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Assassins Love by btshandbook
Assassins Loveby btshandbook
Snake (Jimin) and Suga (Yoongi) both work in the same agency as one of the best assassins in the world. So what happens when the leader of the organization gets a call f...
Opposite Kingdoms by btshandbook
Opposite Kingdomsby btshandbook
When the supernatural all live on one part of the world, away from the humans, what happens when the Kim and the Park family have to work together to stop rogue humans f...
The Girl with Scarlet Wrists [Rewriting] by Jadeday11
The Girl with Scarlet Wrists [ Ciera
Layla Ford has enough problems in life. She's an orphan who is always being put up for adoption over and over again. She finds pain relief through cutting, and becomes o...
Lies  [BTS FF] by lobely_lobely
Lies [BTS FF]by -wālada-
"You hate me now, right?" He asked, his face showing no emotion. But his eyes were lost, almost sad. His eyes could never lie. He was hurt. "I lied to yo...
Mr. Dangerous by edparrish03
Mr. Dangerousby Emily_Diane
At one point you're laying on the couch, asleep. Falling asleep after a long day. Then the rays on the sun hit your eyes causing you to wake up. Except when you wake up...
Trapped In Space by SleepyBitchhh
Trapped In Spaceby SleepyBitchhh
Getting kidnap was the last thing you wanted to happen. Now, you get stuck in space with 9 other people to play this game. This sick, twisted game where you kill other p...
Pain by AvaVolkert
Painby Taekook-biased3001
Moon Y/N is best friends with Kim Taehyung. After Taehyung does many things that hurt you, the two of you start arguing. It hurts you so much, but Taehyung doesn't seem...
sequel  by _jvoanns
sequel by johannie ♕ ❥
you have to read "cameron dallas' little sister" or this won't make since.
Kamel's Soul by SaraAouadHetzer
Kamel's Soulby Mother of dragons
He stared at their framed wedding picture on his bedside before his fingers traced her smile. It was a candid shot that spoke of their love and all its aspects. With h...
Chinese Stories [Recommendation]  by Cherry_Chione
Chinese Stories [Recommendation] by CHIONE
A book where you'll get stories like : Transmigration, rebirth, reincarnation, time travel, black belly, cultivation, skills, system stories and many more.
Revenge (under construction September 2016) by justonegirl
Revenge (under construction justonegirl
Callie left school because her so called 'best friend' started rumors about her, teased her dated her crush and then ditched her for the popular crowd. Now a year later...
The Golden Swan - The kingdom built on corpses by Q1ANNN
The Golden Swan - The kingdom Q1ANNN
In a family of swans, Princess Liliana is the only heir to the Mahani castle. After the death of her father, Prince Henry, she is truly alone in this world. Later, she r...
PAYBACK by VF_Writes
Carl led a happy and comfortable life with his best friend Rohan,after undergoing many difficulties. Turns out his friend didn't tell him about his secret..........
To The Late Nights . by midnightraven04
To The Late Nights .by h0nEy
After what Amelia discovered , she found out that her love life was all a lie. Does she pick him or does she stay silent and live in a pool full of lies?
Backstab {A Septiplier Fanfiction} by _Vixxen_
Backstab {A Septiplier Fanfiction}by _Vixxen_
It's Marks first day in his new highschool and the only feeling throughout him is terror, till soon after he notices a green haired Irish, named Jack. Mark gets immediat...
Miraculous: the demon by AkuLukami16
Miraculous: the demonby AkuLukami16
Paris the city of love, ladybug and cat noir, and now the new girl who's way too cosy with Adrian for everyone's liking. Becoming friends with Adrian is the start of her...
So Many Stuff In This Book I Can't Say It All by LoveHamusa
So Many Stuff In This Book I Can' Hamusa 👁️👄👁️
This is a Story Where i give facts,And Some creepy Things That happened,Original Quotes And Some People's Quotes,And Lil bit of sad Stories And Little bit of my Life,And...
[1] Forsaken Exorcist by Mistyped_
[1] Forsaken Exorcistby мιѕтy
Being exposed to the world of the dead, sixteen-year-old Ema Allen has been an outcast for as long as she's lived. That all changes when Casey Brooks -- a schoolmate she...
Stabbed by AlphaCPS
Stabbedby AlphaCPS
"This is going to be the best night ever." Yasha, who was very skeptical about this, seemed to have a lot of fun. This short book introduces you to 4 classmate...
I'm Fine by Bangtan_Luv08
I'm Fineby BlueSky
Serenity's life is always hard,Then she met her boyfriend,She thought everything would change Her life was a living hell No one to protect her,No one to talk to her,No o...