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✨THE QUEEN IS A HEALER🥀 by Izziah_bella15
✨THE QUEEN IS A HEALER🥀by Izziah Chavez
Teaser: "Are you the ape king? Seriously?" Who said that the ape king is the ugliest beastman they ever known? This might be an imposter! I think I'm drooling...
Loving My Mates In The Beast World by GalaxyStars833
Loving My Mates In The Beast Worldby Galaxy Stars
Sheea who was so immersed in the sorrow of the untimely end of her favourite novel with the premature deaths of her favourite characters, blamed the author for the lack...
The Witch And the Beasts by Rina-1993
The Witch And the Beastsby Rina-1993
A powerful Witch named Sofia ends up in a new world that knows is based on the story of "Beauty and the Beast". She knows the plot and the characters very wel...
Kyasha and the beasts  by Zaylin_summer
Kyasha and the beasts by Zaylin_summer
Waking up in pain and cold always sucks. But then having to navigate a world that doesn't have indoor plumbing or even a stove might just be worse. Will Kyasha be able t...
Tyrant's Heartbeat by ChastityKarma
Tyrant's Heartbeatby Chastity Karma
Two worlds, two people. She's from a world he didn't know existed. He's from from a world she didn't know existed. She's outgoing. He's rude. She's kind. He's nowhere ne...
Fall into Beauty and the Beasts by LittleLauraDarling
Fall into Beauty and the Beastsby Laura
Running from her forced underage marriage Lin Ai locates herself in a beastmen world again, but this time with Bai Qingqing falling beside her making her realise that th...
Witch in the Beastworld  by ZaraGreenshields
Witch in the Beastworld by Zara Greenshields
Opheila Potter in one word hated her life, her father James Potter wanted her to he the perfect lady and to do as she was told. her mother Lily went from a some what dow...
Journey In the Beastworld (On Hiatus) by AliceChen1234
Journey In the Beastworld (On Alice Chen
Evelyn Lin, aged 17, had somehow traveled to the beastworld. Until coming face-to-face with a Leopard beastmen, had she realized her location. Her journey in the beast...
" Every female needs a male to protect her from feral beasts and other dangers , I'm a feral. I could snap your pretty little neck right now " " Try it a...
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐒𝐎𝐍 𝐎𝐅 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐌𝐘 ⎢ ❝ For who could ever learn to love a beast. ❞ ❝ Anthony, I will forever be a beast in everyone's eyes and if you think that I can...
Azrael by ChastityKarma
Azraelby Chastity Karma
In the middle of a thunder storm Aubrielle woke to an intruder. An intruder who is over 6ft tall and naked as the day he was born, with no memory of how he got to where...
Beauty and The Beast Rated R by ScribblyInk
Beauty and The Beast Rated Rby :):
You can already tell from the name what this story has in store for you and if you feel the way I do then you know the Beast was fucking hot in the new 2017 movie but fa...
There's A Hidden Beauty in The Beastly World of Beastmen by ThanomWang
There's A Hidden Beauty in The ThanomWang
Achara get into a car accident but instead of dying, she was reborn into Beastworld filled with over populated males. She knew that females are rare but what she does no...
BEASTS ff by trynafindvinny
BEASTS ffby Vanxtae
???: I know l have said this to you a lot of times............. but I will repeat the same sentence that you are doing a great mistake by helping me. _(This time I lift...
Fox Demon Princess  by mafia_honey
Fox Demon Princess by 💋
As a savage nine-tailed fox demon, Su Jiu has paid too much, and her heart has long since died. Inexplicably, he travels to the future beast world, where the females ar...
Waiting in the Dark by Absmtsll
Waiting in the Darkby Absmtsll
A Beauty and the Beast retelling. Of sorts. For as long as, Aracelli can remember a girl from her village is chosen to wed the Beast of the Wood in order to appease him...
Harem? Say no more by HestiaTempest_11
Harem? Say no moreby Hestia Tempest
A plain crash, really? . . Waking up to a majestic yet eerie forest wasn't exactly on my to-do list. And certainly not after I just had the best time at an Anime Convent...
Love Lessons (Carlos De Vil X Reader) by 1-8000-BAU
Love Lessons (Carlos De Vil X 1-8000-BAU
You are (y/n) beast, daughter of King Adam and Queen Belle, twin sister of Prince Ben. You and your brother invited four vks over to Auradon Prep. What will happen when...
Beauty and the Beast Dick by 63px09
Beauty and the Beast Dickby Qurél
ALL SMUT: Belle gets kidnapped by a hairy beast, and the beast then fucks her vigorously and rough in his mansion of wonders.