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•Bad News• by BriellaDiamond
•Bad News•by Briella Diamond
Iris' life has fallen apart time and time again. She doesn't know what to do, or who to go to for help. She's been alone for years now, fending for herself. Iris lives i...
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I'm Bad News✖Matty Healy by Wattoo-94
I'm Bad News✖Matty Healyby UwattM8
With her mother banged up in prison, Eleanor Daniels has no choice but to go stay with her father and his family. She was the love child of her fathers one night fling...
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The Final Hope by Lcarrasco932
The Final Hopeby Luis Carrasco
Emma Thompson never wanted this life, but she got it anyway. Once she met Daniel Miller, her past faded, but things changed for the worse. She was left with heartbreak...
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Hoodies And Goodies by bored_anna75
Hoodies And Goodiesby that_anna_chick
I watched him everyday. With his vibrantly colored hoodies and his ripped jeans. Always fiddling with the ropes on the hoodies. On Mondays and Wednesdays, he wore tie dy...
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He's Possessive by kakashixace
He's Possessiveby Marie
!!THERE WILL BE NO MORE DAILY UPDATES DUE ON THE LACK OF INSPIRATION!! Please understand, Though I advise you not to read ||NOT EDITED|| "Why are you so stubborn Ma...
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The Not So Heartless Doc (GxG) by Jules231
The Not So Heartless Doc (GxG)by Juliaa
Laura Mitchell is transferred to a different hospital, called Rose General Hospital. She makes a couple of new friends, and finds out a couple of things about the doctor...
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Marinette the orphan:  A  Marichat fan fiction by Summer Cheng by SummerCheng37
Marinette the orphan: A Summer Cheng
Marinette drops the phone in denial! She feels the tears fall as she tries to let the sudden news settle in for her! How is she to cope? What will she do? She is al...
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Note~ (by shayden) by lonelykayden
Note~ (by shayden)by kayden
the cover is mine from school yt:subs to Lonely anisha aainaa123 Follow me on insta: Lonely_ anisha26
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Story of My Life by Hogwarts-ravenclaw7
Story of My Lifeby Hogwarts-ravenclaw7
Ever since Katie was born she had an unavoidable health conditions that involve visiting the doctors regularly which gave her a next to impossible chance of her parents...
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฿₳Đ ₦Ɇ₩₴ by CarahFarrell
฿₳Đ ₦Ɇ₩₴by CarahFarrell
based on Zorbyn (faking it) I really recommend that book it's one of my favourites
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LONG LOST  by Writerbo33
LONG LOST by Writerbo33
A young girl who has recently been engaged to the man of her dreams but one day the consequences of a fateful night creep back up on her has she got all it takes to keep...
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Heartbreaker  by aestheticsoph
Heartbreaker by aestheticsoph
Your basic high school story about a bad ass heartthrob and an average girl who fell for him. Brooklyn & Brody find themselves always going back to one another - but th...
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The dangerous man by justfor_fun11
The dangerous manby justfor_fun11
Park Jimin is a very dangerous man. He messes with multiple girls at once, plays with their feelings, and then dumps them, breaking their hearts. Ji woo is unaware of Pa...
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Come Back To Me  by QueenBitchy1
Come Back To Me by Mckenzie Tucker
A bright blinding light heading towards the car "Riley!" That was the last word you heard before a car crashed head on into your car. When you wake up your in...
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the third light  by MagBeLLeZikic
the third light by T..D
a ordinary American girl at an ordinary American club but what she doesn't know that were was nothing ordinary about the things that have been watching her . a the...
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Secrets  by JoshayaForeverFanfic
Secrets by Estelle Du Plessis
Maya had kept a secret from the people she love for almost a year and now it isn't easy to hide anymore
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The Way Your Poison Tastes by silversaturnv
The Way Your Poison Tastesby silversaturnv
Fuck it. Here's how i went down the rabbit hole.
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A Bad Dream by Toon_8at
A Bad Dreamby Steven francis
I rushed home from school to watch my favourite movie Harry potter ........when I Got a sad news from my news fees that Harry potter had died and they didn't know what...
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New Girl by kashonnabrianna
New Girlby kashonna
New Girl,Jasmine is tired of everything being so hard at school every time, she switches schools and decides to be the New girl but with edge instead of the dork she al...
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