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The Lout's Pet Squirrel (og alcale) by abralhugres
The Lout's Pet Squirrel (og alcale)by abralhugres
au. alver is 1/4 dark elf, 1/4 squirrel beastperson, and 1/2 human the kingdom learns that he's a dark elf and he's forced to flee the palace Pairing: Alver Crossman x O...
rid of the monsters inside your head, put all your faults to bed  by brokecranberry
rid of the monsters inside your brokecranberry
There's a mountain of paperwork that needs to be finished but Alver can't find it in himself to do them. His dongsaeng's words keep repeating in his mind. "Alver Cr...
That Day When Cale Gets A Massage  by November_H
That Day When Cale Gets A Massage by November_H
It was a relaxation day for Cale and getting some taste of his dream life. Slacker Life- chan is almost at his reach! Disclaimer: I don't own TCF/LCF Please Forgive Me i...
red. | LCF by princehyunjoonstar
red. | LCFby [ ia ]
The dragon lord always exceeds the expectations of the 'normal' individual dragons. However, the former dragon lord did not just exceed their expectations, but also wen...
Corset Troubles by Opacarofile
Corset Troublesby Opacarofile
Cale wears a corset and Alver is having a gay panic over it. "That koi pond looks like an ideal place to die" ----- This is just me thirsting over Cale wearing...
Beginning of the end by who_stole_my_fries_
Beginning of the endby who_stole_my_fries_
(Cover of the fic by serendiien on Instagram) Posted on ao3 under who_stole_my_fries Spanish translation:
Wonderful life of a maid by LinhV5582
Wonderful life of a maidby VaCales1tg
Is there any better job than serving young master Cale Henituse? Of course not!
That Day When Cale Became A Baby by November_H
That Day When Cale Became A Babyby November_H
Due to a curse, Cale temporarily became a baby. Everyone was a victim of his cuteness. Fluff. Crack. Drama. Nothing major. Don't take it too seriously 😆 You can drop a...
Lost Faith by Senaminyaaan
Lost Faithby Senamin
A fanfiction for Lout of the Count's Family written by Yu Ryeo Han. I do not own the Lout of the Count's Family. This is just a FANFICTION. In his twentieth regression...
That Day When Cale Became A Woman by November_H
That Day When Cale Became A Womanby November_H
One morning Cale woke up and HE became SHE. To everyone, the effect was crazy. again, don't take it too seriously, lol. leave a comment or a violent reaction if you can...
I became the evil prince consort [Alver crossman x M!reader] by MisakiSakuya
I became the evil prince consort [ Misaki
"Hah...i am fucked..." M/n who had just transmigrated into the body of one of Stan siblings from [Crown prince's assistant] cursed as he was the evil consort w...
Promise Me, This Time, We Will Fight Together. by Blue_Berryxp
Promise Me, This Time, We Will 💙BlueBerry💙
"I'm sorry," He whispered before closing his eyes that were getting heavier. His heartbeat getting slower and slower before finally stopped. A few seconds befo...
Redemption by reireibyss
Redemptionby reireo
Venion Stan died after extreme torture and was reborn in modern korea as Ahn Juwon, a daycare attendant and had a character development arc. He then died again and becam...
Winter Affliction by abralhugres
Winter Afflictionby abralhugres
Every winter Alver stays at the Henituse estate to spend time with his fiance, Cale Henituse. He learns very quickly to dread and resent the wintertime as does his reluc...
꧁DENOUEMENT꧂   by Bitter_Choco1603
"It's okay Cale...this have me" "Please don't leave me mother..." After die In hand of white Star, Cale Henituse Regress back In time wher...
Tboah Songfic Series  by Rose_Marigolden
Tboah Songfic Series by Rossé_The_Silent_Reader
(The Cover is not mine but credits to the artist) Basically me writing songfic chapters of different songs but also making some reaction chapters of tboah reacting to a...
CHASE [Trash of the Count's Family Fanfic] by WRISZE
CHASE [Trash of the Count's W R I S Z E
A story where Kim Rok Soo wakes up, not as Cale Henituse, but as a spirit that can enter someone's body. But there's a problem...
Succeeding Your Doom {LCF/TCF REACTION FIC} by NaturesDawn
Succeeding Your Doom {LCF/TCF Estelle
ru·in noun the physical destruction or disintegration of something or the state of disintegrating or being destroyed. "a large white house falling into gentle ruin...
TBOAH reacts to TCF and SCTF by IndixgoBluedash
TBOAH reacts to TCF and SCTFby Shade_Angelo
Just a reaction story. at least an attempt at it. since i have not finish the main story. there might be spoilers for Second Chance to Fight. Our regressor Cale is a...
Treasured (alver x og cale) by abralhugres
Treasured (alver x og cale)by abralhugres
((DIRECT SEQUEL TO SWITCHED)) After switching back into their original bodies, both Alver and og Cale are left with uneasy emotions. They seek comfort in one another.