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You're The Reason (Victorious/ Beck Oliver)  by LukeyThePenguin1996
You're The Reason (Victorious/ LukeyThePenguin1996
Eleanor Vega the Sister of Tori and Trina Vega. When Tori & Eleanor fill in for Trina at the showcase they start school at Hollywood Arts. Quickly Eleanor becomes bes...
his girl • beck oliver [victorious] by sugarnspice100
his girl • beck oliver [victorious]by sugar and spice
One day, Emily's annoying twin, Tori, joins her school, and everything she does just backfires on Emily, leaving her life a complete mess. But maybe her friends, best fr...
Victorious Preferences by ray-ray-2000
Victorious Preferencesby Ray-Ray
Hello. So I began this book way back in 2015. As I've written, my views and writing styles has changed so the most recent chapters are better and more gender neutral tha...
The other Vega by 4108_c
The other Vegaby celest08
lily vega is tori vega's fraternal twin sister, she goes to Hollywood arts with her boyfriend and best friend. will her life gets easier or harder as tori also joins the...
Why do you hate me? (Jori) by RandomLoser17
Why do you hate me? (Jori)by RandomLoser17
Tori Vega and Jade West are infamous for hating each other. While Tori can be more soft and forgiving of the scary goth girl, Jade shows no mercy. What nobody seems to r...
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Thin Line|| Victorious by NutellaEmpress
Thin Line|| Victoriousby Nutella Empress
Meet Rebecca Goodwin the dancer of the group. She has the need to be right at everything and is known as 'Little Ms. Perfect.' Meet Alec Williams : Hollywood Arts' no...
Camping with Sikowitz - Jori by straight-ntil-mornin
Camping with Sikowitz - Joriby UniCamz'
It's the spring break and Sikowitz is taking the gang to camp in the forest. What will happen when Tori discovers Jade's carrying many secrets behing her strong walls...
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Something New » Victorious→ Beck Oliver  by CraneThingszFandom
Something New » Victorious→ Beck CraneThingszFandom
Arielle Vega is the twin sister to Tori Vegas, the sister to Trina Vega. When she and Tori fill in for Trina at the showcase. Where they join Hollywood arts. Where she h...
Rip and Tear to freedom ! ( a DOOM x Monster girl quest x My Little Pony fanfic by RandomnessLord
Rip and Tear to freedom ! ( a RandomnessLord
Doomguy, after getting betrayed by Hayden, is sent to a new world, full of...monstergirls and ponies. Whatever he still has his job to do, because men are enslaved by th...
Kevin Alvarez x Y/n by luvvbadbunny
Kevin Alvarez x Y/nby luvvbadbunny
Imagine it and enjoy it I will try to post on Tuesday ❤💗💖
Redacted ASMR headcanons & one-shots by Myanettes
Redacted ASMR headcanons & ReynaElena
A messy assortment of headcanons, one-shots and incorrect quotes from Redacted ASMR characters
My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Jori) by JadeJoriTori
My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Jori)by Jessica
Hello name is Tori. Tori Vega. I'm a little nervous at the bear with me? Well I have a confession to's a hard one at that. I um...well I...
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Metal Sonic in M.L.a.a.T.R by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
Metal Sonic in M.L.a.a.T.Rby Undertale_Fan_Ultra
Reasoning: I am a huge fan of My Life as a Teenage Robot (M.L.a.a.T.R) and Sonic the Hedgehog, and, as I was thinking about both, a question popped into my head. That qu...
I Became The Main Character In Sorcerers World [Arcana Twilight] by LilyLunaetic
I Became The Main Character In °Lily°
I think my mother poisoned me and sent me to the world of sorcerers. So I became a transfer student because of my sudden strong ability that I gained. So I thought I wi...
Diego Lainez x Y/n  by luvvbadbunny
Diego Lainez x Y/n by luvvbadbunny
Imagine it and enjoy it I will try to post on Tuesday 💫🙈💖
Blake Oliver|| Victorious by NutellaEmpress
Blake Oliver|| Victoriousby Nutella Empress
Blake Oliver is Beck Oliver's twin sister and the fashion designer in the group. What is her life like as a student of Hollywood Arts?
Jade West's Sister by greys-pll
Jade West's Sisterby Livy
It is Jade West's junior year at Hollywood Arts and it is supposed to be special, until a new girl claims to be her sister. [Trigger Warning!] + some cute bade moments
Slay the Hierarchy by damnationSUSHItruck
Slay the Hierarchyby zombie kid
Following Olivia Pierce's defeat, Samuel Hayden thought he sent the Slayer back into cryostasis... but he was wrong. Instead, he sent him to another dimension. A dimensi...