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Overlord X Reader (Nazarick's Draconic Goddess) by Shiyorururu
Overlord X Reader (Nazarick's 𝚂𝚑𝚒𝚢𝚘𝚛𝚞
This time Momonga isn't alone in the New World but with his long time friend Drakiania. ----------- I'm aware I gave the female protagonist a name, it's mostly to fit he...
The Second Player [A Overlord Fanfiction] by saltybot
The Second Player [A Overlord saltybot
[A OVERLORD FAN STORY] The popular DMMO-RPG YGGDRASIL servers finaly start to shut down after 12 years of operation.When the servers shut down,a new world begins. Ainz O...
The Return of the Supreme Beings by ITISMETouchME
The Return of the Supreme Beingsby THE ONE WORLD CHAMP
The Supreme Beings' Return. if before their final farewell, 41 Supreme beings appeared. ~~I don't even know the other Supreme Being or its guises, so technically it's n...
Harbinger Of Nazarick by JuniperStarr02
Harbinger Of Nazarickby JuniperStarr02
Created by the Master Strategist Punitto Moe, Gideon Graves spent the entirety of his life by his master's side. Having never seen the outside of Nazarick and confined t...
OVERLORD -Momon's adventure journal- [Fanfiction] by Razzyuz
OVERLORD -Momon's adventure Razz
The story is about Momon's daily life as a strongest tier adventure after he got his adamantite rank plate. Momon and Nabe doing so many quest to increase their reputat...
mianhae by kim_tanawa
mianhaeby kim_tanawa
di saat aku mulai berharap ,tapi semuanya pupus. disaat aku butuh kalian tak Ada seorang pun yang mau menolong Ku . disaat aku berusaha melawan penyakit ,tak Ada keluarg...
Overlord Volume 15 (Travel in The LOTR Forest) by AinzOoalGown519
Overlord Volume 15 (Travel in Ainz Ooal Gown
Hi. I don't own the Overlord. This is a fan story. I write this story just for enjoyment. A mountain range is located between the borders of Argland Council State and th...
The Kids Aren't Alright - An Overlord OC Story by WhyDidIDoThisToMe
The Kids Aren't Alright - An Wheatley
Zara, one of the 41 Supreme Beings, spends the last few minutes of YGGDRASIL with her beloved friend, Momonga. Who knew that that was going to put them in a whole new wo...
Overlord: The Black Angel by lurker069
Overlord: The Black Angelby Allmighty_Pretender
In the world of the year 2138, Humanity has truly fallen far from grace. Society had been run by those who had only ever cared for their own profits, as a result, Human...
Overlord : Rise Of Nazarick (Overlord X Male!Reader) by User_Bronze
Overlord : Rise Of Nazarick ( Zen_Noir
On his last moment, as the countdown of Yggdrasil's termination ticked, being left alone on the throne reminiscing on his past, those glory days of his and his fellow gu...
Tales Of Darness by alexmason125
Tales Of Darnessby A
Before the 200 hundred years war against the six demon gods and the thirteen heroes. the heroes won they sealed away the demon gods through a powerful artifacts. They al...
REBORNKUN by Danlvsreb
ehHhH au's, quotes, vídeos, fotos sobre la AMISTAD entre Reborn y Momon osea, como un bromance, no los shippeo xd y eso ah... es pa soltar las penas de no tener una a...
✨ONE - SHOTS ✨ ~ Spainrp ~ by ariiann00
✨ONE - SHOTS ✨ ~ Spainrp ~by arian
No se que poner aquí, tu solo entra y ya :) y thanks por leer mis one shots ✨❤️
Sebuah Cerita by Momondriana
Sebuah Ceritaby A-A-A
Ini bukan sebuah novel melainkan sebuah cerita. Sebuah cerita tentang orang-orang yang berjuang akan cinta. Romantismenya sederhana: cukup bahagia. (Tidak tersedia di To...
Cause I Love You Kth💞 by IrlyanaVirlyana
Cause I Love You Kth💞by Irlyana Virlyana
-,Level tertinggi dari mencintai adalah merelakan kepergiannya dan mendoakannya,- Clara
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Mistress9 x Ira by lukathewitch24
Mistress9 x Iraby Rio and Overhaul
Mistress9 has a crush on Ira and Ira has a crush on Mistress9 and the two will fall in love and Ira will help her out with her plan and this is Mistress9xIra and her bro...
i miss you by aprilamo
i miss youby Monica Aprilla Putri
It's all about someone I loved.
Overlord Volumen 2 by Overlord002
Overlord Volumen 2by Seguidores_del_Supremo
Autor: Maruyama Kugane Volumen 2: El Guerrero Oscuro Cabe resaltar que esta novela obviamente no es mía, solo la comparto.! xD SINOPSIS DE LA NOVELA: En el año 2138, los...
DIFFERENT by IrlyanaVirlyana
DIFFERENTby Irlyana Virlyana
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