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The Collision of Two Worlds! by Coebix
The Collision of Two Worlds!by Coebix
You are the only son and youngest in your family, but they treated you so badly to the point that they made you feel lile you were in hell. They only saw you like a prob...
Twila Duck - A Ducktales Older Sister AU by SciFiGirl253
Twila Duck - A Ducktales Older SciFiGirl253
Twila was five when Della left. She thought her mom was out saving the world - and instead she was running from it. Stuck back on Earth, Twila has helped her Uncle Dona...
DuckTales: Greatest Adventure Of All by Failwhale34
DuckTales: Greatest Adventure Of Failwhale34
Follow Jason Duck (Husband of Della Duck, Father Of Huey, Dewey, and Louie) as he travels along the world with his family, solving mysteries and rewriting history.
The Adventure of a Lifetime by Kim_the_Rabbit17
The Adventure of a Lifetimeby Kim_the_Rabbit17
With the invasion over and Lunaris defeated, everything was getting back to normal. At least, that's what Charlotte thought. F.O.W.L., the Fiendish Organization for Worl...
Adventures In DuckTales: Season 2 by SealiaMcC
Adventures In DuckTales: Season 2by FanTales
With one year in the DTU and Season 1 wrapped up, things are looking awesome for my life here in DuckTales! Some adventures are epic with daring dos, while others are ca...
Scrooge's Best Friend by Prax_TML
Scrooge's Best Friendby Praxx
When Dewey returned to the painting in the garage, he stared at it in wonder. The left and top side was ripped down till Scrooge's sword and the right corner. When he pu...
DuckTales: Mysteries of the Past by PokemonSoldier
DuckTales: Mysteries of the Pastby PokemonSoldier
After a particularly boring day at the Bin, Scrooge finds himself looking after three pre-teen boys who happen to be his nephews. Great, just what he needed. As if havin...
Ducktales Retold: The Life Of Aiden Fauntleroy  by Jozar143
Ducktales Retold: The Life Of Joseph Cirrone
I made my own fanfictional character from the 1987 ducktales and the 2017 ducktales versions, a only eleven-year old human boy with a magical amulet similar to Lena's am...
"Youngest" Duckling by Pink_Journal
"Youngest" Ducklingby Blank
Meet Isabelle Duck a.k.a. Izzy Don't get fooled by her lazy attitude she's actually quite hardworking and when you pushed enough buttons she will explode. Throughout her...
Webby Vanderquack...or is it McDuck? - Season One, Episode One by Asgardianprincess101
Webby Vanderquack...or is it Asgardianprincess101
What if... Mrs. Beakley once had an older adopted sister named Aria. She helped to raise Della and Donald, and along the way fell in love with Scrooge McDuck. What if s...
AUNT?                                         SCROOGE MCDUCK X FEM READER REMAKE by Coffinfriends
#11 Coffinfriends
A successful woman running her own designer clothing company, wife to Scrooge McDuck, y/n l/n She's hadn't talked with Scrooge in a long time due to some issues but she...
AUNT?!                                 SCROOGE X FEM.READER by deaththekid12181
#12 deaththekid12181
Y/n the wife of scrooge McDuck had a child that scrooge didn't know about,but something happened to their child What will happen when she meets his family and they meet...
DuckTales: 2017- Touching/Cute/ Funny Moments by Agent_Random
DuckTales: 2017- Touching/Cute/ Strangle005
These moments are not going to be from the show. I am simply making them up. Just as the title says. I hope you enjoy! Feedback and suggestions are very welcome.
The Voice by DucktalesFancauseyea
The Voiceby DucktalesFancauseyea
LAUNCHPAD IS VERY SAD BEAN All rights reserved to Disney
DuckSwap Drawings (Ducktales AU) by Jollyisor
DuckSwap Drawings (Ducktales AU)by Jollyisor
This is just a book for me to post my drawings of my AU of ducktales, duckswap. All the drawings inside belong to me, so yeah. Thanks guys!
Sealia's FanTales/DuckTales Journal by SealiaMcC
Sealia's FanTales/DuckTales Journalby FanTales
Ever since I first ended up in the DuckTales Universe, I immediately pulled out a new journal I had found under my bed and have been writing about each episode I've been...
DuckTales: Reality and Fiction. Book 1 by AlexRO9501
DuckTales: Reality and Fiction. AlexRO9501
One boy in the reality world was thinking of getting his own life by not being part of his family anymore while attending his job interview. All of a sudden, the TV glit...
My fanart and fanfics! by Cartoonlover233
My fanart and fanfics!by Cartoonlover233
Omgosh, I'm nervous about this but here we go.......This is my VERY FIRST time doing this type of thing on wattpad, thx to a friend who helped me find my way to this typ...
All for One, and One for All by riverajocabed1
All for One, and One for Allby Jocabed Rivera
The triplets lived an ordinary life. Their mother and uncle would go out to work and come back to the house boat. They would play around and go to school. It isn't until...
Scroldie Flipped by Macaria_Fowl
Scroldie Flippedby Macaria Fowl
AU. What if Goldie O'Gilt was the richest duck in the world and Scrooge McDuck was the charming con-man? What happens when they meet at a gala? Read on to find out!