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Twisted (Switched: 2) (FINISHED) by aricoursonwriting
Twisted (Switched: 2) (FINISHED)by Arianna Courson
"You are poison to me, but I love how it hurts." Sebastian and Skye met only months ago, but their story has only started. A couple months ago, Sebastian and S...
Deviant (Switched: 3) by aricoursonwriting
Deviant (Switched: 3)by Arianna Courson
THEY CALL HIM RECKLESS And he was. Sebastian was a dangerous figure, the one that you would step away from when crawling down the street, the one you would avoid to pic...
You're My Home (completed) by HollySlatt
You're My Home (completed)by HollySlatt
This is a story of a woman who is afraid to love...and a man who just can't stop himself from loving her. Rachel is a small town college drop-out who has given up on bo...
Divine by Tiakcaffee
Divineby Tiakcaffee
He never got to live... She must learn to live... Twenty-eight year old Autumn Greyson has spent most of his life alone. Working as a veterinarian in the rural town of H...
My One Winged Angel by RainBeatz
My One Winged Angelby RainBeatz
There are different jobs for certain angels. Some are the servants of royals, soul messengers, guardians, or soldiers. Aaron, the prince of angels, is assigned to be a...
Seraphic Shadows  by JadeLeBoeuf0
Seraphic Shadows by Jade E. LeBoeuf
In the sultry depths of Southern Louisiana, lies a small, picturesque town known as Havenwood. Within its moss-laden trees and mist-shrouded bayous, a captivating tale u...
A Little Touch Of Heaven (ON-GOING) by Luvandher
A Little Touch Of Heaven (ON-GOING)by LUV&HER
Sent from the shadows of hell, my purpose was to teach her the art of darkness, teach her the sinister alphabet of vice, and whisper the forbidden secrets of temptation...
On the Horizon: Where the Wind Blows by kaylee_writing
On the Horizon: Where the Wind kay lee
Arwen is back home, but new adventures await: including a plot against the Winged and complicated feelings for a certain human friend...
TOXIC by AlandraCardosa
TOXICby Alandra Cardosa
Meet Alora, she's your typical teenager. When Alora and her mother, Indigo, move to Toxic, Indiana. Alora makes new friends and new discoveries about the town and hersel...
The magnificent tale of Cassidy Amber Reel by heyitsava
The magnificent tale of Cassidy They call me Ava^-^
Hey guys , Cassidy here. I'd call myself the normal school weirdo. I'm average weight, average height, yada yada. I'm not gunna bore you with detail. But what's really i...
Guardian by CherishSoul
Guardianby Cherish Soul
Krysta grew up hearing stories about the time she was saved and the one who saved her. She also grows up hearing about Guardian Angels and some of her strange dreams hav...
Of Beginnings by BelleHamiltion
Of Beginningsby Belle Hamilton
She's an an Angel made from stardust. Never commited a Sin in her life. Never wanted to. He's a Demon-Man Hybrid, oh, and did I mention that his mother's a gypsy? Yeah...
Wings And Love by kaira_west
Wings And Loveby kaira_west
Cecilia the princess of Wenis , is the a wind angel. She dares to steal the healing stone from Xavier, King of Alynthi , to cure her father from the pandora disease. Whe...
The Theory About Us by payalshahh
The Theory About Usby Payal Shah
Chloe Winslet. A normal teen with a hidden past. She's normal as a human can be but connected with the truth about angels. When she meets Erick O'Connor she is thrown in...
Finding Heathcliff  by SilviaKrpatova
Finding Heathcliff by Silvia Krpatova
ONC 2023 Shortlist @YARomance Undiscovered Book of the Month (January 2024) Featured on Wattpad's HighFantasy, StoriesUndiscovered (May 2023), Dangerouslove, Romance, a...