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Beethoven by rodens
Beethovenby rika
In which Kiara Bergmann meets a German boy who should've been buried over two hundred years ago. ...
The New Arrivals by AdventureGirl5
The New Arrivalsby AdventureGirl5
Love is in the air, as our beloved st bernard friend Beethoven meets and falls in love with Missy, a beautiful female st bernard and has a family of four adorable little...
The Harpercops meet Beethoven by AdventureGirl5
The Harpercops meet Beethovenby AdventureGirl5
When the Harpercops' neighbors, the Newtons find a St bernard puppy and decide to keep him. The puppy, later named Beethoven, grows into one-hundred and eighty-five poun...
Mozart x Beethoven 🥺😍 by DelectableDiarrhea69
Mozart x Beethoven 🥺😍by mozart is my bbg
Very Epic love story between mozart and Beethoven 😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺😜😜😼😼 dont take this seriously it is satire.
The Accused by the_sunpraiser
The Accusedby Sunpraiser
During the era of corporate wars, the talented musician lived and worked in Vienna. Vigge Beethoven, Frisco Schubert, and dozens of other stars called him their teacher...
Dear Ludwig by GABY_GHOST
Dear Ludwigby ░⃟🌹๋ོ࣭ꦿ Ms.Beethoven漫-✨
This is the first historical fiction I do of Ludwig Van Beethoven, I hope you like it If you liked the content don't forget to smash smash SMASH that star to show your s...
ClassicaLoid 3rd Season by L-Aldara
ClassicaLoid 3rd Seasonby L-Aldara
¡Vuelven los ClassicaLoids! Pero... ¿Quienes son los que acaban de llegar a la mansión? ¿Acaso son dos inquilinos más? (En parte esta historia es mi afán de tener el fan...
Beethoven at Home by GABY_GHOST
Beethoven at Homeby ░⃟🌹๋ོ࣭ꦿ Ms.Beethoven漫-✨
Gabithia is a young german girl of seventeen who lives in her own house, being a rich orphan she decides to sell one of her rooms in her two-floored house which Beethove...
Not a Second Time -COMPLETED- by polishedpoetry
Not a Second Time -COMPLETED-by polishedpoetry
A famous musician wakes up in a house frozen in time. None of the clocks move and everything is dusty and sleepily warm, as if the entire place is a living dream. He soo...
Little Einsteins by Incinerina_the_simp
Little Einsteinsby Incinerina885
There's not enough Little Einsteins stuff on Wattpad, I'm gonna try to change that
Classi9, the continuation by AlmondMilkuwu0
Classi9, the continuationby Almond Milk
Hello everyone! this is my favorite reverse harem of all time, and I've been sad for a year by now on how early it ended, and how little fan works there are of it! so, I...
Haydn's Friends by ChristianLloydSalvad
Haydn's Friendsby Christian Lloyd Salvador
This dramatized fiction story was based on Joseph Haydn's friendship with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and later, Ludwig van Beethoven. His friendship with Mozart was positiv...
The Flute Of The Phoenix (Slow Updates) by Historyfan2003
The Flute Of The Phoenix (Slow Historyfan2003
This story is about Lambert Korbinian a 17 year old boy who has the powers of a phoenix and lives in Vienna during the 1780s. Lambert one day finds out that the son of h...
The Sex Thief by edwineel89
The Sex Thiefby Edwin Jones
"The Sex Thief" is the working title of my first novel. I am trying to express escapist ideas in an erotic way, whilst not forgetting to tell a human story wov...
Beethoven by dAceofS
Beethovenby ace
Just a small snippet, inspired by Fur Elise.
Beethoven meets the Santa Buddies by AdventureGirl5
Beethoven meets the Santa Buddiesby AdventureGirl5
Tchaikovsky's family is coming to visit him for Christmas and meet the Buddies for the first time. Soon they get a surprise visitor from the North Pole, Puppy Paws, the...