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Overlord: Origin by Evrabonzz
Overlord: Originby U Son of a Beach, I'm in
MC died, meet a god, agreed to be isekai'd in isekai to be isekai'd later on isekai where magic is real. Makes sense right? Now read it. Note: You have seen this fanfic...
Administrator (Overlord X SCP fanfic) by Gilthur
Administrator (Overlord X SCP fanf...by Reinhart
This was a story of a guild that was called "Foundation". Famous for being strange and eccentric, the foundation accepts of Human, Demi-Human and Heteromorphic...
The Blacksmith Overlord by Souls45
The Blacksmith Overlordby Souls45
The 41 Supreme Beings, or more precisely, the 41 players of Ainz Ooal Gown, are considered one of the strongest players in the world, despite being all heteromorphs, two...
Rimuru's new adventure in Yggdrasil by ParadexTM
Rimuru's new adventure in Yggdrasilby Labyrinth of Paradox
In this Fanfic Rimuru goes to a World called Ygddrasil (Overlord). He will start from the very bottom as a Slime .. Will he rise again?
Overlord: Draconic King of YGGDRSIL by GamingLichdom
Overlord: Draconic King of YGGDRSILby GamingLichdom
Yggdrasil was a DMMO-RPG released in the year 2126 with the sole purpose of entertaining the people of Earth and distracting them from the depressing reality of their mo...
Avatar TLA: The Spirit King [BOOK ONE] by GamingLichdom
Avatar TLA: The Spirit King [BOOK...by GamingLichdom
The Supreme Overlord Momonga is transported to another world detached from his own, and finds himself in the presence of three children; Sokka, the warrior-in-training...
Loki Beyond Magic and Mischeif by wizardic
Loki Beyond Magic and Mischeifby wizardic
On the day of Loki's judgment , horrifying secrets and truth are revealed. There is much more to the trickster and liesmith the whole Asgard knows. He is not what others...
This is a Loki and Thor sibling love oneshots. I will take requests. Please give me requests. I honestly crave so much for Loki and Thor brotherly love moments. So i dec...
Over And Under: An Overlord FanFic by freehugproductions
Over And Under: An Overlord FanFicby Rachel
Rose knows the end of an era is coming the second she hears about Yggdrasil shutting down. As an ode to the game and everything it had done to shape her life, the stubbo...
The Saviors of Olympus #4 - The Devil's Scepter by chiminta3ta3
The Saviors of Olympus #4 - The De...by dani<3
~A PJO Fanfic~ It's been almost a year since Ouranos was fully resurrected, yet Camp Half-Blood nor Camp Jupiter has heard a single thing about the Titan. This makes Dan...
The Lord of Cinder of Yggdrasil academy by gg012108
The Lord of Cinder of Yggdrasil ac...by Mr. Bismarck
Long before Yggdrasil academy was built in honor of supernatural and natural joined as one, one was not there for it, alone on highest peak of a nameless mountain a alon...
The Quest (Girl X Girl) Lesbian  Story (Completed!!!) by ZTRider
The Quest (Girl X Girl) Lesbian S...by Xavier
I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURES!! Laura Glimpse is not an ordinary werewolf she is an alpha, but as an alpha she must have a pact, but she doesn't. She is the first werewolf i...
How not to summon an Overlord of Death. by Dragonic_Overlord123
How not to summon an Overlord of D...by badass_jiren
My mc Issei player name Daemonious in YGGDRASIL gets transported into the world of How not to summon a demon lord. Read how he conquers the world while trying to manage...
Einherjar by darthwitty
Einherjarby Skylar Wittenborn
Blader Thrym never meant to get into trouble, but it always seemed to find him. So when he is offered a chance between allowing his trouble to bring shame upon his famil...
Izuku Midoriya: Yggdrasil and Samsara [INDEFINITE HIATUS] by JalenM208
Izuku Midoriya: Yggdrasil and Sams...by Mr Fanboy
(Read bottom of "Chapter 1: Fate's a Cruel Thing" over on Rising from the Ashes for info on the hiatus) Izuku Midoriya, in some other alternate world, would be...
Legend Of Glaive (Season 1) by gmbjapan
Legend Of Glaive (Season 1)by Global Media Bank Japan
Shion, a young man of the Dying Earth, must travel throughout the eras in search of an ancient artifact, the Glaive. With the powers attributed with the blood of the mys...
~*-.,_,.-*~' ^ '*-, 𝙍𝙐𝙉𝘼𝙒𝘼𝙔 ,-*' ^ '~*-.,_,.-*~ by raeiin_
~*-.,_,.-*~' ^ '*-, 𝙍𝙐𝙉𝘼𝙒𝘼𝙔...by ph oc/reader only :p
New Light by CloneCaptainBriggs
New Lightby TheBenduJedi
(CP 1: Guild Sheet) Yggdrasil, a virtual reality as started to end, Jaune Arc, one of the four remaining members of the top guild in the realm of Midgard felt sad that a...
The Black Flames of Hell by Greenybean16
The Black Flames of Hellby Greenybean16
A new world, a new opportunity, a new life. When Momonga's younger brother, Falkor, joined Yggdrasil twelve years ago, this was definitely not what he thought would happ...
Huntsman of overlord by 16wwilsom
Huntsman of overlordby 16wwilsom
Yggdrasil a major dmmo rpg in the 22nd century is now on its final day but there has always been a single question that has been pondered amongst the community who was t...