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The Hidden Mark by DezzyCreighton
The Hidden Markby DezzyCreighton
All the betrayers children are marked, they had to watch their parents die. There is a hidden marked one. No one can know, her fathers pride and the family name lay in t...
Loss of love (hiccup x reader) by hiccupxreaderstories
Loss of love (hiccup x reader)by hiccupxreaderstories
Y/n ran away from Berk at the age of 12 with her skill x night fury named Strike. She adventures near the island one day and discovers they have made peace with dragons...
Burning Love- Dream x Reader by ellonarat
Burning Love- Dream x Readerby ok
Y/N, a warrior for L'manburg, gets trapped in the middle of the war against Dream. She is fighting for independence alongside Tommy, Tubbo, and Wilbur. Her fight comes t...
Kingsley Private School (Chenford) by TheRookieFanFicts
Kingsley Private School (Chenford)by the rookie x
Chenford fan fict~ This fanfict is about a shy girl who gets accepted into a fancy private school. The captain of the football team catches her eye... The same guy is al...
Glued to you by bHeasth
Glued to youby Cat_lover1678
A slow burn enemys to lovers book Lilly Johnson's is a 17 year old girl that has lived in a world of hurt since birth. Being the last child stuck in an unsafe home has w...
Enemys to lovers by Olivia_litza017
Enemys to loversby Olivia_litza017
Yn had an enemy who always bully's her and always embarrassing her . But everything started to change.
Close Quarters ✧ [Bucky Barnes] by jamie_here7
Close Quarters ✧ [Bucky Barnes]by Jamie :)
You and Bucky hate each other but now have to pretend to married for a mission. Will then find a way to get along or will they blow it all with there shared hatred?
Timebomb (Bakugou x Reader) by iamtheanimeweeb
Timebomb (Bakugou x Reader)by iamtheanimeweeb
*TW* Y/n L/n is a young girl with a troubling childhood. She learned sign language to communicate with her deaf and mute mother, who died when she was 12. Her mother wa...
The enemy's daughter | Neteyam by crustyypizza
The enemy's daughter | Neteyamby Bawlls<333
Y/n Quaritch. A girl born in space recruited for a mission as a recom of herself. The daughter of a famous general. Is she really going to let a boy through her thick sk...
Remembering You by Anaya1291
Remembering Youby Anaya Aslan
Waking up without your memories is scary enough as is. Finding out your husband may be why you were in the hospital in the first place only complicates things even more...
Forbidden love// batjokes  by jaydenbatz
Forbidden love// batjokes by jayden
After Joker and Harley broke up Joker wants to Be with Batman like he almost always did. This time Batman felt the same Hello! So In the story I call Batman Bruce as wel...
enemy's to lovers <3  by ChatNoirIsBaaae
enemy's to lovers <3 by ChatNoirIsBaaae
this is a story about how adrien is a fuckboi,he dates lila and his enemy is marinette. until soon they become lovers.. ( this story will have 24 chapters! )
Theirs to keep  by kat_lolo2024
Theirs to keep by Kat
• Mattheo Riddle, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Lorenzo Birkshire, Theodore Nott • in which five fuck boys from slytherin have every women on their knees, what happens wh...
Loving The Enemy // Benny Rodriguez by ericaproctor12
Loving The Enemy // Benny Rodriguezby
❝ That's Benny Rodriguez, I hate all of them, but especially him. That's what Phillips has always taught me anyway ❞ { Benny Rodriguez x Reader }
Partners In Crime by Ari043009
Partners In Crimeby Ari
Hawks is taken by the lov, how will it turn out? "I woke up startled by my alarm, when did I change the sound? This one was much louder and annoying. I got up and g...
𝐷𝑖𝑎𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑑 𝑤𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 by tsundoku_butterfly
𝐷𝑖𝑎𝑚𝑜𝑛𝑑 𝑤𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠by 🦋
(Inspired by: winx club & Fate: the winx saga) Lily Rose is expecting a normal first year at Alfea, but nothing is what it seems. A dead mother, 2 brothers, jealous frie...
Just an Act (Male reader by Marieisabel2
Just an Act (Male readerby Marieisabel2
Enemy's to lovers fake dating. what more do I have to say? I have a Fem and a masc version. this is Masc, check profile for fem. ANY MISGENDERING PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL...
HATE YOU, m. sturniolo . by RIBBONRRY
HATE YOU, m. sturniolo .by 𝓪. ★
↳ ❝ WHY DONT WE EVER JUST GET ALONG ? ❞ IN WHICH matthew sturniolo and ava ryder cannot stand eachothers presence . 🌟༄⁂ no caps intended matt x fem oc real...