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Meet On The Ledge || Greta Van Fleet by jerryinchains
Meet On The Ledge || Greta Van Fle...by Love & Peace
Remember that first day? I do. In the car, the windows rolled down, music flowing through the air. I was at peace with everything and everyone. We were family.
^Devil May Care^ Scott Summers by gaylien_girl
^Devil May Care^ Scott Summersby HSCD
{and all the kids cried out, 'please stop, you're scaring me' i can't help this awful energy goddamn right, you should be scared of me who is in control?} [a boy falls...
~Angels of Mayhem~ Warren Worthington by gaylien_girl
~Angels of Mayhem~ Warren Worthing...by HSCD
~she was a beauty that never wanted the prince... she always wanted the beast ~ {so raven saved kurt from the fighting rings, but what if someone else saved warren? some...
wildflower days  by jakesmasterass
wildflower days by unsub
Ophelia, greta van fleet's new photographer joins them for tour then gets hired on through their team which means shes with them permanently, how will that work once a b...
greta van fleet  by angsty70sslut
greta van fleet by grace
enjoy ya life
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UNEXPECTED (Jake Kiszka x OC) by Shes_Digging
UNEXPECTED (Jake Kiszka x OC)by Vicky :)
A life that was not expected by a girl in her early 20's named Jenna. Her friend Emilie, staying along her side with the good and bad times during the journey that they...
Your Nightcrawler Love Story (PG-13) by missmizumiko
Your Nightcrawler Love Story (PG-1...by Kasey
This is sorta a love story about you and Kurt Wagner, a.k.a Nightcrawler from x-men evolutions. Most of this story is actually action and drama, the romance is more towa...
Sweet Child O' Mine (Wolverines Daughter) by HeavenWolfe
Sweet Child O' Mine (Wolverines Da...by JustAnotherPerson
Why is wolverine scared of hurting her? Why didn't Sabertooth kill her? How is she still alive?
Blue Bells Kurt Wagner X Reader by HAMILTONTRASHYAS
Blue Bells Kurt Wagner X Readerby SeaburyLove
This is a Kurt Wagner x Reader a non specific version of Kurt so imagine which one you like! The reader (you ;3) has mutations that give you the ability to control natu...
A change is gonna come  by jakesmasterass
A change is gonna come by unsub
"What was Joshua Michael Kiszka doing to my heart?" I, Amara, didn't expect to ever see them again. I definitely didn't expect to be writing songs for them eit...
The Bodyguard  by happyyygolucky04
The Bodyguard by zoe
She needed protection and he needed the money. What better way than to become a live in bodyguard for an actress with a crazy stalker and get paid doing it while also ga...
greta van fleet imagines (requests closed) by courfeyr
greta van fleet imagines (requests...by courfeyr
i take requests:) imagines for: . jake kiszka . josh kiszka . sam kiszka . danny wagner cover art by @gretavifleet on instagram
ClassicaLoid 3rd Season by L-Aldara
ClassicaLoid 3rd Seasonby L-Aldara
¡Vuelven los ClassicaLoids! Pero... ¿Quienes son los que acaban de llegar a la mansión? ¿Acaso son dos inquilinos más? (En parte esta historia es mi afán de tener el fan...
Nightcrawler x Reader: First kiss  by Starco4Life2015
Nightcrawler x Reader: First kiss by Kitty Kat
Y/n is a shape shifter like Mystique (but she can only shape shift into animals), but she can also control elements. When she first arrived at Professor Xavier's school...
The meetings of Nightcrawler and You by unique-story
The meetings of Nightcrawler and Y...by unique-story
You and Kurt meet at the x-mansion, and there's suddenly a connection between the two of you, you can't deny. *I haven't read the comics, only watched the movies and rea...
You're the one || Sam Kiszka by sunsetsarebinary
You're the one || Sam Kiszkaby sunsetsarebinary
"I never thought I'd find the love of my life. Hell, I never thought I would love someone like this... But here we are..." In which a Swedish musician meets f...
Team mate (Jaden Henline) by avacaniffdallas17
Team mate (Jaden Henline)by 🥳🦋🎊🍻☀️🎉
Ava McKnight hates how boys think there better than girls so she joins the state baseball team but what happens when there's a destruction
Hockey Players. {Jaden Henline} by jadenobsessed
Hockey Players. {Jaden Henline}by Sammy
What happens when Jaden decides to become friends with a travel hockey player? She's always on the road, and when she's not, he is. Can they make it work or will their f...
Memories, dreams and Musik by MarianneNP
Memories, dreams and Musikby Marianne N. Penz
Anthology of ClassicaLoid's short stories.