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MY ALPHA MATE. by 450Emma
MY ALPHA Emma Bree
(This book is kind of Romantic filled with extra drama and smooth story line.) EVA SCARLET. I never thought I will ever meet my mate in one of the most embarrassing mome...
Fate by gayest_nextum
Fateby Nexxie
My whole life has been spent running. Males, in our world, typically prefer having the females under them. In more ways then one. They don't like it when one rises above...
Destined Mates by CheyenneSelle
Destined Matesby Cheyenne Selle
from strangers to lovers destined soul mates born to be with one another but hasn't met yet
Brokenby ✨Internallyconfused✨
Oliver Davies just got out of a relationship. Oliver Davies just got forced out of a relationship. He feels broken. Soon after his life and motivation slowly start to fa...
Luna by redroseswiththornes
Lunaby redrosieswiththrones
human ands werewolves are at peace. although not is all as well and good as it may seem. packs abuse werewolves and humans alike. although in this pack is the werewolves...
The Rogue Luna by OtterlyDisguised
The Rogue Lunaby Otterly Disguised
A Rogue within a pack's territory is bad enough - even worse if said Rogue turns out to be a Luna. All Leslie can do now is hope and pray they won't find her, because if...
Daughters Of The Moon - Second In The Red Wolf Series.  by the_roaring_lioness
Daughters Of The Moon - Second the_roaring_lioness
Synopsis. Second book in the series: The Red Wolf, Chloe learns to control her powers, and guess what? She is not the only one. A mysterious stranger turns out to be clo...
His Mate (Still Working) by romanticadventures
His Mate (Still Working)by romanticadventures
Highest ranking #10 in #abnormal When Erika Henceford begins to think she won't find a life long mate she meets Alpha Noah, Alpha of the Crystal Moon pack, Erika isn't s...
The Alpha's Mate by Teris_Editz
The Alpha's Mateby Teris Editz
Kim turns 18 without expecting anything too out of norm. But the minute she blows out her birthday candle, she's whisked magically to her mates land. What will happen to...
Hidden Mate by WordsLikeVelvet
Hidden Mateby WordsLikeVelvet
"I told you that you couldn't run forever" he smirks picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder. "Put me down you big dog" she protests as she...
New Beginnings by darkwo1f07
New Beginningsby darkwo1f07
Riley has just moved to a new town after her mother's death. The town has its secrets just like every other town. This one, however, has werewolves hidden amongst the hu...
Can't Care Less by MayyyyyAnderson
Can't Care Lessby May Anderson
Marie knew for a month. A full month, that he was hers. She didn't want to reveal herself because she wasn't a fan of self-inflicted heartbreak. Inevitably, however, he...
BIZARRE by nazipadfoot
BIZARREby trippy
Extraordinary. Domestic. Bizarre. This was their love. Extraordinary, domestic, and bizarre. He was a werewolf. She? She was a normal human girl. A human girl with a my...
Chosen By The Moon - First In The Red Wolf Series. by the_roaring_lioness
Chosen By The Moon - First In the_roaring_lioness
First in the Red Wolf Series Chloe leaves Oklahoma and goes to Seattle in search of a new life and perhaps, new friends. Unfortunately Seattle isn't what it seems when...