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The Alpha's Criminal Mate. by MelissaMontgomery4
The Alpha's Criminal 梅丽莎
Alpha Damon is like every Alpha , loves his pack and family .. But something was missing . Someone . His other half, his mate. He searched high and low in packs for her...
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•Bad News• by BriellaDiamond
•Bad News•by Briella Diamond
Iris' life has fallen apart time and time again. She doesn't know what to do, or who to go to for help. She's been alone for years now, fending for herself. Iris lives i...
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The Awakening of the Vampire Princess by MaskedAuthor
The Awakening of the Vampire Nina
This princess is about to find out her powers aren't as harmless as they seen. Amber Young was an outcast at school and got badly bullied. Darcy her sister also convince...
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Age Is Just A Number So Jail Is Just A Room by Two_Random_Girls
Age Is Just A Number So Jail Is Two_Random_Girls
Elaina a hopeless romantic falls in love with a mysterious online username Andre is she for real. The name speaks for itself. Editing: will be done when we're in our spa...
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Marinette the orphan:  A  Marichat fan fiction by Summer Cheng by SummerCheng37
Marinette the orphan: A Summer Cheng
Marinette drops the phone in denial! She feels the tears fall as she tries to let the sudden news settle in for her! How is she to cope? What will she do? She is al...
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฿₳Đ ₦Ɇ₩₴ by CarahFarrell
฿₳Đ ₦Ɇ₩₴by CarahFarrell
based on Zorbyn (faking it) I really recommend that book it's one of my favourites
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Garroth X Reader by becky_reaper
Garroth X Readerby becky_reaper
Your a girl that moves into this neighborhood that has her .....
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Bad News (Bad News Series Book 1 )*Under Major Edit* by _kylienkhloe
Bad News (Bad News Series Book 1 ) lucie/y
*New Version of the Bad News Series coming in 2018/2019* One Life Lost. One Secret. One Protector. Isabella gets dragged into a life of Gangs, Danger and Feuds, rev...
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The Not So Heartless Doc (GxG) by Jules231
The Not So Heartless Doc (GxG)by Juliaa
Laura Mitchell is transferred to a different hospital, called Rose General Hospital. She makes a couple of new friends, and finds out a couple of things about the doctor...
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Secrets  by JoshayaForeverFanfic
Secrets by Estelle Du Plessis
Maya had kept a secret from the people she love for almost a year and now it isn't easy to hide anymore
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Bad News 😜 by void_bilinski
Bad News 😜by void_Bilinski
Maya Hart is the schools rebel. although she's highly popular she tends to keep to her self. Will a normal teenage boy be able to get her to open up? Or will he just bri...
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You've Moved On - COMPLETED by teigyxo
You've Moved On - COMPLETEDby Teigan
A young girl called Isla Foster finally meets her youtube crush! Things progress and it doesn't go as well as she though..
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Judged: Your Not What They Say You Are by SLouiseR
Judged: Your Not What They Say SLouiseR
Laura is a girl at Marino high that everyone assumes is bad news, she moved here 1 year ago and never talked to anyone, not teacher not even her family. It's been like t...
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They called me Veronica by DianaAntipova
They called me Veronicaby Diana Antipova
This story is about a girl who just has crazy friends, always comes to late for classes and is just living her life. Her name is Veronica and she lives with her mother a...
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Bad News: The Wicked Side Will Fall (Book one in the Bad News Series) by sparkle2626
Bad News: The Wicked Side Will Elena the Bookworm
In a crazy, messed up world that's divided into two halves, teenagers at the age of fifteen are Chosen to live on the dark, mysterious, and most of all dangerous, Wicked...
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Destined To Never Be Loved. by merrygxld_
Destined To Never Be .
He was confident and cocky, attractive and street-wise. She was shy and quiet, uncomfortable and slightly awkward. But opposites attract right? When secrets get reveale...
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Updates by Phoerus
Updatesby Phoerus
Just some updates from me and for my account.
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Life upside down by salvator17
Life upside downby salvator17
A girl who has everything going for her a perfect boyfriend best friends and all of sudden her life flips upside down.
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Through the bars by moochavweasel
Through the barsby Jake_law_05
When an innocent teenager finds out that his parents were murdered, all hell breaks loose and things turn from bad to worse...
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