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Switched by abralhugres
Switchedby abralhugres
A story where og Cale and Alver switch bodies for awhile.
Creation and Creator [Reaction Fanfic to LOTCF] by SeasonTea
Creation and Creator [Reaction S I M P
Wherein the God of Creation needed the God of Death's help to save the world he's overseeing. The God of Creation's follower, his creation, Leonier, need to host a theat...
Lost Faith by Senaminyaaan
Lost Faithby Senamin
A fanfiction for Lout of the Count's Family written by Yu Ryeo Han. I do not own the Lout of the Count's Family. This is just a FANFICTION. In his twentieth regression...
They React To Cale Henituse's Story by Blue_Berryxp
They React To Cale Henituse's Storyby 💙BlueBerry💙
The Lout(Trash) of the Count's Family and The Birth of Hero react to Cale Henituse's story. It's all thanks to our Cute little host, Biyoo-nim! A little TCF x ORV ______...
That Day When Cale Became A Baby by NovemberHarrow
That Day When Cale Became A Babyby NovemberHarrowOfficial
Due to a curse, Cale temporarily became a baby. Everyone was a victim of his cuteness. Fluff. Crack. Drama. Nothing major. Don't take it too seriously 😆 You can drop a...
That Day When Cale Became A Woman by NovemberHarrow
That Day When Cale Became A Womanby NovemberHarrowOfficial
One morning Cale woke up and HE became SHE. To everyone, the effect was crazy. again, don't take it too seriously, lol. leave a comment or a violent reaction if you can...
The Lout's Pet Squirrel (og alcale) by abralhugres
The Lout's Pet Squirrel (og alcale)by abralhugres
au. alver is 1/4 dark elf, 1/4 squirrel beastperson, and 1/2 human the kingdom learns that he's a dark elf and he's forced to flee the palace Pairing: Alver Crossman x O...
Promise Me, This Time, We Will Fight Together. by Blue_Berryxp
Promise Me, This Time, We Will 💙BlueBerry💙
"I'm sorry," He whispered before closing his eyes that were getting heavier. His heartbeat getting slower and slower before finally stopped. A few seconds befo...
red. | LCF by princehyunjoonstar
red. | LCFby [ ia ]
The dragon lord always exceeds the expectations of the 'normal' individual dragons. However, the former dragon lord did not just exceed their expectations, but also wen...
To the Forgotten (trash of the count's family) by 0neir0i
To the Forgotten (trash of the 0neir0i
The war has finally ended in the Western and Eastern continent. The Hero's and their allies have won and defeated the White Star. The Mogoru empire has become a kingdom...
Survive as the Boss Villain by __icedtea
Survive as the Boss Villainby tea
One day, when Kim Rok Soo opened his eyes, he found himself inside a novel he had just read before falling asleep, [The Birth of a Hero]. It seemed like the gods held a...
The Untouchable Heart by Blue_Berryxp
The Untouchable Heartby 💙BlueBerry💙
Choi Han stared at the night sky emotionlessly. It was still unbelievable for him that he now........ was back in the past. And now he have to do it all over again. Wit...
Sun and Moon by quinaaah
Sun and Moonby Quina M.
Just me giving myself and others a treat for a sudden craving of AlbeCale content.
Corset Troubles by Opacarofile
Corset Troublesby Opacarofile
Cale wears a corset and Alver is having a gay panic over it. "That koi pond looks like an ideal place to die" ----- This is just me thirsting over Cale wearing...
{LCF Reaction Fic}- Serendipitous Encounter (RE-WRITING) by NaturesDawn
{LCF Reaction Fic}- Estelle
/ˌserənˈdipədəs/ adjective occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way. "a serendipitous encounter" ********* Alberu was having a normal day...
Alleyway  by Aliatra851
Alleyway by A Rσʂҽ σϝ Exιʂƚҽɳƈҽ
Again, what brought me here? Where exactly have things gone wrong....? Yes. I shouldn't have drank that much that night. I should've accepted Alver's offer to take me...
When Loving Hurts Because You're Afraid Of Falling In Love by CaleHenituse_totcf
When Loving Hurts Because You're AlbeCale_goDOKidoki💕
AlbeCale/AlCale five-part-plus-one ff (if I feel like it I might add a bit more but not yet cuz idk what I'm doing really) 1st Part: Alver's POV - "When Loving Hurt...
rid of the monsters inside your head, put all your faults to bed  by brokecranberry
rid of the monsters inside your brokecranberry
There's a mountain of paperwork that needs to be finished but Alver can't find it in himself to do them. His dongsaeng's words keep repeating in his mind. "Alver Cr...
Can I Meet You? by miahye08
Can I Meet You?by Mia
Imagine Kim Rok Soo(OG Cale) meeting Cale Henituse(OG Kim Rok Soo) again in that world... And this time Cale knew something must have happened so they had to meet Cale w...
My Sunshine by sleepycale
My Sunshineby sleepycale
The crown prince of the Rowoon Kingdom and the hero of both the western and eastern continents were in a relationship. Everybody knows the tales-most fawn over how beaut...