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An  Alpha's Daughter's Crush  (Completed) by khassal
An Alpha's Daughter's Crush ( Mel
Mel is an Alpha's daughter & a virgin who has had a secret crush on Tyler for the last 3 years, Tyler's 16th birthday is coming up real soon will she be his mate or will...
Modern Cinderella ( Percabeth ) by wise_eyes99
Modern Cinderella ( Percabeth )by wise_eyes99
Percy Jackson, a troubled boy is transferred to Goode High. A school that seemed to be just like all of the others but he soon figures out it's much different from all t...
The Darkness by nicci42098
The Darknessby Nicci
Celeste Danvull has left her home and friends because she can't live with her awful secret. She moves across country to a small town to live the rest of her life in isol...
The Assassin by liverpool3222
The Assassinby liverpool3222
His name is Archer, he is known as the cruel and vicious assassin. He is like a killing machine but hides in the shadows targeting his enemy's and stalking them as prey...
The Walking Dead: Eye for an Eye by Blakewolf1
The Walking Dead: Eye for an Eyeby Blakewolf1
What if Clementine was taken by the raiders that night instead of Louis or Violet? What would happen and who will be there for her? (This is from my AO3 and fanfic accou...
Our fight to be together by NinjaTurtleLoveTMNT
Our fight to be togetherby THT_SVU_FAN
What will Olivia benson do when she's kidnapped by William Lewis? Will stabler be able to save her? What happens? This is before stabler leaves but when bensons kidnapp...
Peeta Safe ... Katniss Captured by X-Lisa-Anne-X
Peeta Safe ... Katniss Capturedby Lisa Anne
Katniss has given up her future to save Peeta and now he will do everything in his power to save his one true love. Not knowing what the Capitol has done to her over a 3...
The Broken But Strong by Blakewolf1
The Broken But Strongby Blakewolf1
When Clementine and AJ are moving around never stopping they crash into a couple of school kids lives.
Save Me  by Kate_Mungai
Save Me by Kate
Find out what happens to a girl who is often bullied and beaten up everyday by some famous boys and two girls in the school. Find out whether this will continue, or will...
I'm too Broken by SlvrFx
I'm too Brokenby SlvrFx
Naruto has been hurt in ways you wouldn't wish to happen even in your nightmares. His whole world is crushing down, and no one even cares. Or that's what he thinks, unti...
The Emotional Laceration of an American Girl. by angelheaven101
The Emotional Laceration of an angelheaven101
This is my story. My name is Lalita and I must warn you before hand that this story is not for the weak at heart. This is not a story for those who are sensitive, defens...
Our New Family. by LightingUpThePath13
Our New Storm
Jaxon and Kason Carters are put into their fourth Foster Home. They have pretty much given up hope by now, of everything. They don't think anyone could love them. That's...
You'll Never Hurt Again by HarleyWinter6
You'll Never Hurt Againby Harley Winter
A little Fem Ben fanfic (READ THE TAGS!!)
Sonic X the Beaten (Reader) by LinktheHedgehog1
Sonic X the Beaten (Reader)by Link the Hedgehog
Y/N was beaten by her parents. Her life was horrible until she met Sonic.
We All Go A Little Crazy Sometimes by Izaya_shizu-chan
We All Go A Little Crazy Sometimesby Izaya_shizu-chan
Naruto has always had a horrible life. Beaten in allies, lied to by the only ones that cared. He was even told to hide his true self from the world, so he did. But what...
The Werewolf in the Basement by hearts
The Werewolf in the Basementby Aoife
Annabelle has been abused her whole life and has little hope of escape. There's a boy trapped in the dark alone, except for the torture of his captives. This is the stor...
The Hidden by theOtherType
The Hiddenby theOtherType
You treat us like pets, but we are so much more.
There a girl named Katy rose she get beat by her mother almost every day but her father hasn't found out yet. Her mother will kill if she even said a word about her mot...