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Supernatural One-shots by Alice_the_Doctress
Supernatural One-shotsby Queen Idjits
A bunch of oneshots, preferences, and imagines with different characters from the show Supernatural. If you have any requests for a story, feel free to ask.
  • gadreel
  • castielnovak
  • supernatural
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Supernatural Preferences  by xxkloiexxx
Supernatural Preferences by Crescent
What would it be like if you were in supernatural? Would you be a hunter or a supernatural? What if you fall in love with someone? Would they feel the same? If they do w...
  • supernatural
  • complete
  • gabriel
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But your a jock and I'm a cheerleader  by The_new_luci
But your a jock and I'm a Syd and Rosie
Jock! Sam and Cheerleader! Gabe What happens if you're madly in love with your best friend who's a football player and your the only male cheerleader? What happens if a...
  • adamandriel
  • sabriel
  • samwinchester
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Supernatural Imagines by thedoctorandroseee
Supernatural Imaginesby beep
A collection of Supernatural imagines and preferences written by me.
  • superaturalfic
  • love
  • castielxreader
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Red String - ABO Au - Destiel and Michifer by Golden-Moose
Red String - ABO Au - Destiel Golden-Moose
The Alpha Crown Prince Michael of Heaven is due to be married to the oldest of the Winchesters, the younger, Omega Prince Dean of Earth. King John and Chuck are delighte...
  • angel
  • lucifer
  • deanwinchester
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Novak.|Adamandriel by Fangirl-Nightime
Novak.|Adamandrielby Fangirl-Nightime
Everybody thinks that the Novaks are 'snobby rich kids' who don't care about anything but themselves. The new kid Adam Milligan is toured by one of these 'snobby rich ki...
  • adamandriel
  • highschool
  • opposites
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The Winchester Sister Tales: The Story // Gabriel x OC by timeladyjamie
The Winchester Sister Tales: The Jamie Knight
Jayne was never meant to have the life of a normal person. She was born to be special, destined to be the Slayer and be raised as a Winchester. Her life ends up taking a...
  • gabrielxoc
  • angel
  • samwinchester
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Malignant by LittleStarkling
Malignantby - Ally-
She was the first of her kind. The saviour of the universe. The daughter of Micheal. But the more she looked into their broken world the more she began to realise sh...
  • deanwinchester
  • archangels
  • castiel
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Supernatural DDM {open} by Haylee_Winchester
Supernatural DDM {open}by Haylee_Winchester
Daughter Daddy Moments for Supernatural. Preferences, imagines and oneshots. Includes: -Dean -Sam -Castiel -Gabriel -Lucifer -Crowley -Bobby -Adam I'll also do one shot...
  • adammilligan
  • lucifer
  • supernatural
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Supernatural Parent Scenarios/ DDM by alicemxnd
Supernatural Parent Scenarios/ DDMby alicemxnd
Supernatural Parent Scenarios/Daddy Daughter moments with the dear reader. Following characters are part of it: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jack Kline, Adam Millig...
  • lucifer
  • jackklinexreader
  • adammilligan
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 Through the Month (Destiel,Sabriel,Michifer and Adamandriel Camp AU) by Fangirl-Nightime
Through the Month (Destiel, Fangirl-Nightime
*Highest Ranks* *#1 In Adamandriel* *#3 In Michifer* *#4 in Sabriel* *#10 in Destiel* The Winchesters and Milligans go to Harvelle's summer camp and meet the Novaks. The...
  • camp
  • sabriel
  • destiel
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Supernatural Imagines and One-shots by mswalkertalker
Supernatural Imagines and One-shotsby mary jane
A series of short stories about the Supernatural characters based on my fangirl dreams and your requests I do not own any characters or plots from Supernatural. Some ide...
  • gabriel
  • teamfreewill
  • balthazar
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Noticed By Him  <3 by ILikeNougatJack
Noticed By Him <3by ILikeNougatJack
*jensenackles liked your photo*
  • love
  • jaredpadalecki
  • liked
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Vegas lights  by Amy_wardieee
Vegas lights by Amy ward
It was the phone call that had changed everything. Adam was on life support and he was on the line . 5 years have passed since Lucy Milligan found out who she truly was...
  • sexualthemes
  • love
  • secrets
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The Cage (Supernatural Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
The Cage (Supernatural Fanfic)by KittyHazelnut
The cage is way different than they thought. Way, way different. Warning: homiphobes not welcome.
  • adam
  • supernatural
  • fanfic
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Supernatural One-Shots (Actors and Characters) by _RoseEllis_
Supernatural One-Shots (Actors Rose Ellis
This is a collection of one-shots that I have written about both the actors and the characters involved in the show Supernatural. I hope you enjoy them!
  • richardspeightjr
  • gabriel
  • adammilligan
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Fall by lovebugnishi
Fallby ❁ kamikun ❁
"anything that is beautiful, people want to break. and you are beautiful, i'm afraid." (Adamandriel High School AU - completed)
  • samandriel
  • castiel
  • milligan
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Supernatural Multi ship collection by _Doctor_Pond_
Supernatural Multi ship collectionby Lexy
A collection of Oneshots that I write about ships I ship from the TV show 'Supernatural'
  • angst
  • castiel
  • boyxboy
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PRIDE  by pad-foots
PRIDE by kas
  • adammilligan
  • michael
  • kevintran
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