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《Sometimes》●Germany/America● by LocalPoltergeist
《Sometimes》●Germany/America●by Poltergeist
《A lovestory between Germany and America (mlm)[Countryhumans]》 |||All chapters edited and updated 2023||| " Germany laid one hand over his. The country turned towar...
Harem by Reinsjustvibing
Haremby Rein
[COMPLETED] Please don't read this it's really bad and I don't even like countryhumans anymore to be honest, I would delete it but my friend asked me to keep it lol. If...
New Brother by RussiaSunflower
New Brotherby Female Googleplier
When a drunk England casts a spell, what will happen to our hero? Can a country,or two, help and take care of him till the next G-8 meeting?
Sunset in 1950 (America x Germany) by Lovelicoriceart
Sunset in 1950 (America x Germany)by Lovelicoriceart
Time Traveller Germany has landed a few years too far back in the past. A few thousand years too far. In this old and forgotten world, he meets America. This is an Ameri...
My Bride is Not My Love by Maplemaplemaplemaple
My Bride is Not My Loveby Vendetta
[Graphic Novel!] A gay and a lesbian get into an arranged marriage. What could possibly go wrong?
~My Little Comrade~(RusPhil) by Shot00
~My Little Comrade~(RusPhil)by Akari Lavender
Russia has feelings for our sunshine boy Philippines, but what is he gonna do when his roomates find out and someone else gets in his way? Hey guys! im back with a new s...
GerAme/AmeGer One-Shots by happybethie13
GerAme/AmeGer One-Shotsby Bethie
hiii here to make one-shots for these two babies i take requests! i can do fluff, smut, dark topics, and angst! :3
▪Countryhumans Oneshot▪ by Rat-tle2
▪Countryhumans Oneshot▪by ritz
Hello, welcome to my Countryhumans one shot, I will be taking character x character and some reader x character. I know this kind of sucks, but hey, I need to feed my fa...
The Clipped Angel by booga123123
The Clipped Angelby booga123123
Ludwig took the risk and know he was suffering for it. He was bruised, tired, and hungry at least he has the father of his baby to fall to. At least he hoped.
 As a Foreign Exchange Student... by fanficsforwhy
As a Foreign Exchange fanficsforwhy
Ludwig was ecstatic to go to America. He learned the language at a young age and wondered what the land was like. Sometimes he wished he didn't take the exchange program...
Free Feathers || CH Oneshot Book by strangled-mangoes
Free Feathers || CH Oneshot Bookby Mango
In this world, countries are given wings after gaining independence from other countries. The wings are determined by the National Bird of the country. This is a oneshot...
Chaos and Love Don't Mix (revamp) by StupidityAtTheMost
Chaos and Love Don't Mix (revamp)by Xx A Drop Of Honey xX
Alfred is a youruber who just got ingaged to his boyfriend of many years, Ludwig. The dirty blond mistakenly uploads a video announing the news to his gaming channel cal...
A broken smile (Being Rewritten) by Anamelessface
A broken smile (Being Rewritten)by Anamelessface
This is just a somewhat sad story I decided to write because why not? This is a ameger story, if you don't like it then don't read, well, anyways, I hope you enjoy this...
Ame's Heart [DISCONTINUED] by StarExplosive
Ame's Heart [DISCONTINUED]by StarExplosive
Ame's heart is the goal to 5 admirers. (Maybe more? hmm?) Germany, a strict shy nerd, Japan a 'weeb' anime artist, Russia a bad boy who likes to fight, Mexico a party go...
Being Hunted by ShineThePrince
Being Huntedby ShineThePrince
America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were being irresponsible and are now all supernatural creatures. France And England are monster hunters. Cover By Me
Germany Countryhuman Oneshots by phile_angloee
Germany Countryhuman Oneshotsby astoriee
The picture of the cover isn't mine. • Mostly ships (cracks ships included) • Slow updates • Can't do smut • Requests are open • Errors in terms of grammar and spelling ...
Countryhumans Oneshots  [Slow Updates] by UserExeNotFound
Countryhumans Oneshots [Slow like it matters
A bunch of oneshots, honestly most of these will probably be some German country... I just love them too much. Ships will be present here aswell. They will probably be t...