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drugs- m.h by timmyslove
drugs- m.hby timmyslove
-His mouth hung open in awe at her, he thought she was everything. She held his jaw with a hand and blew her smoke into his mouth. He almost melted - In which lovers bec...
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••My Bestfriend's Brother•• Matty Healy •• by Wattoo-94
••My Bestfriend's Brother•• UwattM8
Louis and Arabella. It's always been that way. The two of them. Best friends since the ages of 5 and 6. Unbreakable. Inseparable. Almost verging on a sibling kind of rel...
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You (Matty Healy) by Mattylolno
You (Matty Healy)by Mattylolno
"You're a good girl, do you know that?" He exhaled deeply with a disbelieving smile, pulling me to lie next to him. "Which is probably why I find you so h...
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Texting a Stranger | Matty Healy | °ONHOLD° by Wattoo-94
Texting a Stranger | Matty Healy | UwattM8
All it takes, is 1 digit from a phone number to be typed in incorrectly, replaced with another, and you find yourself speaking to the wrong person. But for her, It cou...
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Dopamine by nihilist_
Dopamineby nihilist_
Chipped nail polish, casual encounters with cocaine, one very pretentious Matty Healy, and four Seattle-based misfits that form a band called Dopamine. Follow them as th...
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𝟏𝟎𝟐, matty healy by nicbelles
𝟏𝟎𝟐, matty healyby ˗ˏˋ NIC-FIL-A ˎˊ˗
In which a boy admires a girl from beyond his window on the daily, and a girl is oblivious that she already has the love she craves. 𝐟𝐞�...
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// P e t r i c h o r // Matty Healy by trumattyblacc
// P e t r i c h o r // Matty Healyby Imogen
"If loving you was a huge mistake than leaving you was a massive mistake. I love you, don't you mind?" he locks his eyes on me with his hands against the wall...
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The 1975//Smut by Wattoo-94
The 1975//Smutby UwattM8
Where I write all my dirty thoughts because they're too much for my "innocent" mind to handle.... YEAH RIGHT! Aaahaha. // Requests open - State who with and ho...
Robbers (The 1975//Matty Healy) by Limeio27
Robbers (The 1975//Matty Healy)by Shannon
When Rose swings open her door and lets a stranger fall into her apartment, she doesn't think her life would be any different. After helping the lanky Brit, she gets pul...
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Baby Daddy! °Matty Healy° by Wattoo-94
Baby Daddy! °Matty Healy°by UwattM8
A drunken one night stand three years ago, that's how it started. And Matty never finding out he has a son, is how she wants it to stay. But she's a fool if she thinks...
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102//m.h by mildlygay
102//m.hby coffee beans
1:02a.m. matty borrows a cigarette from a pretty girl just to talk to her. *lowercase intended
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HEDONISTIC // MATTY HEALY  by curlyabbie
"There is a hopelessly romantic notion that two people can meet and instantly fall in love"- Amber said inhaling her cigarette. Frankie rolled her eyes; that...
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Summer Nights (Matty Healy, COMPLETED) by ChocolateHealy
Summer Nights (Matty Healy, BabyBoyBrock
Back again with the teenage boys
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Arsen by lov3likewoe
Arsenby ❀Chelsea Renee❀
From the moment I laid eyes on Arsen Brooks he fascinated me. No, I didn't want to do lab experiments on him, but I did want to get to know him. He didn't seem to care t...
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mutual friends // m.h. by sunphazed
mutual friends // S U N P H A Z E D
COMPLETED // Matty Healy is a singer/songwriter of a Manchester based band called The 1975. Nellie Hughes is a struggling artist from Philadelphia who lives/works in New...
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Heartless » George Daniel by plsbnaked
Heartless » George Danielby plsbnaked
Not all love is gentle. Sometimes it's gritty and dirty and possessive, sometimes it's not supposed to be careful or soft at all. Sometimes it feels like teeth.
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Sex, Chocolate, Rock N Roll by torielgaines
Sex, Chocolate, Rock N Rollby torielgaines ☾
Screwed up already in her own teenage nightmare, Ellie Moore couldn't get into anything worse than sneaking around with her older brother's best mate. Desperate for secu...
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No Promises (Matty Healy) by maraudersnerd
No Promises (Matty Healy)by Maraudersnerd
no promises, babe {started: 1/6/19} {ended: 2/12/19}
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Think Bigger by ChocolateHealy
Think Biggerby BabyBoyBrock
So, imma take on a couple issues in this bc yaknow, writing is a form of expression and stuff so in parts it's gonna be a bit deep, or at least I plan for it to get deep...
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Fallingforyou // Matty Healy  by hoodinouterspace
Fallingforyou // Matty Healy by loz✨
Bea and Matty have been best friends since out the womb. Read their journey. The story has many time jumps. First 3 chapters are younger. A large segment of the book wi...
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