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the villainess gets revenge (alver x og cale) by abralhugres
the villainess gets revenge (alver...by abralhugres
after three years reluctantly engaged to the crown prince, og cale is framed for a crime she didn't commit and sentenced to death. now that she has a second chance to tu...
death is the only ending for the trash queen by abralhugres
death is the only ending for the t...by abralhugres
aight here goes Alberu and fem!villainess!og!Cale have an arranged marriage that neither of them like. They don't see beneath the facades the both put up so og!Cale...
dreams (alver x og cale) by abralhugres
dreams (alver x og cale)by abralhugres
alberu has dreams where he's in a relationship with a trashy bastard who he's never even met before so it's a bit awkward to have to meet him ship alberu crossman x orig...
The Lout's Pet Squirrel (og alcale) by abralhugres
The Lout's Pet Squirrel (og alcale)by abralhugres
au. alver is 1/4 dark elf, 1/4 squirrel beastperson, and 1/2 human the kingdom learns that he's a dark elf and he's forced to flee the palace Pairing: Alver Crossman x O...
other peoples problems by abralhugres
other peoples problemsby abralhugres
kim rok soo, a poor university student just trying to work his way through school, just keeps on getting dragged into other peoples problems and he really doesnt know ho...
halfwitted dense dumbass by abralhugres
halfwitted dense dumbassby abralhugres
modern au: og cale texts alberu abt his shitty ex (its not said explicitly but its adin btw lol) and alberu picks him up
uncrossed (alver x og cale) by abralhugres
uncrossed (alver x og cale)by abralhugres
now that og cale has returned to the fantasy world where he belongs, there's a confused prince to deal with SEQUEL TO CROSSED OVER pairing: original cale henituse x alve...
The ballroom by small_mew
The ballroomby Mew
Crossman family is holding a ball for the oldest son, the crown prince Alver Crossman, in hopes that he will finally find a fiancee. All young nobles and future heirs of...
crossed over (alver x og cale) by abralhugres
crossed over (alver x og cale)by abralhugres
modern day au x no white star au og cale is busy feeling sorry for himself when he winds up in a modern au where he's dating alberu. meanwhile, his modern day self i...
trash by abralhugres
trashby abralhugres
the final moments in the relationship between og cale and og alberu
an unfortunate change in genre by abralhugres
an unfortunate change in genreby abralhugres
a regresser and a transmigrating reincarnator face the horrors of a romance novel together Put less succinctly, in one of the many parallel worlds that mirror one an...
soulmates are bullshit by abralhugres
soulmates are bullshitby abralhugres
sometimes gods fuck up actually they fuck up most of the time so why the fuck would anyone trust them to arrange peoples relationships and marriages? seems fucking sus m...
selfish love by abralhugres
selfish loveby abralhugres
og cale gets some closure about his past with alberu sidestory to main story "Unexpected Meeting"
royally trashed (an og!Cale harem fic) by abralhugres
royally trashed (an og!Cale harem...by abralhugres
og cale gets hit on by just all the royals and its a whole thing. someone help him endgame ship is currently undecided takes place in a world without white star and hunt...
Winter Affliction by abralhugres
Winter Afflictionby abralhugres
Every winter Alver stays at the Henituse estate to spend time with his fiance, Cale Henituse. He learns very quickly to dread and resent the wintertime as does his reluc...
the heartless prince and the duck by abralhugres
the heartless prince and the duckby abralhugres
Kim Rok Soo could have lived a happy and peaceful life as a duck on the surface of a lake but then there was this damn prince who looked so damn sad and shit, well...
sick by abralhugres
sickby abralhugres
modern day au. og cale is sick and alberu is nursing him to health. established relationship
Princess Alver (og Cale x Alver) by abralhugres
Princess Alver (og Cale x Alver)by abralhugres
i keep writing genderbent og!cale so lets genderswap alberu for once lmao alberu crossman is the crown prince of the roan kingdom but she is hiding not only her iden...
Unexpected Meeting (alver x og cale) by abralhugres
Unexpected Meeting (alver x og cal...by abralhugres
Alberu transports to the Korea that the original Cale Henituse is living in and the two meet. They have a shared history that only Cale knows about. Side story: https:...
i became the villainess twin sister by abralhugres
i became the villainess twin sisterby abralhugres
Kim Rok Soo was enjoying his time reading a trashy romance novel. He really didn't expect to get sucked into it so literally. As stated in the tags, the ships for this f...