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ducktales 2017 preferences & oneshots by freakcharming
ducktales 2017 preferences & 🤍🖤
scenarios between you & the ducktales characters
The Mystery's of Clan McDuck! - A Ducktales Big Sister AU- by Georgiawritez
The Mystery's of Clan McDuck! - Georgia
__________________ ♡︎~A Ducktales Season 1 Rewrite~♡︎ Selene Duck lives a very normal life. She has a good friend group and decent grades. She lives with her Uncle Donal...
💕🦕Ducktales☆Preferences🦕💕 by PretzelPrince
💕🦕Ducktales☆Preferences🦕💕by PretzelPrince
Im gonna be doing these characters for a while i might do more in the future: •Mark beaks •Gyro gearloose •Magica de spell •Glomgold •Falcon graves •Gladstone Gander •B...
Ducktales oneshots/preferences by unclefuka
Ducktales oneshots/preferencesby Y s a < 3
If you're coming across this book then hi! Obviously reading from the title here are my DT oneshots and preferences! For now I think I'm comfortable doing oneshots for n...
DuckSwap Drawings (Ducktales AU) by Jollyisor
DuckSwap Drawings (Ducktales AU)by Jollyisor
This is just a book for me to post my drawings of my AU of ducktales, duckswap. All the drawings inside belong to me, so yeah. Thanks guys!
Magicstone one-shots. by ThatMagicstoneLife
Magicstone Magic
Magica X Gladstone one shots. I take requests. I own none of the art or characters.
Ducktales Group Chat by SkullMuffinBake
Ducktales Group Chatby SkullMuffinBake
This is basically a group chat with Ducktales characters. Random AUs and ships will show up and I may or may not do some crossovers if I'm in the mood for that. This inc...
Ducktales Groupchats  by achum2019
Ducktales Groupchats by achum2019
A series of groupchats happening in Ducktales. Enjoy 😊😊😊😊😊😊
Ducktales: Gen Swap AU! Season 1 by BartRocket
Ducktales: Gen Swap AU! Season 1by BartRocket
An attempt of writing an AU version of Season 1 of my own take on the 'Ducktales Gen Swap' idea. After failing to trick their Uncle Dewey into leaving them on the houseb...
The Duckburg Shuffle by sunchasersam
The Duckburg Shuffleby sunchasersam
It is said that with every choice we make, we create a parallel reality where we chose something else. In the world we know, Scrooge Mcduck and Goldie O' Gilt fell in lo...
A Dime for your troubles by Ducktalesfan54
A Dime for your troublesby 💕Ducktales Fan 🦆💕
Lena and minima go on an adventure to find their father and learn the true meaning of sisters and family. (Story 5 of my AU)
The Duckman Family Tree by backgroundshipper
The Duckman Family Treeby backgroundshipper
When the family realizes that the Duckman side of the family tree that Claire made for a school project isn't as full as the Duck side of the family,Scrooge takes her to...
RANDOM DUCKVERSE / THREE CABALLEROS ONE SHOTS (and more) by floofyisasfloofydoes
RANDOM DUCKVERSE / THREE floofyisasfloofydoes
Oh no.... You've clicked on it...... Why?!?!?........... Good luck?
Hamilton - Ducktales style by piliarquitect
Hamilton - Ducktales styleby piliarquitect
As the title says, the Hamilton story but with our favourite ducks as the main characters of it
Gladstone Gander by cartoonlover165
Gladstone Ganderby cartoonlover16
I wrote this a while ago. I don't know what to name it.
History Repeats Itself  by backgroundshipper
History Repeats Itself by backgroundshipper
When Daisy decides to throw Claire a birthday party against Gladstone, and Emilie's wishes, she, and her cousins find out about The Sign of the Triple Distelfink,which l...
A Present for Emilie  by backgroundshipper
A Present for Emilie by backgroundshipper
When Gladstone decides to get Emilie her birthday present he has a hard time finding the prefect one.
Family Is The Greatest Strength Of All by Crystal_DemonGirl
Family Is The Greatest Strength Crystal Lake
~A DuckTales 2017 Fanfiction~ What would the story be like with the triplets father in the mix.
People apologize for the last episode to Gladstone stans but.... by KingFranPetty
People apologize for the last KingFranPetty
Gladstone Gander is unlucky goose whichmakes him very sad. Then a big, bad, scary, strong, man comes in and screws him which makes Gladstone Gander very happy.