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Heavenly Supreme Dragons / The Four Supreme Kings (DxD) by lore_senpai
Heavenly Supreme Dragons / The Madera Pedro
The two heavenly dragon, Albion and Ddraig starting fighting for unknown reason The four Heavenly Dragons, the rebellious dragon caused a all out war against the other d...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX/ARC-V - The Dimension War by RobertDimascio
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX/ARC-V - The Robert Dimascio
Welcome to ARC-V, where some elements of GX will be added into this...well, only one key element. That's right folks! I think it's time we brought in a familiar Kuriboh...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends: Ryu's Heart of Light by KamenRiderRanger362
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends: Ryu's Heart Red_and_Pink_Armor_Knights
Ryu's a duelist for a long time ever since he's a kid, but it turns out back then Ryu just loves dueling with his friends. With the wipe out to the dimensions and going...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends: Revolution Neo by KamenRiderRanger362
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends: Revolution Neoby Red_and_Pink_Armor_Knights
Those years in Stronio City, duelists wants more experience than ever. 7 years ago, a duelist named Ryu Hoshi became the best duelist of all Stronio as a hero saving the...
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Yugioh Arc-V: Remnants of Time by PrinceNaro
Yugioh Arc-V: Remnants of Timeby Rjel/Lancer
When the Dimensions split, what no one expected or witness was four people, to be born One, in the Xyz One, in Synchro One, in Fusion And one, in the Standard With each...
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Yugioh Arc V -His Life by yuya_pendulum
Yugioh Arc V -His Lifeby yuya_pendulum
Heheh I really don't know what I'm doing here so please no hate,I'll try and be creative or whatever I'm suppose to be here!^~^ This is my first wattpad story Enjoy! ~ Y...
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Not My Own (A Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Story) by JadeDragonThe1st
Not My Own (A Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Story)by Jacelyn Cortana
(Cover Art belongs to Poli Ilieva) Ryuuka is an orphan who grew up in our world. She knew something was wrong with her existence. She was bullied for her strange hai...
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Yu Gi Oh! Bonds Across Time (Remake) by AnimeHetaliaGirl124
Yu Gi Oh! Bonds Across Time ( April Dee Bernal
This is a remake of my old one. It all started pretty normal. That is until something horrible happened in Yugi's Timeline, which made Atem return with his fellow Pries...
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Hypnosis Short Stories by that_hypnotist
Hypnosis Short Storiesby that_hypnotist
Hypnosis short stories. Read the title // comment what you want to see // vote, comment and follow. Check out my other stories and scripts!
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Rock by doublehandedness2001
Rockby doublehandedness2001
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Care by nguyentomford49
Careby nguyentomford49
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Fork by filmsetter1953
Forkby filmsetter1953
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Pocket by msource1990
Pocketby msource1990
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Car by logotypy1983
Carby logotypy1983
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Gemstone by glovey2019
Gemstoneby glovey2019
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Egg by proethnic1912
Eggby proethnic1912
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Sandpaper by denar1927
Sandpaperby denar1927
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School by florrimurillo79
Schoolby florrimurillo79
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Mouth by nonaphetic2009
Mouthby nonaphetic2009
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