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Humanity | Paul Lahote ✓ by lahotaste
Humanity | Paul Lahote ✓by ˗ˏˋ ᴊᴇᴀɴɴɪᴇ ˊˎ˗
"Her human-like personality and traits make my heart flutter. I hated it at first, but now I know. I know that she is really, actually made for me." In which a...
  • cullen
  • jacob
  • black
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Coming Home(twilight/percy jackson) by muffie2000
Coming Home(twilight/percy jackson)by muffie2000
What if demigod Alex has to go live with her brother Jacob Black for the summer. Will she be able to keep her secret? ***completed*** Twilight X Percy Jackson
  • jackson
  • edward
  • twilight
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Alice's Adventures In Wonderland  by FxnFxcFxn
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by FxnFxcFxn
Alice, a blonde slutty girl, falls down a mysterious Rabbit hole after chasing a white rabbit and finds herself in Wonderland. A land full of busty and horny characters...
  • wonderland
  • pornography
  • alice
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Twilight; Lost sister by Nini116
Twilight; Lost sisterby Nini116
While saving his brother's girlfriend from the hands of a bloodthirsty vampire, Emmett ends up finding his little sister who is terrified of everything. What happens whe...
  • sister
  • vampire
  • edward
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capsized - j.h (UNDER 孤
❝ your emotions.. t-they make me feel like I'm suffocating in water, like I'm drowning❞ ❝ isn't it funny? that's how I feel everyday❞ ©DDA3NGI 'HIGHEST RANKS' #1 in 'esm...
  • jasper
  • edward
  • carlisle
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Love in My Veins by TheGreatestGiftIGive
Love in My Veinsby Halei❤️
Harmony Swan is Charlie Swan's niece. Harmony is sent to Forks to live with her cousin Bella and her uncle Charlie after her battle with drug addiction. When Harmony beg...
  • alice
  • carlisle
  • love
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The Volturi General by AntonineStrike
The Volturi Generalby Diandra
Jasper and Demetri turned up one night outside Bella's house to let her join the Volturi. Edward left her, right? So what's the use of all the crying and sulking around...
  • jasper
  • vampires
  • demetri
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Shining Breaking Dawn (Jasper Hale Love Story) by KatherineIn
Shining Breaking Dawn (Jasper KatherineIn
The wedding was finally happening...well..Bella's wedding that is. Beverly and Jasper were very happy and couldn't wait for their turn. Bella and Edward comeback from th...
  • breakingdawn
  • newmoon
  • eclipse
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Detroit: Become Human | Connor x OC by xxneverxlosexhopexx
Detroit: Become Human | Connor x OCby Detroit Become Human | Connor...
Being human isn't as simple as being born that way. It's our actions that define who we are. Connor x OC *set during and after the events of Detroit: Become Human *
  • markus
  • connor
  • gavin
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Unexpected family  by Neverlandsshadow
Unexpected family by Neverlandsshadow
When the Cullens leaves Bella in New moon she's destroyed. What happens if instead of Sam finding her on the forest floor it's a nomad vampire. Katie is a fifty year ol...
  • volturi
  • edward
  • carlisle
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WAY DOWN WE GO ⇀ ( jasper hale ) by llunaetic
WAY DOWN WE GO ⇀ ( jasper hale )by ミ lunætic
WAY DOWN WE GO- "oh, father tell me, do we get what we deserve?" the swan boy falls for the cullen that always looks like he's in pain. ( twilight ) ( jasper h...
  • jasper
  • whitlock
  • bella
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Turning Twilight (Jasper Hale Love Story) by KatherineIn
Turning Twilight (Jasper Hale KatherineIn
Beverly Melrone was a fifteen year old girl, who lived alone in Forks. She was a nobody at school. She meets Jasper Hale in her class. Will something happen between them...
  • forks
  • jasper
  • rosalie
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The Youngest Cullen by AmericanCowGirl19
The Youngest Cullenby Cowgirl19
Alison Connolly was murdered on January 3rd,1970 walking home from the library by a vampire who left her on her own to figure out what she was. However, seeing her futur...
  • bella
  • twilight
  • werewolf
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CRAZY ─ HARRY HOOK by melodreama
CRAZY ─ HARRY HOOKby ( 𝐚𝐦𝐲 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞 )
── CRAZY! in which the isle of the lost descends into chaos and quinn hearts is either the craziest or the sanest. ─ harry hook + original character ─ pre-descendants to...
  • disney
  • descendnats2
  • alice
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Rising New Moon (Jasper Hale Love Story) by KatherineIn
Rising New Moon (Jasper Hale KatherineIn
(Sequel) It has been a few months since she learned about vampires. She and Jasper were together. But, What happens when Jasper had to move away due to what had happen a...
  • carlisle
  • romance
  • newmoon
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Edward and Bella: Another Love Story by _ItsZem_
Edward and Bella: Another Love um
In this fiction adventure join Bella as a vampire going through a repeat of lives. But when she moves to a small town named Forks, under a constant cover of clouds and r...
  • bella
  • hope
  • werewolves
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Changing Eclipse (Jasper Hale Love Story) by KatherineIn
Changing Eclipse (Jasper Hale KatherineIn
(Sequel) Graduation was almost here for Bella and the Cullens. Beverly's and Jasper's bond couldn't be closer than ever. Bella planned to become a vampire. But, what hap...
  • werewolf
  • jasper
  • alice
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The Different Swan [ twilight ]  by harleyQuinnfan17
The Different Swan [ twilight ] by ~
•I KNOW IT NEEDS SERIOUS EDITING• ~ When Katerina and Isabella Swan are sent to the town of Forks, Washington to live with their father Charlie Swan, who was the cheif o...
  • fanfiction
  • lilyjames
  • charlieswan
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To save a friendship : Oscar and Hedgehog friendlove  story by Ravenfanflipline
To save a friendship : Oscar and Dr.Hedgehog
This is my first Summer Camp Island fanfic story . I don't know if I will ever get more than thousands views but I hope so . Here it goes . Oscar and Hedgehog are still...
  • max
  • masterdoom
  • friendship
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Falice oneshots by 4nn4nn4
Falice oneshotsby 4nn4nn4
Just a bunch of random scenes. Please send in requests!
  • oneshot
  • alice
  • fp
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