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Wmmap react to Claude as Alberu by haliranya
Wmmap react to Claude as Alberuby haliranya
Explanation: felix is alberu and cale's son. Cale's body give out because of exhaustion from the wars and coughing out blood from time to time so he currently is in a co...
3  words, 8 letters by Ashielle_writtes
3 words, 8 lettersby Ashielle_writtes
A story where Alberu tries to gather up the courage to tell Cale he likes him and fails miserably.
How To Be A God by NeonWritter
How To Be A Godby NeonWritter
Part 2 of Play the goddesses Game if you want to read this read the first part first😊 or else you won't understand anything. the tittle basically sums it up😃 Follower...
Beauty Contest Gone Wrong by Ainakamura73
Beauty Contest Gone Wrongby Ainakamura73
The contest where the children will make Cale become the most beautiful human in history and Cale family and allies support it fully I write extra chapter for April Fool...
"C-can you repeat that?" "Me and Cale are married in the future" "..." "..." 'Aigoo my poor slacker life' Or In which, Future Alb...
AlbeCale Oneshot: Stuck in a Box by CaleBarr0w
AlbeCale Oneshot: Stuck in a Boxby C.Barrow
Cale and Alberu suddenly wake up stuck in a cramped box. What will they do? • Rare fluff/no angst • 1.2k words • edited --- • Cover fan art drawn by @asdf00_00 on Twitter
[ON HIATUS] For the ties that pave our future {tcf fanfiction} by WhitelightST
[ON HIATUS] For the ties that
Alberu Crossman - the current crown prince and future emperor of the Roan empire - was devising a plan to settle the aftermath of war, when a black aura appeared and swa...
Happy Family, Maybe 🔞 by Raon_Miru
Happy Family, Maybe 🔞by Raon
[TCF fanfiction] Alberu Crossman x Cale Henituse Part 1 [Baby On Board!] "Holy shit. I'm really pregnant." After drunkenly spending a hot steamy night with hi...
"I DECLARE WAR TO THE PAERUN KINGDOM!" "CLOPEH SEKKA, YOU BETTER HIDE YOUR ASS YOU BASTARD!" One day, Cale woke up with the news that statues of him...
Happy forever, as long as they're together  by Aliatra851
Happy forever, as long as they' Aliatra851
After years of their marriage, Cale has something to tell Alberu. AlbeCale fluff random one shot. dedicated to my Unnie, @infaroyyaAlKarimah And my Dongsaeng, @StarOf...
A Lifetime Contract (Rewrite) by Nik_Owner
A Lifetime Contract (Rewrite)by Time
It was such a beautiful day to be sleeping, but there's one thing bothering Cale, making him not be able to. The Crown Prince came to his house abruptly and demanded thi...
never ending summer || trash of the count's family|| ONE SHOT by chuunicalesimp
never ending summer || trash of Elise 크로스만
an albecale higschool AU ⚠ slight NSFW⚠ PS: cover by @alblue___ on twoucan.
{The Passing Days I Spend By Your Side}-{AlCale Oneshots}-{AlCale Week} by Stranded_Weeb
{The Passing Days I Spend By ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛ_ғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡɴs
"I love you. Every last bit of you is mine and every last bit of me is yours." ~ ♡ ~ A complication of Alberu x Cale Oneshots for AlbeCale week~ Warning. I hav...
Is there any reason to love? by SophistiSherrie
Is there any reason to love?by SophistiSherrie
A modern college AU of TCF with Alberu×Cale. Cale Henituse, the firstborn of rich Henituse household - a trash and neglected son who stepped out of the heir position on...
Field Trip//Crossover by S14cker
Field Trip//Crossoverby NotHuman
Crossover with Assassination Classroom and Trash of the Count's Family Koro Sensei had a surprise for everybody. He was planning on taking them to the Roan Empire for a...
Smitten by RoyalKareem
Smittenby Royal-Chan
Alberu is absolutely smitten with his dongsaeng. It was not easy to admit that. But once he did, he became a proud simp towards the Continental Hero. Well... Let's just...
The Prince's Royal Pet by NeonWritter
The Prince's Royal Petby NeonWritter
The Future neglected and forgotten first prince of the Roman Kingdom who somehow got lost in the woods as he runs while crying upon hearing the death of his mother someh...
His Confession by AmyWinter1
His Confessionby Amy Winter
Cover credit: Two pining idiots, Cale and Alberu had a problem so Cale decided to talk it out only for Alberu said somet...
AlbeCale Oneshot: Shower Call by CaleBarr0w
AlbeCale Oneshot: Shower Callby C.Barrow
Alberu is constantly in awe of his commander's beauty. Cale is denser than a rock. • Haven't written part 2 yet, but I'll try to get around to it. --- • Cover fanart dra...