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Lost without you... by unknown_user_639
Lost without Unknown_user_639
Beck and jade brake up again leaving jade more depressed than ever... jade feels alone and isolated from everyone. But will beck notice and steal her heart again? "...
Jade and Beck ~ Ten Years Later by Victoriously_Me
Jade and Beck ~ Ten Years Laterby Victoriously_Me
Everything has changed ten years since the group has graduated Hollywood Arts. Tori's a popstar, Andre's a record dealer, Cat's a actress/singer, Robbie has a TV show ab...
stage fighting - smut by badescars
stage fighting - smutby badescars
what did beck do when he found out jade lied about her black eye?
Please? by sadvibehours
Please?by sadvibehours
Beck Oliver and Jade West have been dating for 11 months. Even if she doesn't show it, Jade loves Beck wholeheartedly. She's a mean girl goth like girl with an attitude...
Beck & Jade - Ten Years After | Victorious by freejenlisa
Beck & Jade - Ten Years After | west
After a decade of graduating from Hollywood Arts, the friend group has gone separate paths. Everyone was at the peak of their careers. But has destiny been good to the l...
☠︎︎☼•𝕌𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝔹𝕒𝕕𝕖 𝕄𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕤•☼☠︎︎ by Mrs_p0tat0_h3ad
☠︎︎☼•𝕌𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝔹𝕒𝕕𝕖 𝕄𝕠𝕞� ☔︎︎
!!UNDER EDITING!! Unseen moments of Beck Oliver and Jade West Warning: These are unrevised if not in same font as first chapters
Of rainbows and butterflies.. and compromises by nonentityinexistence
Of rainbows and butterflies.. Nonentity Inexistence
Andre needed help in his song project for a class, however, Tori was not available as she needed to prepare for her tech exam. Andre then sought the help of his bestfrie...
You Are The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine  by westxxoliverr
You Are The Best Thing That's Mariah
Beck and Jade one shots off of each letter of their first and last names.
beck and jade - unseen moments ఌ by mlxves
beck and jade - unseen moments ఌby m
moments of beck and jade during every episode of victorious that we don't see * plus oneshots :) - honestly i don't know if anyone still ships them or reads stories of t...
Easy Is Boring ✓ by NeedMyCoffee
Easy Is Boring ✓by golden
"What if we fall apart again?" "Then it's up to us to pick up the pieces again." ------------- In which Beck and Jade realize that not everything is...
Bade oneshots A-Z by victoriousandhp
Bade oneshots A-Zby 🦕
Our Star {Beck & Jade x OC} by Moodles15
Our Star {Beck & Jade x OC}by
I have no idea where this story is gonna go or what is gonna happen, so enjoy! Abigail Parkes is a sarcastic and violent girl who loves her partners Beck and Jade. (Sorr...
Screwed by regalbabies
Screwedby McKenna
Jade finds herself pregnant, and she has to deal with the repercussions of it. {victorious fanfiction}
Help Me Be Me by LizGilliesStory
Help Me Be Meby Asal
What if Liz Gillies meet her on screen boyfriend after a long time and feel weird when she see Avan Jogia with his girlfriend. What if they understand they feel for each...
In the nick of time - bade fanfic  by itsjxstttmeee
In the nick of time - bade fanfic by Millie
Beck and and jade break up which causes jade to have to move back into her abusive household. Her dad doesn't want her there and tries to get rid of her but when that do...
Stage Fight by livingontheneptune
Stage Fightby 💙🗿
What if the episode "stage fight" would end different? What if Tori hit Jade ? What if Jade's bloody eye were real ? Continue reading! [A/N: English isn't my f...
Bade Moments  by ThereaIToriVega
Bade Moments by Tori Vega
just some cute bade moments
Unseen moments || bade  by itsjxstttmeee
Unseen moments || bade by Millie
Unseen moments of bade throughout victorious I do not own victorious or any of the characters
The Text Fight by sarah_bow_grande
The Text Fightby sarah_bow_grande
This is what I think Beck and Jade's text fight might've been about in Tori Tortured Teacher since we've never been told what it's exactly about.
I Think You Know Me. by bunnyfr3ckl3s
I Think You Know <3
What would happen if Avan and Liz both had feelings for each other? OKAY IM SORRY BUT IM NOT CONTINUING THIS UNLESS A MILLION PEOPLE WANTED ME TO but even then I would p...