky is already part of it. She doesn't kno...
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Behind Closed Gates | Watty Awards 2014 by LibbyBlake
Behind Closed Gates | Watty Elizabeth H. Blake
The Central Park Zoo was a major attraction in America. There were monkeys, giraffes, reptiles... And a wolf. A she-wolf, strong and tall, proud and determined... S...
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Angel [1] (Jasper Hale) by Chanelypop
Angel [1] (Jasper Hale)by Chanelypop
(Previously Called You Found Me) Angelina Swan, The Cousin Of Clumsy Isabella 'Bella' Swan. Angelina was forced to live with Charlie and Renee after her parents died whe...
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Solace ◌ Twilight FanFiction by amorousbibliophile
Solace ◌ Twilight FanFictionby -Mina📖
A girl tormented by her past is forced to move with her adopted mother to the small town of Forks, Washington. Just like any other small town, despite the constant cover...
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Bella's Little Sister by 5sosJuliaMc
Bella's Little Sisterby 5sosJuliaMc
Bella and her little sister move to Forks to spend time with their father. But Bella's little sister is mute and can't talk. So she has to find ways to convey messages w...
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The Youngest Cullen by AmericanCowGirl19
The Youngest Cullenby Cowgirl19
Alison Connolly was murdered on January 3rd,1970 walking home from the library by a vampire who left her on her own to figure out what she was. However, seeing her futur...
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Half Sister's by FaithfulVampire
Half Sister'sby FaithfulVampire
Bella's part vampire part human part werewolf and part witch while Elena is to find out more
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The Other Swan (Twilight Fanfic) by allyouneediscats
The Other Swan (Twilight Fanfic)by Kassidy :P
Kassidy-Ann Swan, the twin sister to Bella Swan (Bellybear) and the daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan. they had sent her away when she was younger and now she's back, n...
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Thinking Out Loud by alonely-dreamer
Thinking Out Loudby Pandora
When Isabella and her little sister Evangeline moved to Forks they had no illusion they would like it. Isabella hated it and all Evangeline wanted was to be left alone...
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Sister Swan (Twilight Fan-fiction) by MaddyCullen
Sister Swan (Twilight Fan-fiction)by Maddy Cullen ❤
Millie Swan is the complete opposite of her twin sister Bella. Millie is confident and outgoing. When they move to Forks, Bella becomes obsessed with the mysterious Edwa...
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False Dalliance |C. CULLEN| by _aDreamscape_
False Dalliance |C. CULLEN|by •• Ava ••
What if Carlisle left more than his mortality in 17th century England? Mary Cullen was the wife of his human self, and Christopher was his legacy. How will he cope whe...
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Mason Jazabell Cullen by RandomNothingness55
Mason Jazabell Cullenby RandomNothingness55
Mason Jazabell Cullen is the twin of Renesmee Carlie Cullen. She is the unloved twin. She grows slower. Actually she's fully human. Will they finally notice that Renesme...
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The Girl by LazyFirebird
The Girlby Laura
On a beautiful day a little girl arrives at the Volturi castle. However, within the supernatural world nothing is as it seems, not even an innocent child...
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Isabella Belifield by melissaRM
Isabella Belifieldby Melissa
Ok, long story short, Bella is actually Carlisle’s little sister. They both “go missing” on the same night. They are actually changed into vampires, completely oblivio...
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Percy's Twilight Story by shadowray17
Percy's Twilight Storyby shadowray17
Percy is having a hard time losing his mom and Paul and his girlfriend. He is having a hard time copping with the loss of his girl friend and fiancé the bane of his nigh...
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Running With The Wolves (Sam Uley Love Story ) by mariewinchester8
Running With The Wolves (Sam Wolfgirl21
The First Book in the series from Christina's POV The Original Characters: Thalia- daughter of Victoria Alexia Cullen- Biological daughter of Carlisle & Esme Cullen Chri...
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Bella's Brand New Life by alvy2568
Bella's Brand New Lifeby Ella2568
Bella has been abused sexually and physically. Can the Cullen's help her?
Bella's Hatred by sashiboo97
Bella's Hatredby sashiboo97
Bella has an older sister and younger brother, she hasn't seen her sister in nearly 3 years and only seen her brother a couple of times. It's her wedding day and her mum...
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Renesmee's twin sister Rosemarie by cluelessdemigod
Renesmee's twin sister Rosemarieby j-nope
Twins /twɪns/ (noun) Two little humans that make double the mess, but twice the joy. All credits go to Stephenie Meyer for creating Twilight Saga and its characters! I o...
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A different Twilight X Jasper [Completed] by EricaLouise21
A different Twilight X Jasper [ Erica Louise
Stephenie Meyer owns all the characters, except for the ones I make up. The plot is mine. ----------------------------------- Jasper Whitlock has just escaped the vampir...
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