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Gentle Violence >>> Aleksander Morozova by DeathlyIsabelle
Gentle Violence >>> Aleksander Isabelle
"Darkness never dies. " "True, but neither does light. " the darkling x oc shadow and bone ending au!
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A Darker Ending by anemotionaltimebomb
A Darker Endingby sad
What if everything was different? DISCONTINUED.
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Darkness Never Dies (A Grisha Story) by SunSummoningAssassin
Darkness Never Dies (A Grisha Amberly Ryder
~ A Grisha Fanfic ~ Where there is light, there will always be darkness. It has been five years since the battle on the Fold, when Alina had done what she thought was r...
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The Sun in the Dark Moon ► The Darkling by thetrueblackheart
The Sun in the Dark Moon ► The FABIENNE
[Slow Updates] The young female wraps her arm around the torso of her older twin as silent tears fall down her cheek. No sound leaves her mouth, but her brother knows an...
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Love Was All That Mattered (Grisha Trilogy) by AddlynHart
Love Was All That Mattered ( Addlyn Morozova
Weeks after the darklings death Alina has become hopeful that he faked his death. She has left everyone she had once believed to love in search for the man she had falle...
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Frigid Reminiscence by Aelin_Galathynius_
Frigid Reminiscenceby Aelin of the Wildfire
The Age of the Grisha had long since passed; first-hand accounts & golden memories slowly evolved into stories of legend over time. The tides of war throughout the cours...
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