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Wmmap react to Claude as Alberu by haliranya
Wmmap react to Claude as Alberuby haliranya
Explanation: felix is alberu and cale's son. Cale's body give out because of exhaustion from the wars and coughing out blood from time to time so he currently is in a co...
Beauty Contest Gone Wrong by Ainakamura73
Beauty Contest Gone Wrongby Ainakamura73
The contest where the children will make Cale become the most beautiful human in history and Cale family and allies support it fully I write extra chapter for April Fool...
TBOAH react to TOTCF by LunaAfton02
TBOAH react to TOTCFby Luna Afton
The TBOAH characters react to TOTCF. They will react to chapters and wikis. Timeline: After the Terror Plaza Incident. I don't know if I will put any TOTCF characters. S...
Happy Family, Maybe 🔞 by Raon_Miru
Happy Family, Maybe 🔞by Raon
[TCF fanfiction] Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse Part 1 [Baby On Board!] "Holy shit. I'm really pregnant." After drunkenly spending a hot steamy night with hi...
Im so pent up (albecale) (TCF Fanfic)(shounen ai) by VenHenituse
Im so pent up (albecale) (TCF Ven Henituse
haha i made this on messenger tcf group chat this is just a a short one
"C-can you repeat that?" "Me and Cale are married in the future" "..." "..." 'Aigoo my poor slacker life' Or In which, Future Alb...
The Unlucky Bastard is a Child??? by battyy7
The Unlucky Bastard is a Child???by Francesca Spadaro
"How did I ended up like this? Cale was staring at his imagine on the mirror...he was a child again. ~~~ I decided to rewrite this fic from the beginning, bc my wri...
Sun and Moon by quinaaah
Sun and Moonby Quina M.
Just me giving myself and others a treat for a sudden craving of AlbeCale content.
The Prince's Royal Pet by NeonWritter
The Prince's Royal Petby NeonWritter
The Future neglected and forgotten first prince of the Roman Kingdom who somehow got lost in the woods as he runs while crying upon hearing the death of his mother someh...
Easy Slacky (CaleBeru) by Kamiyamaka
Easy Slacky (CaleBeru)by ✨CHRISM✨
📌STATUS : ON-HOLD In which the Dark Elf Alberu is so whipped with a certain readhead.
The Secret That's Not a Secret by S14cker
The Secret That's Not a Secretby NotHuman
Basically the Crossman family finding out about Cale and Alberu dating.
Cale Turn Into A Girl?!  by ilovemoney0_0
Cale Turn Into A Girl?! by Your wife💅
In the morning " AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! RON!!! " Bang~ The bathroom door open and the person who open it was Ron with a worry expression on his face when h...
Is there any reason to love? by SophistiSherrie
Is there any reason to love?by SophistiSherrie
A modern college AU of TCF with Alberu×Cale. Cale Henituse, the firstborn of rich Henituse household - a trash and neglected son who stepped out of the heir position on...
AlbeCale Oneshot: Shower Call by CaleBarr0w
AlbeCale Oneshot: Shower Callby C.Barrow
Alberu is constantly in awe of his commander's beauty. Cale is denser than a rock. • Haven't written part 2 yet, but I'll try to get around to it. --- • Cover fanart dra...
The Truth behind the Plotter by Cinnabon27
The Truth behind the Plotterby Cinnabon27
Kim Dokja and his company are bored after the scenarios, so they decide to go visit secretive plotter. They discover not 1863 YJH but instead someone completely differen...
Sun and Moon by Meow316
Sun and Moonby Meow316
Cale wake up and find out that he regressed and has a twin hyung
Joint Case by sweetberry_keyk
Joint Caseby a
Alberu Crossman and his team are the best at solving cases. Alberu has already everything-the fame, the face, the body, and the reputation. They solve cases right and le...
boyfriend bed by abralhugres
boyfriend bedby abralhugres
pairing: alberu x krs!cale cale longs for the days when he could use the dark tiger as his walking/talking bed
CAROUSEL by LumiereEmpyrea
CAROUSELby Vollerei
In that dream, he died. He felt the pain of his death as he drifted off through the endless void. A pain on his chest- was it because of the blade that went through his...