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Devil in Me (Adam Winchester/Milligan x Reader) by WinchesterFelix
Devil in Me (Adam Winchester/ Felix Winchester
"They said that they were there for me, how was I supposed to know they really were. All they did was make it worse," "They are the reason why I did this...
Supernatural One-shots by Alice_the_Doctress
Supernatural One-shotsby Queen Idjits
A bunch of oneshots, preferences, and imagines with different characters from the show Supernatural. If you have any requests for a story, feel free to ask.
Supernatural DDM {open} by Haylee_Winchester
Supernatural DDM {open}by Haylee_Winchester
Daughter Daddy Moments for Supernatural. Preferences, imagines and oneshots. Includes: -Dean -Sam -Castiel -Gabriel -Lucifer -Crowley -Bobby -Adam I'll also do one shot...
The Cage (Supernatural Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
The Cage (Supernatural Fanfic)by KittyHazelnut
The cage is way different than they thought. Way, way different. Warning: homiphobes not welcome.
Stay With Me (Adam Milligan x Reader)  by spnimpalaimagines
Stay With Me (Adam Milligan x spnimpalaimagines
Cross-Post from Tumblr. You've loved Adam from the second you saw him. But after have a drunken one night stand together you have to come to terms with the fact you've p...
But I'm a jock and you're a cheerleader  by The_new_luci
But I'm a jock and you're a The_new_luci
Jock! Sam and Cheerleader! Gabe What happens if you're madly in love with your best friend who's a football player and your the only male cheerleader? What happens if a...
Supernatural Preferences & Imagines/One-Shots by Jesminda96
Supernatural Preferences & Jess
This is a collection of Supernatural Preferences and Imagines/One-Shots. I write mainly for Adam, Dean, Sam and Cas, but I'm open to write for other Supernatural charact...
Dean & Charlie by overcastskeleton
Dean & Charlieby Mrs. Hurley Iero Barnes
A story in which Dean attempts to handle the throes of parenting while dealing with his own problems about his absent father. -I promise this story will suck less than...
Adam Milligan's Guide  by Mia121943
Adam Milligan's Guide by ✨Mia_SPN✨
This story is a Adam x reader, after Adam and Michael leave the cage in 15x8 they move into the bunker with the boys and Y/N it follows Adam and Y/Ns love story. Btw thi...
Adam and Eve《Adam Winchester LS》 by Falls_Flower_Crown
Adam and Eve《Adam Winchester LS》by Flower Princess
Evelyn-Rose "Eve" Harvelle, younger sister to Jo and youngest daughter to Ellen. With her mother and sister no where to be founded. Eve stays with the only peo...
Autumn Leaves by WaanderingMiind
Autumn Leavesby WaanderingMiind
Castiel meets Dean through a mutual friend, and soon finds that though Dean's rough around the edges and he's busy, he could always make time for him. Destiel...
The young master and the governess by LilaLeaf
The young master and the governessby LilaLeaf
Prompt: historical AU where Cas has her first position as governess in a Lord's house and Dean is the eldest son, freshly returned from university, who meets the new gov...
Ask Lucifer. by GeekyChick0223
Ask Arya Suna
Hello humans. I am bored and you weak little things can be humorous at times so I figured, why not? Anyway ask all the questions you like I have all the time in the worl...
A series of unfortunate events supernatural edition part one by luckybuckyandloki
A series of unfortunate events DirtyLittleCumRag
This is the story of three children on there journey not only to find who started the fire but also to become safe. I got bored and found similarities in supernatural an...
A Supernatural Beginning by Cosplayerwriterfan00
A Supernatural Beginningby Derek Hendrix
Alex Hendrix is new to the ground of Team Free Will otherwise known as Moose, Squirrel, Wings, and little winchester, aka, Sam winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, and...