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'For Louie' by LouieDuck395
'For Louie'by Lou <3
Everyone is in shock. Nobody was prepared to lose Louie so quickly. The gang has to find some key for Bill Cipher or else Louie might not make it... This is the sequel t...
'Survival of the Cipher' by LouieDuck395
'Survival of the Cipher'by Lou <3
Everyone has been keeping secrets lately. Could it be those very secrets that could tear this friend group apart... or bring them closer together? This is set a day afte...
The Winter-Soldier. A Ducktales fanfic. by MagentaMisery
The Winter-Soldier. A Ducktales MagentaMisery
After an adventure goes wrong and a McDuck is lost, the family is finally recovering, that is until FOWL's mysterious super soldier begins going after them. It is soon r...
Ducktales: Your Own Path by TheHardie-Boy
Ducktales: Your Own Pathby TheHardie-Boy
Certain events cause Louie to question his place not only in the family, but in the world. Scrooge says that friends will come and go, but family is forever, but is that...
The Third Triplet (A Ducktales Fanfic) by AnimePokemonWorld
The Third Triplet (A Ducktales ✩₊˚.⋆☾卩ㄖҜ乇爪乇ㄖ山 ≽^• ˕ -^≼ 丂卂Ҝㄩ...
"Uncle Donald never said Scrooge had a kid." Dewey said. "That's because he probably doesn't." Huey replied. Dewey walked up and poked Louie. "O...
Spider-Duck - A Ducktales Fanfic.  by MagentaMisery
Spider-Duck - A Ducktales Fanfic. by MagentaMisery
With GizmoMan having moved away after getting married, and a new breed of criminal emurging from the shadows. Duckberg is in need of a hero. Luckily, a new hero is on th...
Destiny - A Ducktales Fanfic by MagentaMisery
Destiny - A Ducktales Fanficby MagentaMisery
Part 1 of the 'Louie Gold' series. One mistake, He had one small error and apparently his 'family' turned his back on him! Well Louie was done with his family who cha...
Following My Destiny - A Louie Duck Fanfiction by ryandeathsadboi
Following My Destiny - A Louie Ryan Death
°Louie Duck, or as he is now called, Louis O'gilt is a runaway and a heister. Why did he runaway? Read to find out! °Inspired by: 'Destiny' by @MagentaMisery and 'you...
'Move On' by LouieDuck395
'Move On'by Lou <3
3 years since Louie and Webby have disappeared into the depths of Boiling Isles, everyone is still dealing with the aftermath. To say the least... the duo is going to h...
The Legendary Louie Gold (A Ducktales Fanfic) by AnimePokemonWorld
The Legendary Louie Gold (A ✩₊˚.⋆☾卩ㄖҜ乇爪乇ㄖ山 ≽^• ˕ -^≼ 丂卂Ҝㄩ...
Louie had always been the one to blame for family mishaps. Sure, it was his fault with the Time Tub incident, but that doesn't mean EVERYTHING is now his fault when some...
Legacy - A Ducktales Fanfic. by MagentaMisery
Legacy - A Ducktales MagentaMisery
Part 2 of the 'Louie Gold' series. 7-months after the Kovax debacle, Louie and his gang are after their next big score. Though it seems Louie has been keeping secret the...