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Vent Book. by Lesthanyou
Vent Ashes
Maybe making this type of book was a bad idea. It might just make things worse...
BITTER sweet by PinkMeowMeow
BITTER sweetby PinkMeowMeow
This is just poems , my story , my way. Its whispers 'reality of thy's life'. My life , my thoughts. I might public this but , eh who see's it , see's it.
What I see in your eyes by JustMarkipliersBabe
What I see in your eyesby Emma
Him, Nolan Ryder, he sound like a bad boy dosent he, but really hes the complete oppiste. And me Jayleen Xaiver, some people would call me outgoing or persistant. but r...
Poems\Songs by erily_13
Poems\Songsby erily_13
here is a random thing read or don't i really don't care some events about the songs I may write but it might be just be poetry anyway like I was saying some events of t...
Depressing poems by JustAnotherBrokenKid
Depressing poemsby JustAnotherBrokenKid
Hi guys Just saying, I'm new to this and I've never written a single poem in the 13 years I've been alive for so if they suck, I'm really sorry cause I suck at everythin...
The real me by 41303k
The real meby 41303k
No one knows the real me besides my best friend and here's my story.............. And I'm going to tell the world who the real me is
What Lies Beyond the Sky by anobodywp
What Lies Beyond the Skyby
Fia Thamara Clemente, a human who love seeing the beautiful blue sky above. It gives her peace and calmness in the middle of chaotic cosmos. But one day she just found h...