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Worlds apart by 123Mangalover500
Worlds apartby I_am_Obsessed🤩
Lovers that were forced to separate due to no one accepting there love. Being killed because of there "sinners love that goes against nature" But no mater what...
[}~ Revealed Truth ~{]     '_ᴛʙᴏᴀʜ ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛ ᴛᴏ..._' by kiya_via
[}~ Revealed Truth ~{] '_ᴛʙᴏᴀʜ...by kia
Suddenly got teleported to a strange room with a black screen. What really is happening?! The revealed truth... Will it really is fully being revealed? Or some other wi...
Cold Little Eyes by MemorySucker
Cold Little Eyesby VIVI
After the death of Countess Jour Thames Henituse Deruth didn't only mourn his beloved wife's death, he did too. mourn his son who he didn't even know now. Ever since t...
Serene [TCF Fanfiction] by RoyalKareem
Serene [TCF Fanfiction]by Royal-Chan
Silence in his gaze Can you see it? Silence in the sound Can you hear it? Silence in the words Can you feel it? Cover made by: @Abigail_that_is_me
Promoted (Demoted?) To The Trash's Butler by 1Kcranes
Promoted (Demoted?) To The Trash's...by 00:00
Kim Rok Soo wakes up as a certain deputy butler, Hans. Within the first few hours of being awake, he's assigned to the trashy young master. (Crossposted on AO3 @/lovedly...
Prisoner's Freedom by RoyalKareem
Prisoner's Freedomby Royal-Chan
Waking up as a Chibi... Honestly, at this point in life, nothing can shock that red-haired noble anymore. Obviously not after everything that he went through. ...Or is i...
Life Past The Recordings by RoyalKareem
Life Past The Recordingsby Royal-Chan
He's fine. No, really, He's already getting much better with only little to nonexistent pain left. But This. Damned. Records!!! They're just so damn annoying!!! Also why...
STABLE BOY ; Trash of the Count's Family by evamourn-
STABLE BOY ; Trash of the Count's...by Eva
Somehow, a narcoleptic transmigrator is working as a stablehand in the Henituse County. That's fine, there's no way Cale would care enough about this random boy working...
Monochrome [TCF Fanfiction Collection] by vara_user
Monochrome [TCF Fanfiction Collect...by Vara's Fanfiction
My Trash of the Count's Family fanfiction collection with various genres! Mostly gonna be one-shot and several two-shot. *** TCF belongs to Yoo Ryeo Han. Art by me.
TBOH react to TCF!! by CaleHenituse684
TBOH react to TCF!!by Cale Henituse
hello i dunno what to write here but....this is my first time making a react fanfic and im doing this for my own entertainment so there might be a slow update. i have se...
Constellations' Musing [TCF fanfiction] by RoyalKareem
Constellations' Musing [TCF fanfic...by Royal-Chan
The Constellations are bored. Cale was sure they're on cracks. And the whole continents are witnessing more sides of the hero that shall never be seen again-- they surel...
Red Means I love you by Myaoulri
Red Means I love youby Alka Ri
(Cale x W.s) Red had meant everything to him, and one day, he saw the very red he thought he would never see again. This was reason why he started it all. . dear r...
Constellation's SSS-Level Test [TCF Fanfiction] by RoyalKareem
Constellation's SSS-Level Test [TC...by Royal-Chan
'I know that I shouldn't have trusted them' as that bluish half translucent screen hovers above his head, Cale realized that he really should learn to stop jinxing himse...
Whatever it takes... (TCF/LCF fanfic) by elisae19970225
Whatever it takes... (TCF/LCF fanf...by sylvia sorina
Cale regresses back into the past before the war began. With a new power that only activated in the moment of his death. ''Child, your suffering was not in vain. It was...
Incorrect Quotes from TCF by Stranded_Weeb
Incorrect Quotes from TCFby ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛ_ғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡɴs
Just Incorrect quotes from a generator because I'm bored :D MINI SPOILER WARNING FOR SOME CHAPTERS!! Contains Swearing!
How It Was Supposed To Be by RoyalKareem
How It Was Supposed To Beby Royal-Chan
Cale Henituse. That red-haired hero could be one of the sharpest person ever exist except when it was about things regarding himself. 'It's not a big deal' He always sa...
The Meaning of Roses (Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse) by ClaraLicht
The Meaning of Roses (Alberu Cross...by ClaraLicht
You probably know that red roses symbolize love and passion, but you may not know that the color, number, and how roses are combined have coded meanings. or; Alberu real...
Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World (Final Revision) by ayasenisan1713
Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined...by ayasenisan1713
In ORV's world, the apocalypse happens. Cale is working. Yoo Jonghyuk is a sunfish. Kim Dokja is dead. Klein is in depression. Xin Jian is preparing to mess up the timel...
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Everyone Deserves to be Loved ||Trash of the Count's Family|| by Fan_Girl_101_
Everyone Deserves to be Loved ||Tr...by LovablePsychopath
Cale was similar to himself-Kim Rok Soo-in an assortment of things, but his reactions were not of someone who had given in. No, they were of someone clinging to a ledge...
The Trash and the Fox by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
The Trash and the Foxby LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
basically Fox Kim Rok Soo x Emotionally traumatized Cale or Kim Rok Soo is a fox and he likes to cause trouble for and with his owner Cale Henituse is that Owner also Ch...