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Secret(Yeosang X Reader) by Katiny81t
Secret(Yeosang X Reader)by Katiny
You are selected to work at KQ Entertainment for a music video technician internship over the summer. While you are there, you get to work closely with Ateez. You become...
The Way to His Heart // Park Seonghwa by edenesth
The Way to His Heart // Park Angie L
Life has been hell ever since your mother's passing many years ago. Despite being from a prominent family, you've never received the privileges associated with it. It on...
[ Architecture of a Heart ] - WooSan by Nej_Illjuna
[ Architecture of a Heart ] - Nej Illjuna
Wooyoung wasn't thrilled to learn that the empty apartment next to his was no longer going to be vacant. He liked his silent nights that often stretched until morning, s...
ATEEZ Imagines by notsoteenyatiny
ATEEZ Imaginesby notsoteenyatiny
ATEEZ imagines, reactions, oneshots... Whatever you wanna call it, that's what this is. A bit of fluff, a touch of angst, and a ᵗᶦⁿʸ sprinkle of smut. I try to keep my...
Crescent // ATEEZ ✔ by dreamperfection
Crescent // ATEEZ ✔by dreamperfection
In every story there are heroes and villains. They play the roles of both. Crescent Cafe is a nondescript cafe located at an alley, bringing in less than around 10 custo...
FELLOWSHIP || Ateez Fanfiction by Poicatari
FELLOWSHIP || Ateez Fanfictionby Poicatari
In the strange, magical world of Wolkmaar the young captain Hongjoong and his new crew, Seonghwa, a man from a small town searching for happiness, Yunho and Mingi, two...
[COMPLETED] But...I love him by sweetiemingis
[COMPLETED] But...I love himby Sweetiemingis
After years of absence your older brother, Kang Yeosang debuts as an idol. But he becomes possessive when he introduces you to his members and closest friends. Unfortuna...
"he gives me the vibe that he is a fuckboy" "do you think his good in bed ?"
New World✨|| Choi San Ateez FF (✔️) by binnieswifeu
New World✨|| Choi San Ateez FF (✔️)by binnieswifeu-.-
'Oh and also you're coming to live with us!' Where Jongho's twin sister has to move in with the popular kpop group ATEEZ. (the beginning is a little meeeh, but it gets b...
ATEEZ Mpreg Oneshots by Yeo_Mama
ATEEZ Mpreg Oneshotsby ✨Jess✨
As the title states, this book will focus on ATEEZ mpreg. ALL STORIES will contain mpreg/male pregnancy, so if you don't like that, don't read it. Also Included: -Fluff...
| 💙 ateez bxb 💙 | by rxin-ye
| 💙 ateez bxb 💙 |by vinxi.
"more than friends..." "best friends?" "ugh, you're clueless..." ateez oneshots ~~~ bxb ships - lowercase intended - :) ♡ just a oneshot bo...
ATEEZ Oneshot Collection by edenesth
ATEEZ Oneshot Collectionby Angie L
A collection of ATEEZ imagines/drabbles/oneshots by edenesth.
1.1 | Adrift ⌞seonghwa⌝ ✓ by saverics
1.1 | Adrift ⌞seonghwa⌝ ✓by # sav!
A local thief and outcasted police detective, Park Seonghwa, become unlikely partners in crime to solve a string of murders. START: 3.31.2020 FINISH: 2.20.2021
wrong window // jeong yunho by psychleee
wrong window // jeong yunhoby 𝘭 𝘦 𝘦
sneaking into your girlfriend's house won't be a big problem, right? unless you got into the wrong window. yunho x oc
ATEEZ IMAGINES (Oneshots)  by seongwritess
ATEEZ IMAGINES (Oneshots) by seongwritess
These are the ateez imagines, oneshots. You will find each one shots for each member. Hope you enjoy it:) The genres you will find: Fluff Blurb Angst Smut
Kintsugi // ATEEZ [Ishihara Sequel] ✔ by dreamperfection
Kintsugi // ATEEZ [Ishihara dreamperfection
Embrace your scars, do not look to erase them; for sometimes answers lie within them. Following the fall of Queen Emira as Lucida's ruler, Akira Hwang has lived a quiet...
Over Books and Coffee (Seongjoong) by Baby_5hark
Over Books and Coffee (Seongjoong)by shark
Hongjoong is just a regular university student who has never really shown an interest in romance. But a lot of things can change in a short amount of time, and Hongjoong...
notice me | jung wooyoung  by reyaxstar
notice me | jung wooyoung by reya
she loves him, a lot. but he "hates" her. time passes, things changed. she started to dislike him. the problem is, wooyoung fell for her. ✎slow updates ✎lower...
Family • ATEEZ (DISCONTINUED) by Yuyuloml
What's it like to be in a family of 9 which consists of 3 parents and 6 children? In 2 words, you can describe it as absolute chaos. ___________________________________...
UNdeserving(ATEEZ Fanfiction) by ateezbts_imagines
UNdeserving(ATEEZ Fanfiction)by ateezbts_imagines
He presses his body against her, releasing another responsive moan from her. She moaned his name He loved that. She was calling for his name. Moaning his name. Him. Sh...