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Victorious Gang: Locked Up! by HypnoticMemories16
Victorious Gang: Locked Up!by ℐadelyn. =Þ
Take place after Robbie accidentally kills the Chancellor's octopus, which landed the whole gang to be put in Yerbanian prison. Some changes - including the fence separa...
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victorious | one shots by smuttyfacepalms
victorious | one shotsby - a d i s o n
smutty or fluffy one shots of our favourite victorious gang!
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You by badeluver154
Youby Amelia
Let's be honest... Beck is the only one out of the group who understand Jade. Well, Cat and Robbie might understand her too but not much like her boyfriend. Read on to f...
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Screwed by regalbabies
Screwedby McKenna
Jade finds herself pregnant, and she has to deal with the repercussions of it. {victorious fanfiction}
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SURVIVE  by livingontheneptune
Moose comes back and kissed Jade. Beck gets jealous so they had a big fight. Some of them will end up in a hospital. Other will get revenge and try to kill someone.
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Lost without you... by unknown_user_639
Lost without Unknown_user_639
Beck and jade brake up again leaving jade more depressed than ever... jade feels alone and isolated from everyone. But will beck notice and steal her heart again? "...
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Beck & Jade Oliver (Season 3) by badeluver154
Beck & Jade Oliver (Season 3)by Amelia
What will happen now, now that Jade had left Beck, and left him heartbroken? Will he still be able to forgive her? Will he still be able to love her again? Would the big...
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Only you- Beck & Jade by Kristinalovatic4ever
Only you- Beck & Jadeby Undying_Sanvers
What happens when beck is dog sitting one night and jade calls him to see why he hasnt called her back all day. What will this bring to jade's attention.
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A Bade Story <3 by Batmanl1am
A Bade Story <3by Living life
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If You only Knew How much you mean to Me ! by KristoferSnelson
If You only Knew How much you Kristofer Snelson
Beck never knew how much he needs Jade until they broke up and now he regrets everyday of breaking up with Jade Can he win her heart back or is she lost from him forever...
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bade & cabbie one-shots by netflix_lovee
bade & cabbie one-shotsby 🥺❤️
bunch of bade :) (some chapters may have sex in it but i say in the beginning if it does) anywaysss some chapters may be cabbie also but mostly bade
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A day at the pool by http_jadewest
A day at the poolby http_jadewest
Victorious fanfic. Beck and Jade centered The gang gets to spend a day at the pool, read to find out what happens
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Little bade stories by CerseiQueen
Little bade storiesby CerseiQueen
Just some cute little bade stories I wanted to share. I get inspiration for photos or your ideas. It will be for everyone, some time maybe smut
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Stay With Me by wrttnbyjym
Stay With Meby Wrttn
This is a BADE (Beck&Jade) fanfiction. I originally posted this story on years ago, and I thought why not publish it here as well. Genre: Fanfiction
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The Scissoring  by emmygoldbloom
The Scissoring by Absolutelynotawriter
What happens when the movie Jade has loved since she was a child becomes real life? Read and find out! Rated M for violence and moderate language
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Best Mistake by smuttyfacepalms
Best Mistakeby - a d i s o n
"it'll be okay, i promise" he tried soothing her, "you don't know that"! his stubborn girl, he loved her, she'll never know.
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Jorious by AlisonDFields
Joriousby Alison DiLaurentis
When Tori goes to Hollywood arts and Jade West AKA Fallon Carrington falls in love with Tori. Will she pick Tori or Beck? How would she keep her secret from Tori when al...
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New Girl named Jade by R5KeepItAlive
New Girl named Jadeby 🌻WallFlower🌻
Jade West is the newest admitted girl in Hollywood Arts. With her sassy sarcastic attitude , would she be accepted by the gang ? Or is she more than they bargained for...
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Who Could Be the One by undercoverauthor98
Who Could Be the Oneby undercoverauthor98
Jade's thoughts on everything that has happened since the break up and her experiences before and after it. Will Beck see the light or end up with someone else?
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Made For Each Other by JoDude11
Made For Each Otherby JoDude11
Hello everyone!!! The story revolves around the two of our all-time favorite characters Ram Kapoor & Priya Sharma. PS: The writer of the story is SSakshilove and me.
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