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RED is the new BLACK. by Bobbiejelly
RED is the new bobbiejelly
Addison calls Meredith to bail her out of County Jail, and Meredith does. OR: In Which Meredith puts Addison in handcuffs. After Addison's divorce; before Meredith dates...
| Mentor and Her Only Disciple | - | Lookism x Various Oc's |  by ow53discord
| Mentor and Her Only Disciple | ow53
__ "The dying sun, resurrected, as myself, and you.. my disciple, are the moon. That's what it means to be in a disciple and mentor relationship." She says, cl...
Bad News 😜 by void_bilinski
Bad News 😜by void_Bilinski
Maya Hart is the schools rebel. although she's highly popular she tends to keep to her self. Will a normal teenage boy be able to get her to open up? Or will he just bri...
Sex In Secret 🔞  by Sex_In_Secret
Sex In Secret 🔞 by Sex_In_Secret
🔞 She's a good girl, he's a bad boy 🔞 Find out what they get up to behind their friends backs, in secret.....and in public...
McQueen and the bad boy *Hollyoaks* by Carolineeexx
McQueen and the bad boy *Hollyoaks*by Caroline
Lexie McQueen is he daughter of Mercedes McQueen. When Mercedes prepares to marry Paul browning. Lexie arrives back in hollyoaks village to attend the wedding but Lexie...
JVO preferences by simpforlou__
JVO preferencesby Hannah Partridge
imagines and preferences of Johnny Orlando and y/n!!!!
Secrets Completed by BoingxGorgeous
Secrets Completedby Estelle Du Plessis
Maya had kept a secret from the people she love for almost a year and now it isn't easy to hide anymore
You've Moved On - COMPLETED by teigyxo
You've Moved On - COMPLETEDby Teigan
A young girl called Isla Foster finally meets her youtube crush! Things progress and it doesn't go as well as she though..
The Awakening of the Vampire Princess by MaskedAuthor
The Awakening of the Vampire Nina
This princess is about to find out her powers aren't as harmless as they seen. Amber Young was an outcast at school and got badly bullied. Darcy her sister also convince...
Gina's Bad News by DuvalDom
Gina's Bad Newsby DuvalDom
In this hood tale Gina a sexy young woman who's H.I.V positive but still sexually active and just as reckless as if she never got the "Bad News"
Kings and.. Princes?! by vnti_sh
Kings and.. Princes?!by koi
[ ships ] ---------- KuroKen BokuAka KageHina IwaOi SakuAtsu SunaOsa [ kings ] ---------- Kuroo Bokuto Kageyama Iwaizumi Sakusa Suna [ princes / (was) villagers ] ...
Do What's Best by dahreallbrat_123
Do What's Bestby bebe💋
Let's explore the excitement of how close friends destroy others . As they grew apart they found there true love and become friends with those they trust Muahhh 💋
RIP to Takahashi, Kazuki by MichaelWelchII
RIP to Takahashi, Kazukiby TheRealFY & KC
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Takahashi, Kazuki creator of Yu-Gi-Oh!
Chemistry, Applesauce And Other Useless Things by captainkerpuffle
Chemistry, Applesauce And Other captainkerpuffle
Aspen was doing great. He was finally doing well for himself and even got into med school. For once his life was going great and he felt in control. Maggie was back in t...
What does it feel to live a longer life? Hence what does it feel to live a shorter life? Meet Mariah Ella Roxann a Cost accountant in their company. Having that high po...
Through the bars by moochavweasel
Through the barsby Jake_law_05
When an innocent teenager finds out that his parents were murdered, all hell breaks loose and things turn from bad to worse...
Marinette the orphan:  A  Marichat fan fiction by Summer Cheng by SummerCheng37
Marinette the orphan: A Summer Cheng
If you are reading this on any other platform other than Wattpad (or other platforms you're on) you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. If you wish to rea...
Unfortunate News... Again by CrystalGuardian3145
Unfortunate News... Againby PeanutButterSoup
Yet more news that happens to be unfortunate.
Not you average Love story. by harvestpbmadi
Not you average Love harvestpbmadi
2 rebels of different clicks. Could they fall for each other or crash and burn? In a school that is made up of groups it hard to find love out side your group ... So wh...